RACE 101

Suppose I have a body of information, or a skill, which I wish to teach to people because I feel that there is a need for such a teaching. Let's also assume that my assumption is correct. Let's call this information, or skill, "ABC".

There are some who have no knowledge of ABC. Of these, many will prefer to remain blissfully ignorant.

There will also be others who already have some opinion of ABC. Of these, some will be content with what they already believe and will look no further. Others will be interested in ABC only out of curiosity. Of the curious, some will disagree and may even try to engage in debates where no one ever changes their minds. Debates are little more than parlor games. A few of the curious perhaps will modify their views because the new view of ABC appears more reasonable than the one they possess. These are the people capable of learning.

No view is ever static. What people believe of the atom has changed drastically over the years. Some "go with the flow" while others obstinately cling to their archaic notions rather than admit that they spent part of their life believing something which wasn't true. All of us ignorantly believe things which are factually false albeit believing them to be true. Life is a series of changing beliefs and the lucky ones are those whose beliefs harmonize closely with nature's eternal law.

Race means a tribe, breed or group of individuals descended from a common ancestor.

Life is not continually created. An individual is a composite of what his parents are. Thus, a race will always have attributes shared in common and all members will appear very similar. There are no "pure" races of man in the sense of the cheetah or penguin. Miscegenation appears to have been a popular activity of all men throughout all ages. However, nature affords us no "pure" aluminum either, even though it is one of the most plentiful of metals. Whether found in a substance such as bauxite or clay, this in no way validates the notion that there is no such thing as aluminum.

Natural selection and environmental pressures have always skewed man's gene pool unlike that of the gazelle whose environment has remained static over the aeons. Man wanders and encounters new problems. He often changes his diet to fit what is available. The lion's diet remains relatively stable as does his territory.

A small number of Yellow people flowed into the American continents most likely via the Bering Straits. They wandered and settled in diverse areas such as deserts, rain forests and grasslands. These groups changed their diet and their approach to survival. Small changes began to develop leading to recognizable differences of countenance. For example, a Micmac is distinguishable from a Catawba and those from an Apache. This in no way should lead to a conclusion contrary to the fact that all Amerasians are Yellow people. In a similar fashion, we can deal with Europe and Africa, the homelands of White and Black people respectively.

Hair, as I have mentioned in a previous article, is a great visual indicator of the race to which one belongs. Since laboratory testing such as blood grouping and DNA are outside the normal reach of most people, we remain confined to the input of our senses, particularly the visual.

A hair's outer layer is called the cuticle. Within this lies the cortex which contains pigment and air spaces. True hair, such as found on the higher apes, White people and Yellow people, but never on Black people, contains a medullary tube. This tube contains pigment, fat and air spaces. In Yellow people, the medullary tube contains a soft, sponge like material called pith. This also contains pigment. The presence of black pigment both in the pith and medullary tube gives rise to the fact that all Yellow people have jet black hair which is also characteristically long, straight and circular in cross section.

The presence of hair pith indicates strongly that the person has a Yellow ancestor. The absence of the medulla strongly indicates that the person has a Black ancestor. On the outside, hair color and texture give valuable clues as the what hangs on the family tree, but it is not the only indicator.

Blue eyes, and the shades thereof, always indicate White ancestry whether in whole or in part. The hair of White people is oval in cross section and usually of a light color. It tends to be wavy. The medullary tube contains no pith which allows it to be translucent.

Eyes, and the adjoining areas, have characteristic shapes and the anatomy of their parts also reveal distinguishable racial characteristics. From bones and ear wax, to odor and hair, racial attributes persist.

When we meet a person possessing blue eyes, blond hair, light skin and the whole array of White racial aspects, we can feel sure that he is a White man. When we meet a man with black, straight hair, very dark eyes appearing as slanted, plus other typical Yellow features, we can safely say that he is a non-White. Such examples are quite prevalent and cause little concern. We, and they, know exactly who they are and of what race.

When we meet a man having nearly all White features save dark kinky hair and thick lips, we do have cause for question. Is he White? As we add Black or Yellow characteristics, one by one, there will be a point where he can no longer be referred to as White. Where is that point? Where in our family tree could we admit an individual of another race without it adversely affecting the "common ancestor" origin?

Although one Black characteristic reveals itself only in thick lips, we should never mistakenly assume that the Black presence is absent everywhere else. The Black adulteration saturates every cell of that individual's body while remaining outwardly evident in the lips. This is an important and obvious point to always remember.

I have argued before that the presence of more than 5 percent (the 4th generation back) of Yellow or Black blood renders that individual non-White. This figure was drawn from the tolerable level of carbon dioxide in our air, and the tolerable level of salt in water suitable for drinking. A classroom containing 5 percent Blacks with 95 percent Whites, can still function as a White learning environment. This also is in accord with long established empirical observations which are even recorded in the Bible. In any case of doubt, the individual should be not considered White. If you wonder about whether some water is safe to drink, assume that it is not.

Being White is not enough, as I have already written about. We are looking for White people who are interested in White things and especially White survival. Most of the "robber barons" of the last century were physically White people but they served not White interests. The importation of Yellow people for menial labor was, in the end, the aid and abetting of a racial assault upon territory conquered by White people. The use of Black slaves by White plantation owners certainly did not benefit the racial welfare of those so involved.

Students of the animal struggle for survival in Africa, know full well that interference helps neither group. Taxing the White community in order to support a Black community, whether in the name of charity, "God's work", or simply for profit, benefits neither in the long run. The accompanying miscegenation results in some unfortunate mongrel paying permanently for the misguided temporary pleasure of his parents.

We must focus on forming a White community of cause oriented people. First, we must look to ourselves. Is my behavior viewed as that of a White man? Am I interested in, and do I support, White things? If you are physically a White man but act like a Black man, then what are you really?

As young men, we engaged in several contests one of which was identifying the various automobiles traveling down the highway. "It's a Chevy," shouted Jack, "and it has a 283 V8!" Chevrolets have a distinctive shape but the unknowing might wonder if Jack had X-ray vision in order to determine what engine it possessed. The engine identification was revealed by both a hood and trunk ornament – a Chevrolet logo for the 6 cylinder; a silver "V" for the 283 V8; and a gold "V" for the 348 V8. Thus, little observed details greatly enhanced our information base.

While still growing up on the farm, I stood amazed at how easily my grandparents could distinguish a Jersey from a Guernsey cow, or a Thoroughbred from other horses. Usually, it was in the finer points such as the mane, the tail tuft, the shape of the nose, the arch of the spine, and so on. To the ignorant, a horse is a horse is a horse. (Eric Thomson is the best race "spotter" I know of and I am sure that Harold Covington learned much from his sojourn in Africa.)

We were also taught to observe subtle movements such as the slight lowering of Ferdinand's head coupled with a shifting of the front weight onto one foot. "Ferdinand will not enjoy company today," grandfather would say warningly, for we often ran eagerly to scratch the old bull's ears.

Today, most of our young people don't know shit from Shinola (a brown shoe polish) and many of them don't care. It's perhaps as Paul Norris once said, "Most people have a dog's view of life: if you can't eat it or screw it, then piss on it."

We, who are concerned about racial matters, should get into the habit of seeking out those little racial clues. Be a questioning observer. As I stand in the check-out line, I look at people's hair, their eyes and so on, in a study to determine if I can spot some racial mark. From this, I ask myself if I would classify that person as White. If I cannot, then I view him as a non-White and hence, not sharing my common ancestor. He is not my brother and could never become my comrade.

These little mental exercises really do not take much effort and it behooves the many to become more aware of that which is around them for nothing is more appalling to me than ignorance. Instead of protecting them, as we do in this American asylum, the ignorant should be allowed to perish by their own follies.

If Robert Matthews and Dr. Pierce had been a little more skilled in the observation of racial details, then The Order would never have admitted the mestizo Martinez. If race means a great deal to you, then you'd better start learning about how to recognize the telltale clues. Shouting "White Pride" never instilled any ability in anyone. Know what is White and practice applying the knowledge you should be saturating yourself with. One never wins any battle if he cannot tell friend from foe.

Robert Frenz

17 July 1999