A major problem with all discourse is that people usually harbor their individualized meanings for the sounds they make. Thus, 'love' can mean a feeling towards a hot fudge sundae or the urge some men get when someone bends over in front of them in a shower. I have specific ideas in mind when I use certain words and often people seem to forget this and peruse the material using their definitions.

A person is of a certain blood. This, in a mixed sense, is true of his children. That unit of so-related people is a family. Extensions of this are what we call kin. The blood related groups enlarge to tribes and tribes compose nations, that is, a race. Bantus, or Japanese, do not have a lineage remotely equal to mine. That is why they belong to a different race. The term 'human race' is a misnomer launched into popular use by those who wish to blur distinctions or seek to eliminate one race or the other. In fact, the differences between the races are so pronounced that Blacks, Yellows and Whites technically belong to different species. (Inter-fertility occurs frequently across the species boundary.)

We often loose sight of the real world as a result of being intimidated by 'experts' waving their usually useless college degrees (I have 3) in the faces of those whom wish to intimidate. And never let yourself be out-voted when it comes to truth. Six million people wearing watches which cannot keep the correct time are not a source of factual information in this regard. People are generally intellectually lazy and this makes them prone to accept and believe utter nonsense.

National Socialism is thus about nations. Those nations can be Black, Yellow, White or even a sub-race. It's true that many nations have held certain chunks of geography as their own for centuries but the boundaries set by rivers, oceans and mountains do not make a nation. It's the nation, in contest with others usually, which defines those boundaries. America in not a nation. It once was. Japan is still a nation and I fervently hope it remains so.

In this discussion I shall use the term community to embrace any subset of nation.

Socialism is much like the word ivory. It once meant something rather specific but today its mention usually invokes an image of soap. Once an adjunct to community, socialism today is defined in recent dictionaries as a precursor to communism. Indeed, many equate the two. I use it in the sense of a close aggregate of people belonging to the same nation. Community interests are social interests and any system, or activity so enclosed, constitutes socialism. We are submerged in Marxian definitions and we should never lose sight of that fact, ever.

National Socialism is thus concerned with race and the interaction of the included members. In a more narrow sense, National Socialism not only embraces the interests of the community, as opposed to 'rugged individualism', but also implies that quality people make better communities and that quality is far more desirable than quantity. (Sorry Pope, but you lose on this one.) It further assumes that the biological quality of its future members can not only be improved but that it should be a national goal. Furthermore, individual interests have to take second place relative to community interests. Here in upside down America, decent people are often subjected to, and are admonished to tolerate, public nuisances who often are little more than criminal predators. The 'do your own thing' person who is burdensome to the community should be disposed of as expeditiously as possible. Vladimir Ilich Lenin soon discarded his fellow tribe member Karl Heinrich Marx's notion and said that those who do not work should not eat. I would further extend this by saying that unproductive people should not be allowed to breed, much less vote or eat.

It is therefore easy to see the reasons why National Socialism invokes such venomous hatred. "National" is really racism and most assume falsely that socialism is merely diluted communism. Communism is an idea which is international in scope. This means that it is really anti-national. Within this foolish framework, the term National Socialism becomes little other than an oxymoron.

On a more singular level, personal responsibility to a community, whether family or race, is an anathema to the free-for-all 'pursuit of happiness' aberration which has infected and crippled most American minds. "I should be allowed to bang on my drums at 3 A.M. in the morning and if you are annoyed, then you should move somewhere else." A healthy community would confiscate the offender's drums and if he showed up with another set, promptly run him out of town. An efficient community would insure that he never saw another sunrise.

As Eric Thomson pointed out, National Socialism is really Natural Socialism. Nowhere in Nature do we find the strong being sacrificed in order to preserve the useless. Whatever we preserve for the present will become our future. They breed. We feed.

Citizenship, that is, a formal recognition that you are a member of a racial community should not be a birthright. It is something which should be earned. One must demonstrate a potential for enhancing the welfare of his community – by engaging in useful community service for a protracted period – and a reasonable prospect that his usefulness will continue.

Race-mixing is detrimental to everything National Socialism stands for. Race-mixing is detrimental to the continuation of those attributes contained in the natural order of things. A mulatto, for example is a very poor Black and he is equally a very poor White. Although slightly more intelligent than the Black, as far as test scores seem to indicate, he is utterly inferior to the Black in problem solving.

A great concern of the voting nitwits is 'health care' which is really a misnomer for what healthy man needs care? It really is sickness care and it's no coincidence that over 50 percent of our population is ill from one thing or the other. If they haven't serious problems then they are plagued with poor eyesight, toenail fungus, yeast infections, allergies, and anal pruritus. If our present population had to run the 'gauntlet' of life which was present only 100 years ago, 50 percent of them wouldn't be alive today. We preserve the weak and the health problems, and other social ills, multiply – all in the name of humanity or some Mideastern religion.

Sick people envy the healthy. The ugly envy the beautiful. The stupid envy the intelligent. Fermenting envy breeds resentment and ultimately hate. Communism, whether of the Russian or American variety, creates hatred for that which is perceived to be superior. (The alliance during WW II was more than a mutual convenience.) Since National Socialism is directed towards the goal of improvement of the continued generations, it is not hard to understand why it is so hated. One National Socialist has at least a thousand enemies.

We are living in an age where the blood of the Golden Goose is being demanded by those weary of rolling the Golden Eggs which they could never, ever create. If that protoplasmic pottage known as "mankind" ever achieves its goal of universal flotsam, then Nature will still have the last say. One can definitely count on those little bacteria to even the books.

by Robert Frenz

26 May 1999