by Robert Frenz

10 March 1998

Most of the items in the local super-market simply cannot be called "victuals," that is, food fit for human consumption. Most are products designed for (1) profit, (2) shelf-life and (3) taste appeal. The people in the food business have long ago established that Americans will buy, and eat, anything providing it is cheap and tasty. This foolishness on the part of the consumer, plus mongrelization, has produced health problems on a vast scale and Hillary the Red's communist health schemes will not change one thing. It shall get worse.

My mother died when I was young; father had lost his job, and so my family moved in with my grandparents. They had a decent sized piece of rural land and a large house with eight bedrooms. I remember the food well!

Spring, summer and fall, were the times when most of our food came from vines, bushes and trees or were yanked out of the ground. We never cultivated lettuce because it was mostly water and we had a fine natural spring anyway. We ate eggs regularly along with pieces of beef, chicken and pork. We drank much milk which was usually warm since it was fresh from the cows. Often, my oldest sister and I would be placed in charge of the butter churn. In the fall, pheasant hunting provided a great quality of meat. There were also rabbits, woodchucks, squirrels, and an occasional deer which added to the meat supply. During the fall, my grandmother and aunt canned nearly everything from beef to tomatoes. Squash, melons, cucumbers, and such, were painted with paraffin and stored in the earth cellar. We were never short of food at any time.

"Purp" was one of our two talented dogs. (He lived to be 18 subsisting almost totally upon the rabbits he killed.) Grandmother, being neither a christian nor a marxist, had no qualms about getting rid of non-producers and free-loaders. She knew very well which chickens laid how many eggs. When the desire for a chicken dinner arose, the chicken who failed to carry its weight was the one we ate. The process was a simple one. "Grams," as we called her, merely pointed to the targeted chicken and said "Purp, get." Purp would quickly crush that chicken's neck in his jaws and bring it to grandmother who finished the process.

We never talked about vitamins, minerals, calories and all of that. Vegetable oils were unknown to us since all frying and baking was done with butter and lard. The "tired" lard was used for soap making. We did not consume much grain. That was for the livestock. We used some wheat flour, of course, and that came from our stone mill and we ate it: bran, flour, stone bits, ground-up bugs, and all. We used oats on occasion which were rolled flat underneath a heavy stone cylinder. At one time, grandmother gave us a project: take some oats; get rid of the hulls; flatten the grains with a mallet; and then cook up your own rolled oats – now called oat meal, for some odd reason. Whole wheat, and barley grains were often soaked overnight in water, and then cooked up for the morning's "bowl." That about summarizes what food was to us.

Our farm life was a total experience in reality. If you failed to heed the actions of the bull, the grasshoppers, or the clouds above, you would receive a harsh lesson in failure. Today, this beautiful sense of contact appears to have been lost along the way. We've become jew-dazed. No one ever seems to "learn" anything unless it comes from a book. Books are simply records of someone else's notions which may have very well been the result of that person reading yet another's book of notions.

It has occurred to me, that the more a person concerns himself with "good nutrition," generally the worse off he is health wise. When someone offers to sell you a bottle of DHEA, a batch of amino acids, or some other "magic" supplement, do you really think that person is concerned about you personally? He is nothing other than a salesman eager to unload his wares.

I have a nephew who is a semi-professional body-builder. He operates his own Power Sports business and, with a set of massive muscles, he is a good advertisement for his gymnasium. I once asked for his opinion on the recent "expert" advice that one should drink 2 gallons of water per day. He thought that was funny and added that the only water he consumed came from the food he ate plus the 10 cups of coffee he consumed daily.

Most people eat because of two things: they are hungry or they crave something, like sweets, just for the taste's sake. When they go to purchase, they go cheap. Now, if we lived in an environment – like the one I grew up in – where there was nothing available other than fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, and so on, our taste would be the only guide we would need. (If this country only had "men" in it, there would be no bitches, witches, or other harpies wielding their crotches as weapons of submission.) In fact, my older sister never placed anything on her table which didn't fall into this category. Bread was rare and cakes were even rarer. Her one boy I previously mentioned and the two girls were not only attractive blonds but astoundingly athletic. While only 8th graders, they managed to whip senior high-schoolers – including the boys! – in virtually everything from running and swimming to volley ball. Patti was even called a bookworm. All of my family members were lean – not skinny!, – strong, and full of energy, which was usually consumed by pitching hay, carrying pails of milk, digging ditches, shoveling manure, and so on.

The years roamed by and my style of eating slowly changed. No longer did I expose myself to whatever was natural and simple. I started to visit the super-markets and eat their cookies, cakes and other concoctions which tasted good. I slowly started to get a band of fat around my waist which expanded into my hip region. It was an insidious creeping of blubber. I chalked it all up to an undemanding life and just getting older. I visited my sister, and a cousin, from time to time. They both were getting older and both were doing less physically, but neither had a "spare tire" like I had. The one thing I noticed was that they both were still eating much as they did those many years ago – simple and natural. They served no cakes, pies, nor puddings on their tables, and very little bread. All still loaded everything with butter; ate many eggs; and used lard for their frying. No one ever mentioned vitamins, minerals, calories, or even cholesterol. Perhaps there was something to be learned from all of this.

Butter (milk fat) is a natural product separated from whole milk. Lard (pig fat) is a natural product separated from the pig. Margarine ("invented" in France in 1862) is a chemist's nightmare and can, by no stretch of the imagination, be called natural, or even "vittles," for that matter. Criso, Spry, and other super-market cooking "fats" are artificial products – hydrogenated vegetable oils. Even the natural cooking oils, such as corn oil, are not a wise thing to use for a very good reason. When we eat whole corn, the fat/oil content is only 1 percent. When we eat a piece of the cow, the fat content is about 20 percent. The mother's milk we lived entirely upon as a baby, is about 5 percent fat. Our brains are 40 percent animal fat! Bio-chemically, we must consume fat in order to metabolize protein which is essential for body repair and growth. There is very little protein in corn, hence little fat. Biologically, we can handle far greater amounts of animal fat than we can vegetable oils. But look at the label on your next bag of super-market cookies. They are made with wheat starch, sugar, and vegetable oils and not a whole food product anywhere in the box. In addition, there is added a collection of chemicals designed for shelf-life and also to aid in the production lines. (Certain batches of glop just don't zip through the assembly line well without a good addition of edible glue and lubricant. Natural flavors usually fall by the wayside, hence the need to add some.)

Your body was designed by God – or evolved if you choose – to process only natural, and complete items. An egg not only contains every element necessary for the development of a complete bird, but it also contains every vitamin, mineral, and whatever, necessary for that egg to be used as a food by either man or raccoon. Take the fat out of an egg and you destroy the utilization of that egg's protein. The protein in "low-fat" milk is totally wasted and ends up in the toilet.

One never increases the nutritional value of a food by taking food out of it, as in the current progression: whole milk, 2 percent milk, 1 percent milk, and skimmed milk. Without the fat, the calcium compounds in milk cannot be utilized efficiently. Eating chalk (Tums, or other forms of calcium carbonate) is no way to get calcium into your system. Eating rust (iron oxide) is not a way to introduce iron into your system since iron requires an organic acid (citric or tartaric) to give it a hand. Nearly 90 percent of all the minerals in Maureen Salaman's (a jewess featured on "christian" TV) Mineral-Rich potion goes right into the toilet.

The anti-fat brigade only got into gear during the past half-century. All sorts of circulatory problems were popping up. "Sludge" was found forming in people's arteries. It was a bad news scene. Only a few people seemed to notice that the increase in heart related problems also coincided with the rise in consumption of margarine, and other vegetable oil concoctions. Our bodies were being subjected to volumes of materials which had no relation to things which were living. We were entering the assembly-line "laboratory food" age.

All food fads have their origin in industry profits! Natural animal fats are notorious for their ability to turn rancid. Products made with butter have an extremely short shelf-life as does anything made with whole wheat and the like. That's bad for profits. In recent years, this tendency has been slowed by the additions of preservatives. Preservatives are little other than substances which counteract certain chemical reactions or, at least, prevent lower forms of life from consuming it. As grandmother used to say, "Bugs won't eat store bought bread." One jerk fed his dog entirely on "store bought" bread because it was cheap and the animal would eat it. (Starving animals will eat anything!) The poor critter was dead in one month.

No human can survive long, nor even retain optimum health, without the consumption of animal products. Only the brain-washed would restrict their diets to fruits and vegetables. It's permissible to avoid steaks, and such, as long as your diet includes some animal protein either as milk, eggs, or cheese. This is an established scientific fact which certain bird-brains seem to overlook in their desire to consume crates of celery and sea weed. The foolish nutritional fads of the young will absolutely show their effects in a decade or so.

Vegetables are the most expensive items we can consume, relative to food value. Tomatoes are 94 percent water! If we buy good tomatoes at $1.49 per pound, then we are paying $28.43 per pound for whatever "food" is contained therein – which ain't a whole lot. Ninety-four percent of the money spent on tomatoes is used for purchasing the water contained therein. Think about it. I can hear you say, "Yes, but we need those vitamins and minerals." "For what" I might ask?

"Fresh" fruits and especially vegetables are a health hazard in their own right. Much of our produce  comes from turd-world countries and nearly all of it is handled by turd-worlders – cheap labor you know! Turd-worlders have never been noted for cleanliness. Decades ago, when it was discovered how tuberculosis was spread, laws went into effect banning spitting on sidewalks, etc. This had less to do with esthetics than public health. Today, spitting is commonplace and those laws are not enforced. Perhaps this is because no one wants to be faced with "racism" charges. Look around you and observe who is doing all of the spitting and then remember that these types handle your fruits and vegetables as a matter of employment or grocery store habits. Turd-world habits have reduced this country from one of the cleanest in the world to one of the dirtiest with every ostensible White doing his, or her, best to imitate the filthy. After all, we are in this cesspool together.

Without protein, you die. Without fat, you cannot live. Fat is necessary to utilize protein. Look it up in any bio-chemistry book or ask some teacher of the subject. Fats are more easily assimilated by your body than are carbohydrates. One doesn't need carbohydrates for "energy." Fats are the body's primary fuel supply. That "spare tire" is an energy reserve and it isn't made up of carbohydrates either. Animal starch (glycogen) is stored in your liver for a readily available fuel supply. You don't get energy from Ginsana, as Larry King states. Energy comes only from the burning of fuel. A quick shot of honey will do more for an instant energy burst than will a crate of Larry King and his jewish baloney. (Did you ever notice the disproportionate number of jews in the food advice business? That alone should put anyone on his guard.)

I am not anti-supplement. If these were not extraordinary times, then you could forget everything about food except where to find it. However, in the desire to produce more food for fewer shekels, the quality has suffered severely. Nineteenth-century wheat had over double the amount of protein that is contained in our modern wheat. In our christian desire to maximize the number of hungry mouths, we feed every humanoid regardless of their potential to benefit any society. An open mouth instantly prompts the howl, "We can't let them starve." They get fed at our expense and they breed more of their kind, which in essence, means more hungry mouths. We feed. They breed. It's a recipe for a future calamity.

Most nutrition research, in places such as Tufts University in cooperation with Harvard and Cornell, is geared toward feeding this turd-world. Every extra batch of talking apes which hatch on this planet means fewer other forms of life from the elephant to the eagle. This is the major cause for the decreased nutritional value of our foods – quantity at any price – and the ongoing disappearance of so many species. It will not continue much longer.

All commercially available foods are suspect but our choices are limited. It's as if we know that swamp water is not the greatest thing to drink in a time of thirst but it certainly beats not having any at all. In all of this, a working brain will be your greatest asset.

Did you ever eat wild strawberries? Or wild elderberries? Not only were they delicious but nutritionally they are superior to anything one can buy at Tony's food stand. Wild strawberries are small and grow slowly. Not much profit here. California strawberries, and now those coming from Georgia, are little more than a sweet blob of water. They are grown for size, the rapidly of harvest and the fact that they don't bruise easily during shipment.

Everyone is "in shape" for whatever they usually do. If you spend your day watching the jew-tube, then you are "in shape" for just that. If you work hard digging ditches for the power company, then you are in shape for doing that plus, being in shape to watch the jew-tube. The more physical your life becomes, the more things you become in shape for. The problem comes when some couch potato decides to quickly shovel his driveway. In this case, it is common for some circuit to go blooey. That's a good reason to engage in constructive efforts such as weight-training. I said "training" and not lifting. Leave the ego competitive business to someone else. There have been more back problems, and blown gaskets, coming from this one source than from all of the others. Be slow, casual and concern yourself with your health instead of worrying about how you look to someone else. Nearly all of the body-building addicts have severe emotional problems and focus upon increasing the "crotch appeal" of their bodies.

Back on the farm, the boys did all sorts of things. We did pull-ups, climbed trees and carried a few large rocks from here to there, while building dams in the creek. We had a large creek and two ponds which were used for summer swims after the days chores were completed.

My uncle Karl lived to be 102 years old. He was always on the slight side and no one ever said he was an athlete but he was always in shape for what he did, which was usually nothing. He rarely ate anything other than the things which he grew and his meat was confined to his chickens. He viewed pastries, as did my father, as treats – something we ate on holidays and other special days. "Now that the wheat is in," my grandmother used to say, "I'll bake us a cake to celebrate." And so it was with what we called "sweets."

One's body is not as fragile as many would like us to believe. If it were, most of us would have succumbed years ago. (Most of any medical doctor's "success" is due to the body's amazing ability to recover from injury.) Again from grandmother: "We've all got to eat a peck of dirt a'fore we die." Yes, there's no harm in munching down a Hershey bar once in a while or even a Dairy Queen concoction. A few vegetable oil fried potato chips, on occasion, won't raise havoc with your body. A few brews, now and then, will not only add a bit of zest to one's life but provides some water and a sprinkle of vitamins as well. Hell, I even partake of a cigar about every 4 months or so. Remember that each and every fistful of concocted, or unnatural, stuff you pop into your mouth, is an assault upon your body's chemistry. It must be given a chance to "get cleaned out," as it were. It takes as much as four days for your body to get over one tablespoon of ingested margarine. I could go on with numerous other examples.

When this country was sane – back in the days when it was a White run country – we had no need to spend much time concerning ourselves with what went into our mouths since usually the only things available were solid life-forms in their own right. This then, is the only advice I can leave you with. If it wasn't once alive, then don't eat it. Eat the whole of anything, just as it grows. That means whole wheat and apples with the skins. Avoid super-market goodies as much as possible and minimize your consumption of anything which is separated from the whole like wheat flour and cane sugar. Eat as close to the source as possible. A fresh picked apple is better than one which has been on the shelf for a week. Both are great, but one is slightly better. In fact, it also tastes better. Above all, use your brain remembering that you are never free to dictate to Nature what is good for you. Pop a vitamin tablet once in a while if you feel that you've wandered a bit from the good path. A woman in the need of iron would do well with a tablespoon of black-strap molasses once or twice a month. It's very hard to overdo the ingestion of any vitamin or mineral as long as it comes from whole foods.

I had always been accustomed to great food all of the time. Once I was drafted into the Army, I was exposed to something called "breakfast" which was slightly repulsive. I stopped having breakfast. In fact, some of the things served at other times I hardly could recognize. Those that were recognizable, tasted horrible. I gave up "mess hall" (appropriately named!) eating for a while and lived on candy bars purchased at the PX (post exchange). I started losing weight and energy in spite of the extremely high carbohydrate content of my diet. The first time I got a pass, I went to a restaurant in Richmond and ordered a large steak. That did the trick. What a great feeling of "energy" I then had. One simply cannot dismiss the need for animal protein. A steak has "staying power." A huge salad leaves you hungry in about an hour. And why not? What you are eating is about 95 percent water!

My mother, as much as I remember, put milk into everything. Carrots were served in hot milk and topped with butter. So were peas and lima beans. Milk was mixed into the potatoes and a glass full was always at the front of the plate. "Drink milk," my grandfather said, "it'll make your complexion as smooth as a baby's ass." I did and it did.

I read recently that a few odd women from Pennsylvania decided to feed their infants with low-fat cow's milk. They apparently were convinced that human milk was bad for humans and that anything containing fat was worse yet. Needless to say, the infants nearly died. Are Americans so stupid that they allow the fad purveyors to have their way without question? How can any woman, with breasts filling with milk, decide that Nature really doesn't know what's best and then decide to take drugs to stop all mammary gland action plus following this with stuffing a plastic nipple into the helpless child's mouth? The child sucks and gets a load of some "formula" which is so inferior to the natural product that, to anyone with a brain, it needs no further comment. (To the young men: If your intended wife is opposed to breast feeding, then it's time to push her head into a toilet and pull the handle. After that, look for someone else. Your gonads won't know the difference. To the young women: If your intended husband is more interested in you retaining a glamorous body, for his enjoyment, than in providing his future children with the very best, then shove his head into the toilet and pull the handle. After that, look for someone else. Your future children deserve it.)

The path to good nutrition is simple, effortless and very satisfying. The only requirement is what the Straw Man (Burt Lehr) in the Wizard of Oz used to sing, "If I only had a brain."

I'd like to finish with a comment upon what was sent to me from an admirer of a certain revisionist. The odd thing is that this particular revisionist believes little of what the jews say about WWII, but apparently believes everything they say concerning nutrition. He pays a lot of money for "spring water" which comes in bottles. Those bottles are plastic and every chemist knows that plasticizers leach from all plastic containers into their contents. Recently, a large university engaged in medical research traced their contamination problems – which caused massive damage to the organisms they were culturing – to the plastic petri dishes which were substituted for the old glass (melted sand) dishes.

Someone apparently scared this revisionist chap into believing that tap water was full of poisonous chlorine, deadly fluorine and probably ground-up Nazis. Jews, if you remember, believe that shower heads also spout poisonous things. He also started eating the faddish yogurt which has long since been bastardized into just another super-market concoction.

Years ago, when a few old farts about 110 years old, were discovered playing with themselves in the Caucus mountains, the explorers wondered why they were so old (and skinny). They found that these people ate yogurt, and buwallah! another fountain of youth was discovered. Thus began the yogurt nonsense, which Mr. Revisionist fell for, hook, line and pocketbook. Here is some of the gunk he calls food: lipoic acid, chromium picolinate, co-enzyme Q10, creatine monohydrate, DHEA (DiHydroEpiAndropsterol), ginko bilboa, phosphatidylserine, pregnenolone, piracetam, progesterone, dimethylglycine (DMG), potassium aspartate, and many others. His breakfast table must look like a chemist's closet. The quacks that push this stuff are also recommending drinking small quantities of hydrogen peroxide (antiseptic and hair bleach) and one jew even recommends using it for injection into your bloodstream! All are "miracle" products and if that is true, I'd soon expect this revisionist to start re-believing in the Holocaust as David Cole did. Question the Holocaust? This revisionist apparently does. Question this batch of nutritional advice? Never! Also, did you ever notice how many "health" substances, such as linseed oil, are also available at the local paint store?

His claim to the efficacy of his miracle regimen is that he lost 30 pounds and feels better on a diet of green peppers, water cress, cucumbers and lettuce. He won't feel better for much longer once his excess of body fat is burned up. I'd wager my testicles on a bet that the 30 pounds of body weight loss was more than just fat. It also was partly a loss of muscular tissue – if I can assume that the description of his diet was accurate where he claims to have reduced his consumption of animal protein. The heart is a muscle and losing heart muscle is a quick path to Nirvana. Many starved people fall victim to heart failure.

One either gains weight, loses weight, or stays the same. Staying the same means little more than an equilibrium. If you gain weight, then you are accumulating body tissue. This could be from bone growth, muscle growth, fat accumulation or some combination thereof. A non-fat person can lose weight. It's called starvation. Some fat people can also starve even though they think they are eating "healthy." When one tries to lose fatty tissue, he must maintain a very high level of protein intake to ward off some of the muscle loss. Coupled with this, it is essential to place physical demands upon the muscles in order to encourage them to increase their bulk thus offsetting the tendency to lose muscle tissue during a period of starvation – which every weight-loss diet essentially is! Here, then, is a starving man who claims he will soon advise people on proper nutrition! Amazing. Starvation is more than merely being hungry. I get hungry on a regular basis but I am not starving.

When I entered the armed forces, I weighed 148 pounds. Beyond the arduous tasks which were required, I slipped in a few minutes each week doing curls and presses. When I was discharged, I weighed about 162 pounds wearing a size 40 "Ike" jacket and a size 28 pair of pants. I was in pretty good shape and managed to establish a "leg dip" record at Camp Pickett about the same time as some Corporal performed 1248 consecutive sit-ups. (I was paled into insignificance by this feat.) I was learning. I continued to experiment with myself and paid no heed to what the "experts" had to say since, invariably, they all had something to sell to me. No matter what bizarre diets I placed myself under, the best diet always came back to milk, meat and potatoes, with a vegetable or fruit tossed in for variety.

When I was 14, I contracted spinal meningitis which left me paralyzed on my right side. I was told I'd be that way for the rest of my life and would never walk again. I remember my family crying when this statement was made. When the doctor left the room, I said under my breath, "F--k you!" Later on, I came into contact with a person who was recovering from infantile paralysis, now known as polio. His legs just dangled from his body. Together, our fathers would take us to the local YMCA where we used the pool and weight room with a vengeance. Aryans are miserable sons-of-bitches when they meet obstacles! To make the story short: six years later I was in the Army and Bob went on to become a Major in the Marine Corp. At the time, promotions were based upon merit and not on skin color. (When merit is applied, segregation naturally follows.) So, you see, I am not spouting some bit of blather I read in a book. On occasion though, I do sound off especially when I see some load of hogwash being pedaled to the unsuspecting.

Keep it simple. Compare it to what works in the natural world. Never forget that any healthy life must conform to what has been established. Man, that is, White man, has achieved tremendous heights in the non-life world. We see this in jet aircraft, rockets and communication systems. Man is god in this domain but he shall never become a god in God's domain – life itself. A successful species is one in tune with Nature and not a group like christians, jews, muslims, etc., which are in deadly opposition to it. Their time is coming to a close and let's pray that we have enough courage, foresight, and perseverance, not to go down with them.