The average White American lives in a state of fear. He grovels, begs, and cries whenever reality wakes him from his wishful-thinking dreams. Instead of teaching ourselves, and our children, to "firm up" when the fickle finger of fate deals us a blow, we collapse into a orgy of self-pity whereby we wallow in it until another "crisis" occurs. The sickening events following the Jonesboro shootings is a recent example.

People die and buildings collapse. Grasshoppers ruin the corn crops and floods sweep the foolish out to sea. Where did we get the idea that life owed us a bed of roses? Where did we get the idea that life should be a sequence of orgasms with complete freedom from mosquito bites? People kill other people but not as many as do the bacteria and virus. Why is a child, who died in the Oklahoma City blast, more precious than one who died in a car wreck on some lonely Montana road? Why are the innocent kids who died in Jonesboro more precious, and worthy of idolatry, than the millions of innocent Germans who were deliberately starved to death in 1945-48 under the jew Morgenthau Plan? What is this idiotic whining all about anyway? Yellow ribbons; tears; pink ribbons; bawling; memorials; sobbing; and the spectacle par excellencecrisis counseling! – are enough to make sober people take to drinking. The past inexplicable world-wide crying jag concerning the death of a race-mixing "royal" slut – set to music by an ugly faggot – was astounding to behold. Is the whole White world morbidly sick?

Insurance policies insure nothing but Americans have more of them than Clinton has floozies lined up for blow-jobs. If so-and-so happens, then you'll receive compensation. That's what insurance is all about. Fire insurance never prevented one fire. You received money after the house was in ashes. The companies which issue these pieces of paper play the odds – the odds that your particular house will never burn down. That's why they become rich and thus buy political power and keep their dupes in a financial prison.

Everywhere I turn, I am surrounded by people with health insurance (actually 'sickness' insurance since you get no help if you are healthy), retirement funds, burglar alarms, safety devices, jock-straps, and on and on and on, until they are so broke from the parasites who batten them with these sheets of paper and noisy gadgets, that they cannot afford a decent meal. What a far cry it is from the men who built this country with little other than a firearm and plenty of Aryan guts. Their "insurance" was a good set of sights on the rifle, dry powder, wives who remained faithfully at their side, and alert and steadfast minds. Compare this to the piles of wimps we call men, women, and families, today. It is all so horribly sad.

It used to be that a brave soul would chance the roaring rapids with only a canoe, a paddle and the ability to swim. Today, the "brave" thrill seekers are outfitted with unsinkable boats, life jackets, crash helmets, two-way radios, motors, seat ejectors, sky hooks dangling from watchful helicopters, and of course, a video camera to record the whole "macho" scene. Barf!

Mrs. Moore and her 11-year old son were killed at a railroad crossing. This was in 1940. The remaining children, Lois and Jim, plus her husband, were emotionally devastated and everyone knew this to be the case. Everyone was sympathetic and at the brief funeral I heard Mr. Moore say – after he took the hands of his children – "We loved her. We will miss her, but we must go on." Lois and Jim were back in school the next day and Mr. Moore returned to the lumber yard where he was employed. A few classmates voiced condolences but the school never entered any non-functioning state remotely resembling the sickening spectacles – actually self-pity orgies – we observed following the events of Oklahoma City and Jonesboro. Crisis counseling, your ass! White America apparently has lost the backbone to survive. And, as Nature decrees, it should not. It shall not.

Amid this worthless electorate – those oddly believing that just being alive entitles them to something – we find a plethora of groups "fighting to save the White race." Never mind that they cannot define what "White" means, they all have their varied pie-in-the-sky solutions. All of it is little other than a collection of debating societies without rules or a stable membership. Some work away at becoming "true jews" – whatever they are supposed to be. Others want to switch their gods around trying to find some favorable deity. There are the "look at what they are doing to us now" groups. Around the next bend are the "the truth shall set you free" batches of pipe-dreamers who believe that the whole world does nothing other than sit by a no longer fashionable short-wave radio receiver awaiting messages which go in one ear and out the other. Let's not forget the shootem-up back woods brigades who would surrender before the first shot of any real battle was fired. Not last, nor the least, are the Holocaust hatchet cranks, who are only trained dogs for the "jews" they confront on a token level. "Here's another lie," says Spielberg, "Go chase it." The revisionists obediently comply. Woof! Woof!

If the White race is worth saving – a rather tenuous premiss – then why is it being tossed anchors and opium pipes instead of being taught to swim and learn the use of life saving floats? To each and every blight-winger who reads this, I say: Show me ONE so-called leader who will put his ass on the block for you! If a leader isn't willing to help one single White man, then what good is his rant about the White race as a whole? When it comes to their gonads, they flee quicker than a jew at a Nazi barbecue. To be just in this matter, let me ask you what you are willing to sacrifice for your leader – if you are fortunate enough to ever have one – or your people, if you feel that generous.

The old farts, of which I am a member, will support anyone who promises that, after the battle, all their possessions will still be in tact. Their idea of patriotism ends after their donation check is signed. The integrity, and loyalty, of this generation ends when the pocketbook is endangered.

Another weird thing about the over-the-hill-mob is the absolute panic which devastates their ranks when some whispers "Social Security." When this happens, one becomes deafened by the sounds of vibrating wheelchairs and rattling crutches much as the teeth of Sidney Barzuk chatter when he sees a swastika. Any hint of a loss in the monthly SS check causes them to instantly support literally anyone, or anything, which promises to do the status quo dance. Far too many of these people would sell out their own family for a ten-percent increase. In this regard, they should be the last people to criticize anyone for anything. Communism – the true nature of American politics albeit by another name – like christianity, finds its support among the weak, botched and envious. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark received zilch for "social security" payments as did Robert Edward Lee and Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain). Were they also "scared shitless" because of this?

The younger people usually have no sense of personal honor or even the backbone to get past hedonistic inclinations. "I need a piece of ass" seems to be their major drive. Many beaches are now employing older people – fifty years old! – as life guards because they are more reliable. They don't sit around with one hand on their crotch while their eyes search for the night's lay. Older people have always been selected by business people because they can be counted upon not to steal the day's profits.

This is not an indictment of all young people but nonetheless it remains that the younger generations contain far too many unscrupulous characters to "save" anything, including themselves. Character is everything. Loyalty and dedication cannot exist without it.

Returning to the blight-wing: Name two "leaders" who are willing to cooperate and share their resources for the common good. Good luck.

The conquering of the enemy's fortress requires intelligent planning, organization, leadership, and a disciplined army. Since no army is any better than the quality of its soldiers, it is obvious that the battle is lost before it commences. A blind person gains naught by following a blind leader. An amoral slob is never enhanced by following another amoral slob. Donning a knight's armor does not make one a knight anymore than eating hay will turn one into a horse or wearing a swastika makes you an instant Hitler Youth. Character begins at home. If you cannot clean up your singular act, then you are of no value to anyone, much less the cause of White survival.

The Internet is a giant wasteland. It's the world's largest amusement park and a great place for the insignificant to blow off steam – anonymously, of course. Everyone is a virtual leader and all exercise their bits of virtual nothingness backed up with virtual courage – myself included. Where else can you run off at the mouth without any concern that someone just might punch you in the mouth if he disapproved? The Internet is a fertile field, and a showcase, for the mental anarchy which assures us that our social rot will continue. No group of people ever accomplished anything without leadership and organization. When "resistance" is left to the "do your own thing" crowd, disaster inevitably follows.

I sit in bewildered amusement at the general Internet chaos when it comes to racial issues. Each leaderless soul has his own definition of what constitutes White, for example, and axiomatically that definition includes himself – hardly an objective position. If Mr. Butler, of the "Aryan" Nations, were to put on a set of Indian feathers, you'd probably agree that he would fit well into any reservation or wigwam. It is my estimate that over one-half of the members of so-called White groups contain people who simply do not qualify as White even though they believe themselves to be just that. Far too many – deep down inside – know that they are race-mixed and belong to no race. Thus, they desperately want to belong to one – usually the White. Recorded history, as well as modern trends, all reveal that darker people prefer to mate with lighter people and actively seek them out. Whether Brazil, Italy or America, the darker men seek the acquaintance of lighter women.

The fear of reality prevents the entire blight-wing from ever coming to grips with any racial issue for they abhor definitions and categorizations or anything which smacks of order. (Laughably, these abhorrers of order apparently worship the epitome of modern order – the Third Reich.) They prefer to shout "down with the jew" and leave what constitutes a jew to each individual opinion. They prefer to shout "White pride" and leave what constitutes being White up to each person to decide for himself. Some paradoxically arrive at the dichotomy: "good enemies" and "bad enemies." So subjective, and sans foundation, are their views that they switch them readily depending upon circumstances. It is simply an unprincipled arena where all feel that they are a king. If the jew is the "enemy" of the blight-wing, then it should be pointed out that the jews (1) know who is a jew and who isn't, (2) are cooperative, organized and (3) have a collective goal: Is it good for jews? Contrast this with the blight-wing which refuses to expend the effort towards learning recognition of racial traits (or learning anything, for that matter); have no collective goal whatsoever beyond personal whim; will not cooperate and cannot even organize a picnic (I've attended a few of these exercises in chaos.), much less a "movement." Cooperation involves subordination which is something that the "nobody is going to tell me what to do!" blight-wing dunderheads will never agree to. Call it what you want. I call it: fifty-years of futility. At the end of the next decade, I'll call it: sixty-years of futility.

United we stand. Divided we fall. This was implicit in the old Roman fasces (bundle of sticks). The blight-wing is not only divided but it is hopelessly fragmented. "Leaders" have "leaderless" followers. What a convenient way to "be da boss" without having one iota of responsibility! Consider Toronto's baron of courtroom circuses. He implies this and suggests that. When one of his foolish admirers puts something into practice and then lands in hot water, the "leader" proclaims that the person "was a volunteer" and thus absolves himself of all responsibility for the plight which ensued. This type of unsavory behavior becomes patently hypocritical when the plea for money is followed by a "I'm fighting for your rights!"

Leadership is indeed a very heavy responsibility and in an age where virtually no one accepts responsibility for anything (sue someone!), it is easy to understand why there are no real leaders. If, through some quirk of fate, a leader should pop up, I'd wager that he'd find no one worthy enough to lead. It's a topsy-turvy do-your-own-thing kind of world and Fate is soon going to press the "flush" handle.

Robert Frenz

2 April 1998