He who defines, controls.

Truer words were never spoken. The enemies of the White people are continually redefining our vocabulary from "gay" to "racism" in complete disregard for Mr. Noah Webster. Racism, as we all know means White racism and there is nothing gay about the feces frolicking faggots.

The "make love, not war" bunch of the 1960's is, of course, running most of the country. They envision a world of "peace" where everyone is busy copulating with anything available. They abhor what they call "violence." What they really mean is that they fear White violence. That, they want a stop to. They have no objection to episodes such as Waco, the hateful assault on Iraq or the machete killings of Whites too stupid to leave African countries once political power was handed over to the Blacks. In this regard, the gun-grabbers are not interested in our large class of minority predators – they fear guns in the hands of White people. As in all bolshevik run countries, criminals are used to terrorize, and thus fragment, the population. At the time of the Bolshevik Revolution, there weren't many criminals running wild in Russia and so they simply opened the jails and let them all out – as the communist Mandela has done in the former Republic of South Africa. Now, as then, when a population is focussed on the threat of personal assault, it generally doesn't have the time to notice what the government is doing. That's the idea.

All White lands are under assault. Traditions are being trashed and mongrel hordes are being allowed to colonize White territories. ZOG has made it illegal for White people to defend their own territory. No other racial territories are undergoing this assault! And the reason is very clear: Only White people stand in the way of the age-old pipe-dream of the jews – world domination. It's an insane notion for who will protect the jews from the next Genghis Khan when Whitey has disappeared? Where will Blacky get his boom-box and next welfare check when Whitey is gone? Jews are not content to merely pilfer the golden eggs. They have an inner need to kill the Golden Goose.

Whites can be eliminated by the simple expedient of a pogrom. This is only possible when total political power is in the hands of those who wish to do the purging. The killing of goyim in the Soviet Union was an example. Pogroms often have a way of getting out of hand and giving rise to violent reactions. There is a better way: preach brotherly-love and encourage race-mixing. Race-mixing is "genocide" for it destroys the races which practice it.

The Vikings landed in North America at a time when weapons development in Europe was somewhat on a par with that of the Amerasians in what we now call Canada. Attempted settlements came to naught for the skraelings had the Vikings out-numbered. When weapons technology is "equal," God is on the side of the greater numbers. The Vikings went back home but they did not stay there.

The next arrival, of those Men of The North, was different. Their numbers were still relatively minute but they brought weapons of a superior technology. It remained so for the successive waves of Europeans who eventually pounded the indigenous savages into near oblivion – a job which they foolishly did not complete.

So here we are. They can't whip us as a race. Never could and never will – as long as the playing field is not on their terms. White technology is that factor which tips the balance in positive advantage for the White man. The assault against us is on all fronts and I believe this is from our enemy's delusion that the goose is nearly in their clutches.

How does our age-old enemy go about leveling the playing field since this is his only option at this time? I'll tell you. Sell our weapons to those who will eventually use them against us, but call it "good business" and "capitalism." Feed those who will rise up against us but call it "charity" and "human kindness." Let White living-space be colonized in the name of "political asylum" and "christian love." Encourage, and reward, race-mixing which forever removes a White woman from reproducing her kind and also adds another racial enemy to our soil. Condition White men to believe that "violence" is a psychiatric disorder along with every other instinctual need for survival. Turn the people of the land into a bunch of pathetic wimps by continually harping about "safety" and "rights" and the need for "insurance policies."

The list goes on and on and on and things are at such a juncture today that ostensible men demonstrate their lack of manliness by succumbing to rule by elected, bizarre, man-hating feminists. Even the blight-wing is so feminized that it looks to a lying old sow – so ugly that her plastic surgeon feels a necessity to operate in the dark – for their daily fix of hot air "Zgrams."

White men have, and shall always have, the means to secure their rightful place in the sun – at the top. If we abstain from violence, we are committing racial suicide. We cannot win this present war – a war which is fully intended to result in our extinction – without weapons and weapons simply cannot be used non-violently.

Where did all of the men go?

Violence, in the context of this article, means the use of physical force for the purpose of causing damage to one's racial enemies and anything associated with his welfare. This type of violence is always planned and carefully directed to the end of White survival.

As with all things, there is a time and a place. The place is the world theater but the time is not now. The time will come when the crippling burden of non-White parasitism and predation will be that last straw.

Foolhardy White people are now engaged in a pointless, and fruitless battle to feed peoples who cannot feed themselves. A society cannot build Fords ad infinitum nor can the world's monkoids multiply forever. Without natural enemies, life forms breed, and expand to the point of mass starvation. Inadequate food supplies open the doors for disease – another population limiter which will prove to be of great value in the future. That time is not as far away as one might think and it is the one great obstacle to those screwball notions of world domination.

This coming world war will need no sanction from me nor any glassy bits of rationalization to fuel it. There is nothing more enlightening than to see one's enemies charging full speed, with their eyes full of hatred, in one's direction. The fury of the Men of The North is what terrifies the present evil rulers – and for a very good reason. That's why they are so desperately trying to modify your behavior so that you don't say, or do, anything which might offend those who wish to replace you. They ultimately hope to make it illegal for you to be a White man.

Just imagine what the state of your home might be if you became convinced that it was "christian" not to object to the invading roaches who merrily sing "We are all in this together."

Tolerance, peace, non-violence, and so on, are always preached by the weak. I am sure if the gazelle could speak lionese, it would have the same message. This siren song always contains the same sweet putrid message – be nice to your enemies and they'll return it in kind. How nice does one have to be toward crocodiles? How loving should we be to rattlesnakes? Will keeping a boa constrictor well fed with rats lessen a man's problems if he happened to fall into the same pen with one? How much brotherly love does one need to be safe from a batch of cannibals who view him as dinner? Aren't White Africans now learning the hard way about surrendering power to their enemies?

(H)erbert (G)eorge Wells said it best in his second book The Time Machine – 1895. (His first was a biology textbook – 1893.) The central figure, tired of his present, whistled through the years in his contraption – years of wars and wars upon wars. He finally landed in an apparent Utopia where beautiful golden-haired Aryans (the Eloi) were singing and frolicking in a lush meadow beside a clean river. Amid this valley of love, tolerance and peace, he was startled to learn that the Eloi were merely cattle (goyim) being herded by the subterranean Morlocks – an ugly breed using the Eloi for food and skins. Aghast, he attempted to arouse the Eloi into defending themselves against this evil predation. Of course, this man – not of their time – advocated violence and violence they eventually used. It was their path to freedom as it has always been for those Men of The North.

Don't ever be seduced into becoming any kind of Eloi.

by Robert Frenz

14 August 1998