The Microchip Nitwits

by Robert Frenz

07 June 2001

I've been told that the 'mark of the beast' will be a microchip implanted in your left wrist or forehead – nice lump you have there Harry. The 'mark' has the number 666, and one doesn't have to look very far to find symbols with 6 triangles, 6 points and 6 intersecting lines. I would suggest that this is more valid than the implant version since not many can now even buy or sell without 666 approval.

First, I had to find out the physical size of this new age Orwellian bean. One article said it was so small that it could be injected along with a vaccine; the implant being propelled along the blood stream until it lodged in the brain, waiting – perhaps for a bus. What I managed to dig up was something "pill" sized, so let's call it an electronic surveillance M & M.

It's true that NASA used these MMs to monitor the pH of a space passenger's stomach. In space already? Yikes! What they didn't tell you is that the tiny signals from these MMs only traveled as far as the general relay terminal of the space craft.

I'll cut the technical baloney which emanates from the sales department of the companies interested in selling this stuff, and assume that the MM has been perfected along with it's accompanying satellite dishes, computers, and stage coach messengers, so that Joe Flake can be his very own radio transmitter, always smiling for ZOG's camera.

There is no need to have much information in this MM chip because ZOG's computers are already full of your personal data, available upon punching in your S.S. number. If they lack some information, I am sure that your neighbors, or lover, would be glad to supply it because they would want to be politically correct and "helpful", and especially if a little financial gain was involved. It's settled. The MM is used for location purposes only.

Why would ZOG want to have available the location of its present 270 million American serfs? Most people are chained to their jobs with a blowout once per year, mis-called a vacation. There it is on the computer screen, 6 blips from one family road barge which is parked at Disney World along with thousands of other 6 blip barges. Imagine trying to locate some whigger at a rock concert with 180,000 in attendance, each hopping, vomiting, snorting, copulating and running from one "slit trench" to another trying to find a place to drop his excrement. How does one "home in" on one item in such an electronic mess?

OK, technology is sophisticated to the extent that you can be identified in the middle of unbelievable congestion. You, you racist you, are located precisely at coordinate (x, y). So now what? Dial 911 and send a local SWAT team to nail your butt. By the time the assignation gang gets to where they thought you were, you've taken a hike. That's no problem for SWAT Inc. is then relayed a new set of coordinates. This seems like a lot of work for they could have picked you up before you went to Woodstock III without all of that MM tracking.

Also consider that 99.99 percent plus of the location data will be useless to ZOG. Consider your daily activities. Of what use will be the info that I am in the bathroom at 10:21 AM and in the kitchen at 10:24 AM? Why not start when you get up and note your whereabouts for one whole day. When finished, ask yourself of what value is that information in the long run to anyone.

Blam! The phlogiston powered pistol drives the MM implant deep into the tissue of your inner thigh. The MM is powered by body heat. Electromagnetic signals fill the air and there is peace on earth and good will to all good men. Anyone without a ZOG MM implant will be shot within 30 days of avoidance. Would this scare someone like Ted Bundy or Charles Mansion or Hannibal the cannibal? I think not since what they do is death penalty stuff anyway. When a person dies, the signal disappears and the computers flash their diodes so that a team of scouts are sent out to find the body. But there are no more signals so they can only look where they last thought you were. Let's see, we dusted off Bernie in Cincinnati and hauled him to Chicago where we dumped him in Lake Michigan wearing a pari of concrete boots. So much for that search. Besides, millions of people die each year and are born each year. That's a lot of records coming and going. ZOG today has more information than it can handle. Masses of email data are available but it takes months just to ferret out one person's internet activity.

Harry and Jerry decide to have some fun. They go to Dr. Eisenstein who, for a few shekels more, surgically switches their implants. Off we go, into the wide blue yonder and if apprehended, they plead ignorance as to the foul up and point to the affirmative action idiots at the clinic. After all, babies get switched and records lost and corrupted. No system is any better than those who operate it and with our increasing societal stupidity, anything can happen. You can take that to the bank. How many of our "smart bombs" blew up the wrong targets during Bushy's homicidal slaughter of the Iraqis?

Pakistanis are copying cell phones codes and playing havoc with our internet commerce. What makes you think that dicking around with implant information won't happen if there's money to be had?

What will ZOG do when it receives no transmission from your MM? Will it automatically assume that you dropped dead? Suppose you crawl into a steel tunnel on a search for rats to shoot. Transmissions will be blocked as any cell phone addict soon learns. Years ago, some nice blacks came to my bat-cave to cart away a load of stripped shingles. They talked about the fellow who just robbed a WalMart store and fled into a nearby woods. The police, riding in their 'copter spotted him with their infrared scope. I told the fellows that the guy should have carried with him an aluminum coated blanket and hide under it when he heard the aircraft. They must have passed on the info since a few months later the same store was again robbed and the fellow "with a mask and strange clothing" could not be found with the same infrared scopes. Although I won't tell, I know of one fellow whose car is coated with RADAR absorbing material. In 1972, with the aid of a State Trooper friend of mine, I successfully tested my home-made nickel dipole RADAR reflection device which violated no then-present law. It would saturate the RADAR's receiver and drive the readout past the 200 MPH mark. I never used it for I do my best to stay within the law and I suggest that everyone else do the same.

We are all aware of hackers and do you, for a single instance, believe that these fellows will not fudge with computer tracking information? Since many, many people will not be too happy with ZOG implants, I have great faith that they will be forever interested in finding ways to circumvent it. And those ways WILL be found. We have allowed our society, in our craze for 'individual rights' to become a mass of people little concerned about legality beyond the thought of being caught. An undisciplined mob is very hard to control. The time-proven solution has always been to exterminate that mob.

There is one major item that most have never considered. All electronics depend upon minute currents which flow in materials we call semiconductors. How stable are these man-made concoctions over the long haul? No one knows and as I write, I have heard of magnetically recorded information which is no longer retrievable due to deterioration of the alignment of the iron oxide particles. How stable is the plastic on our 3.5 inch diskettes and CDs? Only time will tell. ZOG is now frantically engaged in duplication of its older recorded data which, at the time, they thought would last for centuries.

I have presented this talk in the hope that it stimulates you into thinking intelligently about all of the hype. I worry not since I have great faith that soon we will be faced with a greater worry than Big Brother microchip surveillance. Little old white ladies might be talked into voluntarily submitting to these implants. But how about the 1.3 billion Chinese? Will the sun stand still while all of this transpires? I think not for it is one thing to have a few thousand implants successfully demonstrated but 7 billion citizens of our New World Order. Ho, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.

One cannot logically think about anything if he is ignorant of nearly everything. That's what reading and education helps alleviate. One need not know everything in order to apply logic for logic is the making sense out of what you do know in order to apply intelligent thought about what you do not know.

I know something about the fundamentals of the way a computer works. With this as a starter, I built upon it in my mind and added other information as I went along, and then concluded in 1998, that the Y2K scare was pure media hype. Many suggested that I was in error because I did not know everything about computers – I was not an "expert". I have met far too many "experts" in my life who remind me of a fellow who memorized the dictionary but couldn't write a coherent sentence. A fellow with every tool under the sun, in his work room, need not know how to build a cabinet. We, in America, delude ourselves in this important regard – the measure of a person is not his possessions or even his exposure to higher education. Far too often we fall into the trap that reading, or being exposed to, certain facts is the same thing as learning. If one putters around with some geometric construction and then cannot recall it 2 months later, then he did not learn anything! A diploma may, or may not (usually not) indicate a person's degree of "learning".

In order for the anticipated ZOG "implant program" to be realized, the Constitution must first be abolished. If you do not understand this, then I suggest you need to spend more time studying it. As long as our collective efforts continue to support this document, then our worries will not be great relative to this universal sheep tracking scare. This is why I stand behind Amendments which have no direct bearing upon my personal life. The Second, for example, I support by sending money to organizations which claim they are trying to uphold our right to bear arms. I have no weapons beyond my chef's knife and only tomatoes appear to be in danger. I simply have no need for a gun and I thoroughly despise people who use guns to shoot up the country side and kill critters just for the sake of killing. I will not use my personal disgust as a rationalization to support the weakening of the Second Amendment. In regard to the First Amendment, I am aware there are TV shows which I would find thoroughly disgusting but my response is that I do not watch them.

We cannot continue to maintain the strength of our Constitution if we continually reinterpret it for the purposes of placing another restriction upon it by catering to those who are "offended" by its allowances.