I was tooling along on the western end of the NYS Thruway doing my usual obey-the-speed-limit thing. Cars passed; some horns were sounding; and a few finger gestures were in evidence. One box-like thing passed with stickers attached haphazardly to the rear door. One read "Jesus – Y2K". Another was the sign of the fish (appropriate, methinks!). The large sticker was "One Human Family." This caused me to think a bit and wonder what the fellow intended by that. Maybe he was describing the unruly contents of his van. Maybe it was the title of some soap opera. Maybe he was looking for one. I needed more clues.

The other stickers indicated that he probably was a 'born-againer' with glazed eyes which cannot see. The Y2K coupled with Jesus was evidence that his brain was on self-destruct for man invented the calendar and God didn't. Moreover, it is hard for me to believe that any god arranges events to suit the whims of nincompoops who are laying waste to the planet at an ever-increasing rate. My conclusion was that "One Human Family" meant that we all are kissing cousins who can mix it up as we please while some big sky god smilingly approves of it all.

Let's see. Family can mean (1) a fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their offspring. (2) Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place. (3) All the members of a household under one roof. (4) A group of persons sharing common ancestry. (5) A locally independent organized crime unit, as of the Cosa Nostra. (6) A group of like things; a class. (7) A group of individuals derived from a common stock. (8) A taxonomic category of related organisms ranking below an order and above a genus. Etc. Etc.

Without grinding through the whole list, I think that (4) and (7) might be what the fellow had in mind. I am sure we can overlook 'family' in the Charles Manson or chemical nomenclature context.

There are 3 human 'species' or races. European, Asian and African. White, Yellow and Black. Every other so-called human critter which does not belong to one of these races is obviously a race-mixed hybrid or a mongrel of unspecified origin.

Each race has a common ancestry and they share common attributes. No Asian has the hair structure of an African and no European has the hair structure of an Asian. You cannot inherit European hair from an African. Since I have mentioned this one attribute on more than one occasion, it does not mean that it is unique – far from it. Once you determine that you are viewing a flower garden, it is not useful to detail all of the varieties.

White people are derived from a common ancestor and can be said to belong to the European family. Ditto for the Yellow and Black. We can say that there is an apple family and also a pear family. Both are fruits but there is no 'fruit family'. There is no such thing as a 'human family' if one requires that such a term implies that they all come from a common stock. Are we to believe that Adam and Eve were the parents of all humans? If so, then I'd love to see the list of genes which could give rise to the very definable races we observe today.

It takes 2 to tango, so the song goes. This means that all forebears and descendants are composed of genes in some power of 2. Take the primary colors red, yellow and blue. (There are other triads such as magenta, cyan, yellow and red, green, blue depending upon whether you are mixing light or using filters.) For the simplicity of argument, we will mix R,Y and B in pairs as in the "two by two" of Noah's ark. Thus, we could have a color 1/4 red, 1/4 yellow and 1/2 blue. The fractions must each be a power of 2 and sum to 1. Mixing equally, two at a time, we cannot hope to have a result 1/3 R, 1/3 Y and 1/3 B.

It is observed that when Black mates with Black, another Black is formed. Mate as much as you like, but there's no way you can get a Yellow from Black mating. If Adam and Eve were the parents of all humans, then they must have had the genes from all 3 races. Since 1/3 and 3 are not powers of 2, then Adam – Eve is essentially a clone – must have had a disproportionate arrangement of those inheritable characteristics. So which was the race on the short end of the stick? If all races are equal as ballyhooed, then God was a very naughty boy at creation time.

When mulatto mates with mulatto, the result might be heavy in European features, heavy in African features or similar to the parents. In any case, selective breeding could lead the progeny back to the original stocks, Black and White. So the question is: what breeding format could lead us back to the original United Nations 'brown' Adam, the parent of all mankind? There is none and that's that for we did not all have a common ancestor. No African is part of my family tree. No Asian is part of my family tree. If either were true, then I would not be a European.

I choose not to discuss much with the incurable religious types. I do not believe that water molecules become something miraculous because they were "blessed". ('Miracles' are little other than events where God supposedly violates His own laws.) Sodium hypochlorite, whether it comes in a bottle marked 'Clorox" or in a pail labeled "pool chlorinator", remains the same compound. I will not discuss abstracts notions such as 'infinity' and 'points' with no dimensions, with the mathematicians nor 'black holes' with spaced-out physicists. (If the universe is mostly vacuum, then how do we describe a hole in it? What in hell would it mean anyway?)

Most science is theory, as in the Theory of Evolution and the Theory of Atomic Structure. Religion is not even that. It is pure hypothesis. So, before you fly off in all directions, kindly allow me my theories and ask yourself how your ready-to-fight-for positive beliefs were arrived at. Come now, do you really believe that the kosher 'History Channel' is the truth and nothing but the truth? Was your education the whole truth or did you merely parrot the professors as a means to secure passing grades and later on, embarrassed enough to defend it at all cost?

Real Black people know who they are. Real Yellow people know who they are. Real White people know who they are. Once women are corrupted, a confusion of races follows: mestizos, mulattos and every which way shade including loose. This leads to a loss of memory and understanding. From this, all evil follows. The world of tomorrow will belong to race conscious people and so far, it looks like the Asian will emerge on top.

Robert Frenz

2 August 1999