Less than forty years ago, George Lincoln Rockwell had the blight-wing situation pegged correctly. He saw clearly, the futile efforts of the patriotism-for-profit gas bags plus the "pray and send money" crowd. Today, nothing has changed except for the proliferation of the "the truth shall set you free" and "let's kick some ass" groups.

Anarchy is defined as an absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose. This leads to disorder and confusion. In another sense, anarchy is the absence of any form of authority, usually of a political nature.

The 1960's saw the introduction of a hedonistic culture of the younger people. If it feels good, then do it. Today, this has been magnified into a near absurdity and coupled with the ignorant, and arrogant attitude: "This is America. No one can tell me what to do." This, of course, is the ultimate, immature, selfish and destructive attitude which is leading to more and more social friction and chaos. So pervasive is this attitude, that the typical American is no longer psychologically suited to cooperation of any kind save orgies of hysterical sobbing and self-pity flagellations such as that which followed the bombing of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Through it all, many – usually the young – feel that something is terribly amiss and strive to do something about it. The older crowd – those responsible for the mess by foolishly allowing themselves to be goyim-herded into unnecessary wars – basically ignores the whole matter and concerns itself with social security checks, drug prescriptions and bingo. The concerned youth is basically rudderless and self-focused. They are in a state of mental anarchy and therefore are ill equipped to solve any problems whatsoever. Often, one of them tosses caution to the wind and "does his own feel-good thing" which leads directly to jail without passing "go." Those so incarcerated delude themselves and feel that they are political prisoners of an oppressive system when, in fact, they have broken non-political laws such as robbery and assault for which any citizen would be justly punished.

In days when authority was respected and individuals felt that they didn't know everything, it was easy to have a "movement," that is, a growing assembly of people with a common purpose directed at a specific end. A few ignoramuses shouting "kill the pigs" or "gas the jews" constitutes little other than a band of hoodlums engaged in some momentary gratification of perverted emotions. Thus, we find literally hundreds of quasi-political groups in this country headed by some self-proclaimed, and usually pompous ass who bathes himself in the extraordinary delusion that his "leadership" is the alpha and omega of whatever the current fanciful notion happens to be. Once the "group" is enlarged to perhaps five or so, some member decides that "no one can tell me what to do" and splinters off to form his own band of malcontents where he is now "de boss." To the best of my knowledge, all blight-wing groups in this country fall into this solitary category. They will not cooperate because they are psychologically unable to do so. In this respect, they are mental cripples completely unable to objectively discern their value relative to their competitors in the struggle to be recognized – which all of the commotion basically is. There exists no coherent blight-wing group which is willing to subordinate itself, or engage in sacrifice, for any higher purpose whatsoever. When one takes away the book hawking activity and the self-flattering promotions, there remains little of the blight-wing.

The German revolution of the early 1930's resulted from a common goal – a Germany exclusively for Germans – albeit several organizations (a word profane to the blight-wing) were in existence prior to 1933. When the several leaders saw that Adolf Hitler would serve the national purpose more effectively, they all joined him and added their support. Youthful communists – usually an envious and botched group of international malcontents – even joined the NSDAP after witnessing the cleanliness, order and general happiness of the Hitler Youth.

There simply can never be any true leader, of any stripe or hue, who could exist if it were not for the respect he earned. Americans have little respect for their political "leaders" because Americans have little respect for much of anything. Their entire modus operandi is one of self-indulgence and immature demanding. We see this in the form of law suits and a fervent desire to have the world made safe for idiots. When personal responsibility is tossed out the window, the entire fabric of society goes with it. The current American worship of an impossible democracy will not last much longer and the present state of the blight-wing can do little to avert disaster for it is little other than a subset – and therefore a reflection – of the whole.

by Robert Frenz

30 May 1998