by Robert Frenz

10 February 2000

Like sinking ships which suddenly disappear or gradually merge with the sea, suicides can take similar courses. The bullet offers a very brief exercise. Alcohol, tobacco, disease, promiscuity and so on, offer a longer ride downhill.

I cannot remember his name so I shall call him John.

John had a father who spent most of his waking hours in the pursuit of Mammon. Although the TV program didn't reveal all faces, the look of John indicated that he was race-mixed to a degree with the major element being White. He thought of himself as White although his behavior indicated otherwise.

The family moved to Conyer Georgia and established residence in quarters very high on the hawg, so to speak. Daddy Moneybucks soon went his own way leaving John with an emotional cripple for a mother.

Being a stranger in town, John was not greeted at first with open arms but he nonetheless was enterprising. His continually stuffed wallet was a means to buy friends. In my opinion, the tinges of Afro in his blood was that which directed him to seek out those darker than he. He soon tied up with a much older Black with a criminal record – he was 14 and the associate was 18. John then did the 'monkey see monkey do' self-debasing routine which usually means alcohol, drugs and orifices to find and stuff.

The high school was mostly White and suffering from a seemingly incurable malady – Christianity. John became friendly with the White "hang out" crowd and, of course, brought along two of his Black soul mates whenever some "hang out" session popped into existence. With expensive cars, money, and time to burn, this group of teens effectively had no parents and no real family or home. Mom was a career twat and dad never missed a minute pursuing Federal Reserve Notes in order to support a pretentious home they rarely had time to use.

With a little TV in the form of the degenerate jew Hefner's contribution to entertainment – the Playboy channel – and continual encouragements by the now accepted Blacks, the "hang outs" began to take on a different hue. Soon, some protuberance was inserted in some orifice and like lemmings rushing to the sea, the "we're all brothers and sisters" Christian nitwits were humping and jumping for joy. The sporadic copulations soon expanded into group orgies where everyone was screwing everyone else. Needless to say, the alcohol flowed as easily as did the saliva, ejaculate and vaginal secretions. "She staggered out of the room, bleeding, filthy and with cum running down her face and tits," was a comment captured on magnetic media. (What a wonderful mother this girl would make!)

Often, those happiness sessions resulted in the young girls bleeding profusely from what was described as a "sandwich". This odd arrangement consists of one male on his back in vaginal penetration of the female facing, and on top of, him. She simultaneously is "mouthing" another male while a third man, usually the Black, engages in sodomy with the female. (People who have lived in Africa state that Black males usually prefer rectums over vaginas, and dry vaginas over moist ones, which explains much of their behavior while in prison and on the loose among us.) During these acts of extreme degradation, the girls are verbally abused to an extreme which they apparently seek as evidenced by their eagerness to "hang out" again.

This debauchery would not have been brought to the public's attention except for the fact that an epidemic of syphilis infection erupted with lesser reports of venereal warts, genital herpes and chlamydia all courtesy of the "equals" which the foolish kids befriended and exchanged their tolerant juices with.

One pathetic and amoral White piece of filth was interviewed and he blubbered a sorrowful tale about the demise of his Black soul-mate. The Black was "disadvantaged" and a "street person". This was all the brain-dead Christian family needed in order to welcome the repulsive tramp into their expensive home – to live gratis, of course. The unwholesome but dynamic duo attended the annual Florida orgy known as "spring break". During a drunken session, the Black stole someone's car and managed to get himself justly killed in an accident. That triggered a sickening, and seemingly eternal, bout of self-pity in his adopted family. "He was like a son," the shit-brained affluent father moaned. The White kid was lost without his depraved partner and mom will blubber until the cows come home. (I must be heartless. I didn't shed one tiny tear although those who aired the show gave you plenty of time to do the wailing wall and self-flagellation bit as per Oklahoma City.)

The report of the Health Department caused the community to break out of their money-grubbing, praise be to Jeeezus, trance – at least for a week or so. A public meeting was held and an attempt at a religious revival of the wayward 16 year olds was put into practice. Quite as expected, the "revival" was just another rock session with whiggers in white-face shrieking something about Jesus turning things around all to the log-thumping dissonance, contortions and gyrations usually reserved for epileptics and the insane.

There were no surprises as this scenario is daily played out in our decaying America. It was therefore no surprise that after the health clinic managed to halt the syphilis outbreak and then stop it – thanks to the medicines of White people – the community pretended that it never happened and responded with indignation to any hint that "their" daughter had ever had corrosive sex with at least 200 other beings – some ape and some borderline human – regardless of the documentation of the health department. Perhaps her syphilis, if she was lucky – young Blacks are extremely likely to have AIDS – could be explained away as contact with a dirty toilet seat.

The state of our young White people is worrisome and pathetic. It is doubtful that 1 out of 30 can be trusted with anything including their own welfare. It is doubtful if more than 5 percent have the intelligence to recognize the lies and brainwashing which passes as education or even have the integrity to question it. Much of this can be blamed upon parents and much of it on our Zionist Occupation Government and its insane programs to do battle with that which God had created. Much of it is pure hypocrisy.

In spite of the pervasive and nearly overwhelming direction to the contrary, no White person worthy of being called one, ever befriends a member of another race. No White person has a reason to imitate a person of another race. Once you accept a Black as your equal little other than degeneracy follows for it is necessary that you descend to his level since he is incapable of rising to yours. Without racist feelings, our blood nation cannot survive. Only a racist people, such as the Chinese and Japanese, can survive. You owe that to yourself, your family, and to those who will follow in what now appears to be looming – a new Dark Age.