It is generally accepted that we possess 5 senses: touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing. Touch is involved with texture, pressure, temperature and such. Smell is a little understood method of chemical identification. Sight deals with a narrow band of electromagnetic waves which reach the retina of the eye. Taste is also a chemical identifier albeit in a different domain. Hearing typically involves the mechanical vibrations of air molecules.

Many are of the opinion that we also have additional senses although acceptable proof has not, as yet, been forthcoming.

The brain is the receiver of the information which the senses provide. It coordinates this information, stores it for a period, and uses it for immediate, or delayed, responses depending upon the modification by other bits of recorded experience.

The use of a lens enhances the light which reaches our eye. The use of a funnel channels more sound energy to our ear. In both cases, it is only the intensity of the information which is changed. The well functioning brain never alters, or disregards, the information supplied by the senses. Our amplifiers still supply the ear with sound. Lenses still supply our eyes with light.

As White men continually search for more information, they developed "machinery" to gather that which was beyond the normal senses. We cannot see any of that array of quasars, quarks, black holes, and other such items which are claimed to really "be out there, somewhere." As with RADAR, electromagnetic waves outside the receiving bound of our senses, are "interpreted" and often converted into something of use to our senses. This then, involves a sort of faith – a scientific faith – where the believers form a club of loonies much in the same way as a religious leader has disciples.

Science is mainly a faith. No one knows what an atom looks like and no one knows what an angel looks like. People have opinions in this regard and often they engage in battles to "prove" who is correct. The ultimate result depends upon who is left standing.

The real danger of the intoxication provided by science is that we come to believe that what our senses do not respond to represents reality – providing the information gathering machinery is sophisticated enough. This, in essence, leads to a diminution of our reliance upon the only basic tools we have in which to interpret reality – our senses. Thus primed, the patent absurdities of political indoctrination become absorbed without notice. Many reach the point where the information relayed by the senses is cancelled and another version of reality becomes indelible. Many years ago, I observed this phenomenon whereby a Marine stated that he was taught to view the skin color of all humans as green! This effect, achieved by indoctrination, apparently could rival the delusions which result from the use of drugs. It was astounding nevertheless. I wondered if this same Marine could also be taught that the sound of a bird's song was actually cannon fire.

I believe that the White man is far more susceptible to this hijacking of his senses than say, the Black man. Black people are rarely fooled by the nonsense White folks seem to take without a flinch. I have been heavily trained in the natural sciences but have never separated myself from the dirt of our farm. If something smells like manure, then I care little what your scientific instruments seem to indicate or what some "expert" has to belch about the matter. It's like the statement "Fletcher" made in the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, "Don't piss down my back and tell me it's rain."

We all have been exposed to government propaganda. The schools were saturated with it even decades ago when I attended high school. Students either believed it, or they didn't. Often, the intelligent youngsters, who could recognize manure when they smelled it, feigned a belief as a means to enhance their grades. After all, isn't a test merely a device to demonstrate how much of the material you could memorize? It had nothing to do with truth, much less, reality.

Our society is filled with mindless parrots and robots, and frankly, their numbers can be very intimidating at times. They have been conditioned to hate anyone who doesn't see the world through their LSD spectacles. Often, one imagines that he is in an insane asylum, where everyone's watch tells a different time, except his. What a task it would be trying to convince this throng that you really do have a watch that gives the correct time.

I have lived by my own advice and I give it to you: Don't let anyone try to talk you out of what your natural senses inform you of, or of a discrimination which you find satisfying and protecting. A Black man is not colored green, as the Marine appears to think, and neither are Yellow people. Personally, the odor of Black people offends my senses and all the shouts of "racism" and such, will never drown out what my nose informs me of. The shrieking, hollering and thumping, which pass as Black "music", are very unsettling to my ears as are the notes issued by any soprano. I do not like them; never have; and never will. Call it hate, bigotry or whatever, I shall not alter my position because it personally does not appeal to some other person.

My life is now at the short end but before my last breath, I would like to see the emergence of a real class of warrior-like young men: men who know shit from Shinola and will defend his all no matter what the odds. "Give me liberty or give me death." "And for the support of this declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

With the emergence of men will come a rebirth of womanhood. There no longer will be a place for feminine malcontents bellowing about the poor, the weak, the stupid, the perverted, the diseased or a fart which got out of control. A man builds himself so that he needs no shield of protection against the fates. Women, and men who think likewise, place their efforts into the building of external shields which ultimately fall to the relentless assault of Nature.

It's time we placed the Typhoid Marys of our society in a position where they can no longer infect the unwary. It's time we let the stupid fall by their own deficiencies. It's time our women raised our children instead of dumping them in day-care communes so that they can pretend they are doing something more "valuable" somewhere else. It's time the colonizers of our land got shipped back to the rat holes they left. It's time we used our resources to enhance the lives of those who could benefit us instead of pouring them down the sewer of individual benefit. It's time we stopped trying to teach penguins how to fly and the crippled how to walk. It's time we began to think of community instead of the anarchistic "doing your own thing." It's time the parasites were directed to another target. Above all, it's time we stopped being intimidated by those no longer capable of dealing with the real world. It's about time we remembered that "Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never harm me."

by Robert Frenz

18 June 1999