by Robert Frenz

27 November 1998

A better world does not follow from better gadgets. It is a result of better people and therein lies the rub.

The modern male, as exemplified by the typical American male, has little more than a boy-scout attitude towards life. He delights in mechanical contrivances and any device which complicates life. He loves speed for speed's sake and his only concern centers around pleasure which he constantly pursues with no regard for the consequences even though it includes ill-health, ugliness and degeneration. He ignores culture and has no understanding of women beyond the realm of pleasure and a delusional sense of possession. Thus, being very stupid in these matters, he is usually mastered by the women he seeks and caters to. These are our boys, only mature in the physical. It is the presence of great numbers of these boys which produces the plethora of clucking hens who now meddle in everything from politics on, in order to impose upon all the misery they hide within themselves.

Unfortunately there are among us only a handful of males who have any other than a slight impact upon civilization. These are the males who look ahead. They refuse to sacrifice the future for the moment's gratification and see no purpose in life unless it is beautiful, joyful and vigorous. They understand women and know that truly happy women can only exist under the mastery of their men. (At this point, I can hear the stampeding of thousands of female feet desirous of charging my ramparts and assaulting my statements but that fact alone demonstrates their underlying misery.) The males of this type truly have demonstrated their right to be called men. They are the type who 'save the day' after the boys have laid waste to the society in which they live. The identifying mark of such men is that they can develop their highest faculties aloof from complex surroundings and a garage full of gadgets. You'll not find them pursuing stock market profits nor in prevaricating their way into some position of power and influence. Females rarely seek out this sort of male – a man – because they cannot hope to dominate him.

We have at this point in time, a society filled with boys and very few men – a society drowning in a sea of unhappy women and obnoxious and unruly children. Anyone can play 'captain' as long as the seas are calm but when the waves rise crow's nest high, it will be men who will save the absurd and very stupid boys from the hopeless muddle they created.

Modern boys always feel superior to those of the past. They look at an 1820 log cabin and say, "How backward and inferior those people must have been. They had no indoor plumbing." This boy-scout mentality also appears relative to what we like to call "primitive" people. "They don't have telescopic sights on their spears. How inferior!" When evaluated on a man/boy plane, the Bushmen of Africa were superior to the Boer boys who ultimately exterminated them. Might, that is, physical might is often the tool boys use against men. (Boy-scout mentality always equates physical power with superiority, and hence, righteousness. On an almost daily basis, our boys, using sophisticated weaponry, lay waste to superior men with inferior arms. Mob grunt-and-groan sports attract boys by the millions and provide fantastic salaries for the morons who do the grunting and groaning.) The Bushmen were far more truthful and noble as a people than were the Boers who assaulted them with their deadly mechanical gadgets. Do not extend this man/boy superiority of the Bushmen into some racial inference. In a broader sense, the men of the past were superior to those of the present and succeeding generations will only serve to unveil more degenerate boys.

Today's females, those whom I choose to call girls, are fit companions for our boys. Girls want no part of men for they cannot master them. They prefer to trade their favors for control and the boys welcome the chance to be mothered.

The Biblical fall of man had little to do with disobedience of God. It was obedience – obedience to a female – which was the cardinal sin. It is not the female who is the trunk of evil – for she can do little in the company of real men – but the male who chooses to be a boy instead of a man. Often, the best men are diverted from their most noble pursuit by the lure of a beautiful girl. Girls have no power, either good or evil, over the best men.

Girls are not attracted to the best men. They see no chance of exercising petty power and have no senses capable of understanding the greatest of men. Josephine never loved Napoleon. Marie Thérèse never loved Napoleon and left him in his hour of deepest sorrow in order to get bedded by an Austrian soldier boy. "But," you say, "mothers do love their sons." Let's examine this attention mothers apply to the helpless.

(I pause here to reflect upon the 'Dear John' letters many of our soldiers received during WW II. To those too young to be aware, a 'Dear John' letter went something like this: "Dear John, I am sorry that I am no longer in love with you... I have fallen in love with Bill..." Imagine! A soldier, hiding in a filthy ditch dodging bullets and all his back-home trollop can do is inform him that she has found another to satiate the longing she feels in her crotch. A girl simply cannot exercise her petty power when the subject is on the other side of an ocean for some undetermined period of time. Besides, he might not even come back at all.)

The mother's instinct is simply a benevolent lust, and pursuit, of petty power. This is why she always turns most of her attention to the crippled child and not the healthy one. The botched and the imperfect are always more helpless and thus able to be more easily a victim of petty power. Helplessness makes its strongest appeal to the lust for petty power. (Girls always prefer lap-dogs since larger dogs are always more independent. Girls have a difficult time in making any dog obey.)

Females who are not controlled within a home usually end up as a social menace. They yammer endlessly in support of every stupid, diseased and parasitic piece of protoplasmic garbage in existence. The verbal flatus "equality" is the war-cry which has resulted in most of the societal ills we are drowning in. This harbinger of social collapse simply could not exist if men, instead of boys, were running the country.

All babies are 'beautiful'. Ask any female. Their beauty is coupled with their helplessness and one readily observes how less and less attention is paid to a child, by the mother, as it grows up and becomes less dependent. To a man, the growing-up of a child is something eagerly enjoyed as this span is the arena of character expression.

Our land is drowning in female senators, judges, Dr. Torahs, policewomen, and virtually every other variety of activity one can imagine. In the wake lies millions of bitter children who are nothing other than targets for the showering of toys, dolls and mechanical crap of all descriptions. (Any parent desirous of dumping their kids into a day-care disease commune should be summarily shot.) This situation was given its impetus by the increasing horde of boys who can be maneuvered into shedding their manhood in exchange for a few juicy nights between the sheets. Their 'joy-stick' is the apparatus by which females smilingly navigate their little boys around the countryside of life.

Instead of seeking a sequence of temporary pleasures via any available crotch, men are those who contemplate the future and thus view sex as a most favorable way to insure that that future is filled with healthy, beautiful, robust and intelligent people.

The desire of the female to exercise petty power, particularly over the male, is evidenced by the different approach 'single moms' use relative to their captive young males and females. The most saddening situation is the one where the domineering female is in charge of a young male. May God help any such young male.

As long as our males continue to play in the present, that is, seek immediate pleasure at any future cost, they shall all remain as boys. When boys are in the majority, the country will axiomatically fall victim to the disgruntled harpies, 'moms' and 'career' twats. This unnatural state of affairs has no self-sufficiency and will soon engender the need for men.

As an illustration of this drive for petty power, I shall delve into the personal for a moment.

At 17, I was intelligent, handsome and healthy, at least, that is what everyone told me but I remained not totally convinced. Janice was a vivacious 'well stacked' pretty thing who first 'picked me up' in the school cafeteria while I was playing chess with a classmate. She wanted to learn chess, so she said. I was invited to her home for instructional purposes, so she said. Interestingly enough, after her parents went to bed, she immediately lost all interest in learning how to play chess. The story continued in a fashion the reader might well imagine, but probably incorrectly.

The following July, she told me I should marry her and offered the following: (1) her father would pay for my college education, (2) upon graduation, he would give me a top job in his Syracuse chemical company and (3) he would buy us a house with considerable acreage. Such a deal! The short of it was that I told her I was only 17 and just a boy hardly ready for such an awesome responsibility. Besides, it left in me a lingering feeling that I was being treated in a fashion reminiscent of a whore. I simply could not be bought! Not for any batch of material goodies or promises of over-whelming indulgence in wild sex.

Upon my refusal, she left me and married another fellow about 6 months later. His name was Cal and I ran into him at a local pub where his condition could be best described as 'dead drunk'. Muttering in a low tone, he said, "Frenz, you lousy bastard. Why in hell didn't you marry her and save me all of this shit!"

Janice ran Cal into the ground and promptly married another 'boy' named Richard who had a very large bank account and his own Cessna-174. As my lucky stars would have it, I met him at a pizzeria where he was drowning his misery in a few bottles of beer. His face told me all I wanted to know about his happy marriage.

Janice took a job as a warden of a nearby penitentiary. My nephew, being a guard there, related how she revelled in giving orders to the male guards. Janice's ambition was to be the first female warden of maximum security Attica Prison. In spite of temporarily shacking-up with the then Attorney General of the state, she never made it. Left by the wayside were two miserable husband/males, two beautiful drug-soaked whorish daughters and a son who should be out on parole by now.

I do not take love lightly and so never dated again until about 5 years after being 'dumped'. As I look back, any union with this physically attractive female would have offered nothing other than that which could be obtained, if so desired, from any well fed heifer. The decided advantage of the latter is the total absence of misery. I remained determined that I should have a woman, not a girl, for the mother of my children – one who would assure that my genes would be alive, and doing well, long after my physical body had returned to the elements.

But I had a lot of growing up to do.