Grandfather lived on a farm of decent measure. When he purchased the land, taxes were not linked to the property. In other words, he actually owned his property. Today, real ownership of anything is confined to trivials such as the shirt on one's back and the latest edition of Playboy. People simply do not own land and houses anymore for a lapse in property tax payments means goodbye homestead.

Grandfather was honest and hard working as were all of the neighbors. We could visit any of the 8 bedrooms of the upper floors of our home and not see one other house from the windows. That was as crowded as we liked. It was a great life in spite of the unemployed people in the cities during the Great Depression. "Gramp" always reminded us to never allow ourselves to be dependent upon other people for our food. "The corn and potatoes do not know there is a depression," he used to say. That way of life has disappeared and with it, much of our liberty. Liberty, of course, is only of value to those of independent nature. A plethora of possessions does not imply freedom for each considerable possession remains little other than an anchor. This is one reason why females, prone to exercise psychological castration of any male foolish enough to "love" them, insist upon accumulation – accumulation of anything, the bigger the better.

For the greater part, people are not far removed from farm animals: feed them well; don't overwork them; and allow them to mate according to some schedule or the other. They will, in the main, be as content as the Eloi in The Time Machine. For most normal collections of talking apes, this represents about 2 out of 3. They remain the bedrock of society and will mold themselves, i.e., be politically correct, in whatever manner is set by their leaders.

Leaders are found in the upper 1 out of 6, intellectually. This upper 1/6 contains those who create, invent, give direction to, and otherwise provide the glue of community.

All groups have dregs, that is, those who by virtue of their stupidity, incompetence and/or criminality, form a vast class of predators and parasites. Rational societies simply remove these detriments via sterilization, segregation or extermination. (I personally prefer segregation thus allowing them to be their own victims.) The number of rational societies which have appeared since history began are quite small in number and when one arose, it was quickly smashed by the envious and fetid Untermenschen.

It was in 1937, I believe, that Gramp mentioned that the beginning of the end of the America he knew, and loved, started with the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt. At a Christmas dinner in 1938, an uncle who was on leave from the Navy, mentioned that "we" were already engaged in attacking German U-boats. Roosevelt, who fancied himself as America's Lenin, was leading us into a European war while lying about it at each "fireside chat". The "fix" was now in place where elections gave the people the choice of only one Marxist party albeit with two different names. One only has to note the recent Perot scam which shifted the election in the planned direction. I pointed out a decade ago that the lying dwarf Perot was nothing but a system whore. (If he were otherwise, his face would not have been seen on the Larry King Show.)

Those 2 out of 3 Americans which make up the backbone of our society, remind me of the starving dog who was ever so grateful to his master for chopping off his tail and then serving it to him well roasted. The real substance of our society is now dancing to the Zionist tune as set by the degenerates Hefner, Stern and Springer plus the jewish Hollywood and TV moguls.

The parasites and criminals in our midst care little about who is in the driver's seat as long as there are plenty of victims.

The upper 1/6 contains a small fraction of people who do have vision and see that what we believe to be prosperity is little other than profligacy wrapped in glitz. They do not ignore the obvious signs of impending collapse but wish to bring a halt to it. They do not want to wait for the train to come in but insist upon boarding something – anything – just for ego gratification. Their predictable, and futile efforts are labeled "doing something" which generally involves jail time. Others who may have paid attention to Eric Thomson's articles in this regard, wait patiently for that SOMETHING which will be necessary in order for the sleeping to be awakened. It is generally believed that this will take the form of an economic collapse. How reasonable is this?

The "global economy" is made to order for the exploiters and no entity energetically pursuing exploitation will ever suffer an economic collapse. The "developing countries" are little other than dumping grounds for the excess products of mainly Western civilization. Blacks, left to themselves as they have been in Africa for 10,000 years, never developed anything, and never will. The unearned high standards of living we see nearly everywhere has not been the product of indigenous peoples pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. Even "our gallant ally" Israel could not exist for more than a few weeks without basically American tax-payer support. I do not envision an unplanned economic collapse in the near future. I hope I am wrong.

Without the support of the majority, no political revolution can take place. The majority simply will not change its path until its nuts are caught in a vise and no amount of nigger-baiting, goose-stepping, internet forums or web pages with flaming swastikas, will change that. We must wait for the train to come in.

Our present state reflects our collective insanity. We are being invaded, with the help of "our" government, by mestizos and other varieties of asians. I am reminded of a poem given to me by Leona, a lovely high school classmate:

How courteous is the Japanese, he always says "Excuse it please."

He climbs into his neighbor's garden, smiles and says, "I beg your pardon."

He bows and grins a friendly grin and calls his hungry family in.

He grins and bows a friendly bow, "So sorry, this my garden now."

The "muds" – the same color as another common substance – and other non-Whites are united in their common goal: to dispossess Whitey. One way or the other, 80 percent of the White people are also out to dispossess themselves. That makes people like myself a little short when it comes to numbers. But the real world is not represented by some pirouetting kosher clown like Chuck Norris who could be easily stopped with any 'Saturday night special'. If Whitey is relegated to the dust bin of history, then whatever is left will soon be at each other's throats. The first to go will be the Black for his very existence in our midst is wholly dependent upon White support. Does one really believe that the mestizo of La Raza, or the Chinese would tolerate a single one of them in their society?

We often delude ourselves by the episodes in Nature whereby 'superior numbers' apparently carries the day. Those 'superior numbers' are always made up of superior individuals hardened and honed by the trials and travesties of life. Englishmen, when they were truly men, had always managed with inferior numbers, to subdue vastly superior numbers of inferior people. (Here I am using the term in a relative sense.) And so it shall be following Der Tag.

The rampant exploitation of this planet will not continue even though the religious nitwits and the 'socially conscious' proclaim it so. There are already large cracks in the dike and as with all collapses, it will follow an exponential curve. We are in a cosmic struggle and are little other than supernumeraries at the present time. We prepare even though we may never be called. We are "waitin' for the train to come in."

Robert Frenz

8 September 1999