by Robert Frenz

One might wonder what the result would be if every hairless ape on the planet took an IQ test. What would the average IQ really be? We'll never know, but a guess is in order. Since sixty-some percent of the world's population lives in Asia, it follows that the average IQ would be heavily influenced by the Asian factor. Any which way you slice it, the average IQ would be below 90 – a very generous upper limit.

I believe it was a Canadian, Dr. Philip Rushton, who did some sort of study on IQ distribution some years back. He concluded that Yellows (Asians) ranked number one, with Whites trailing, followed by Blacks. Some of his conclusions were based upon well-known correlations, namely that of penis size to intelligence – the bigger the pole, the smaller the brain. Dr. Rushton, being a Ph.D., was typically lacking in all common sense, that being eradicated by the purpose of higher education. True perhaps, was his data on Yellows residing in Canada but one must never forget – especially White people – that the Chinese, for example, who attend our universities, are not the run-of-the-mill rice-eaters. They represent the upper intellectual echelon, as do the Japanese students, simply because their nations are practical enough not to waste time and money shipping below-average, or even average, specimens to our shores. China is full of incredibly stupid people but their leaders are intelligent enough to see the world as it is instead of being tinted by some rose-colored egalitarian set of glasses. Japanese, as well as jews, and others, know talent when they see it and will always use it, if they can, for their purposes. A life-long friend of mine was hired by Nissan because he was the best man that they could find for the job they had in mind. (Affirmative action and quotas simply are not used in Japan.) He was the manager of approximately 300 Japanese engineers and workers for nearly 12 years. Thus, he saw the Japanese at close range. He concluded, although somewhat sarcastically, that any good White man could do a job which took 5 Japanese to so. If he proves no longer useful, he will be discarded. In America, that which is of no use is usually elected to some high office.

Intelligence, as Dr. Revilo Oliver once remarked, might be little more than the ability to survive. In this respect, it appears that the Yellows have a distinct advantage for they are certainly not blind to the real world. Isn't it the Chinese who are now taking advantage of "freebie" legislation which the more ignorant Blacks never caught on to? Or the Mexicans, for that matter?

If Dr. Rushton took the time to pass out IQ tests to some billion Chinese, I am sure that Whites would rank supreme as their history of inventions and civilization already indicates, at least to those with eyes to see. Although Whites include, in their definition of 'mankind', every dirty, diseased, dim-witted savage on the planet, it is hard for me to believe that the Asian would ever include the Black man in their definition. (Imagine a world ruled by Chinese. How concerned do you think they'd be over Black welfare?)

For centuries, White people knew they were number one and never were touched by feelings of guilt for it. As the rest of the world tries to become White, Whites are trying to be Black, or something worse. It won't work. The conditioning mechanism, however, is in place. Mainly, it's TV. Hardly a commercial is viewed which is not accompanied by annoying jungle log-thumping. I watched a recent show detailing the cameras used in our spy aircraft. Most scenes had "thump, ada thump, thump" noise as an acoustic interjection. The shrieks of a Whitney Houston – her mouth opened wide enough to hold a grapefruit – are not the sounds Mozart would appreciate. The four-times diluted Black, Mariah Carey, still hollers and bellows as does any savage from the Congo, thus revealing the powerful corrupting effect of Black genes.

White people, that is, those who know who and what they are, never develop any general hate for others not of their race unless those people, as they are doing today, start encroaching upon White territory and presenting themselves as enemies. Looking down upon someone, because he is your inferior, does not generate envy, which is the precursor of hate. Inferior peoples hate White people simply because the mere presence of White people serves to remind them how miserable they really are. Black people, living among their own kind, never develop these emotions, in a relative sense, because they automatically gauge themselves by other Blacks.

The Black uprising in Haiti, many decades ago, was the product of hate. It was not a response to White hate, which the sponge-brains try to convince us, but a pure expression of Black hate. The part-Black mulattos were part of this revolt and after the last White man, woman and child, was butchered, the hatred of White blood continued. This resulted in the slaying – often by the most horrible of means – of the mulattos by the Blacks. This remains then, as a reason that shipping all of our Blacks back to Africa – as Rockwell suggested – simply would spell doom for those leaving on the boats. I have no doubt whatsoever, that African Blacks have absolutely no use for American Blacks and would kill them all, if the opportunity was presented. American Blacks, stupefied by the same process which deadens White brains, yammer about their Black African brothers, when, in fact, no such thing exists.

Being White carries with it an enormous burden. It means living up to a very high set of standards. It means being responsible to a massive degree. It requires effort. These things are not very popular in America today. Lies are in vogue as is cheating and stealing. Didn't we elect one of the most disgusting pieces of filth, ever to inhabit the White House, as our "leader"?

There are only two avenues whereby Whites can be relatively safe in this world. The first follows out of respect. The second requires the extermination of all enemies of the White race. For someone to believe that just "being nice" is going to accomplish that goal, is a supreme act of foolishness. White superiority engenders hatred by non-Whites if Whites act in a fashion counter to earning respect. Our actions of the past 50 years have amply demonstrated that we no longer wish to earn respect. Therefore, we are now being submerged in hatred emanating from all corners.

Those who covet our property accuse of us being intolerant, that is, they wish us to tolerant of their transgressions against us while they remain intolerant of all White people who resist. The white flag of racial surrender only helps the enemy and buys White people absolutely no security. Our security, as a people, only depends upon our remaining true to what we are. To depend upon the generosity of your enemies is an act of ultimate despair and stems from an unbridled weakness.

It's easier to walk that it is to run and it's easier to sit down than to walk. Thus, American males have taken the easy way out and thereby opened the doors for female discontent. Pregnancy, if one calls it a "fault", is blamed upon the female but it is the male who penetrates and the sperm which penetrates. The male, once satisfied, disappears over the hill and returns only upon the signal of his next erection, thus leaving the simple-minded female to fend for herself. What an admirable thing! And what destruction it lowers upon the innocent which results from such an impregnation.

Today, the world-wide assault of the Untermenschen is mainly directed against White males and the reason is simple. Once invincible, White males have shrugged their responsibilities and thereby informed the world that they are little more than something to wipe dirty boots on. The typical White American youth is a sorry sight indeed. There he stands, with a beer can in one hand and an erection in the other, while he searches for some orifice in which to stuff it. It shall not always be this way.

Affluence is as a plague for all of life. Only in struggle is the beauty of life manifest. Our current degeneracy can only be sustained in an easy environment and that's why our enemies are working so feverishly to keep the economic bubble from bursting. They, in all of their diligence, are short-sighted as is the man trying to outrun a landslide. As the rocks gather speed, as they necessarily must, the man has to run faster and faster. People cannot breed ad infinitum, and neither can Chevrolets be so produced. The Fit WILL hit the Chan, and in that day, the dormant attributes which only the White man possesses, will again come to the fore. Does this mean I am advocating sitting on one's duff, as the christians do, waiting for some heavenly George to clean up the mess we created? Certainly not.

There are among us, those who simply will not wait for the barn to burned to the ground before they reach for the pail of water. They are the exceptional ones, described by the Gaussian distribution curve. They are the first of the kernels to pop. They will not be appreciated until the roar of White popping rocks the world – as it must! Nature will have it no other way.

15 February 1999