by Robert Frenz

1 August 2000

Anyone can say – and even teach – anything and anyone can have that anything printed somewhere. If someone says something, or it's in a book, that does not necessarily make it true. We are taught at a very early age that if we behave as parrots, life goes on more smoothly. Who really wants to question what a teacher presents? That leads to conflict and usually lower grades. When we question authority, we often live to regret it.

A student earning an "A" often has his ego stroked and he smiles believing that he really knows something. But the "A" only represents his regurgitation of what was presented. If what was presented was as worthless as a decayed tomato, then what does that tell you about the "A"? It is also worthless.

People parade their high grades as some tart would her bracelets and baubles, or some affluent male with his new car. It's all merely show for some of the most stupid – and I mean this relative to solving life's problems – people I have ever encountered were those who earned high grades, and had diplomas hanging from their rears. The working man often can solve a problem which eludes the college man simply because he is a keen observer of cause and effect. He needs no gravitational theory to tell him what would happen if he leaped off a ten story building. If he kicks a bull in the testicles, he needs no knowledge of nerve density, momentum, or the genealogy of the bovine target, to predict the outcome. Highly educated people ALWAYS rely upon their background – their indoctrination – for answers. In a sense, they are bigots who refuse to examine anything unless it is within a framework of some batch of "experts", experts who always seem to disagree – otherwise there would not be so many damned THEORIES floating through the ether.

Spooky was the name of my midnight black cat. I fed Spooky whole milk, raw eggs, and expensive fish which he supplemented with a mouse once in a while. He was a large cat complete with glistening, silky fur and the ability to leap over tall chairs in a single bound. He was a beautiful animal and as healthy as can be. My early life on the farm taught me that when carnivores such as our cats and dogs, were fed fresh milk and eggs, the evidence of their robustness was easy to ascertain. I can still remember the taste of warm milk directly out of the milking pail.

A woman has breasts and regardless of which theory you believe, they are there for one main purpose: to provide food for her offspring. No one can dispute that her milk represents the epitome of nutrition for her young. No laboratory concoction – developed for the SOLE purpose of making money and not out of concern for babes in arms – will ever even come close. I take a very dismal view of women who stuff a plastic nipple into their child's mouth so that they might imbibe some mediocre imitation of liquid food. I further have no use for any man who supports such an outright denial of his child's right to the best nutrition possible. People who approve of this are either brain-washed or selfish to an extreme.

The elderly woman in the check-out line, glanced at my carton of milk clearly bearing the label "milk", not 2 percent, not 1 percent, not skimmed, but whole milk with all of its deadly 4 percent fat. "That," she cried in a helpful way, "is full of fat and that's not good for you." "How do you know," I asked. From that point on I heard little other than gossip, hearsay and the supposed testimony of "experts" which generally was in the nonsense category. Let me say a bit about the three-letter F word – fat.

Years ago, bran was the focus of the commercial hype. This was based upon a study of a Black African tribe which had virtually no colon cancer. They ate quite a bit of roughage and so the Ph.D.s came up with the idiotic connection that eating broom bristles, ground up straw (Metamucil) which provided "bulk", was the secret to preventing cancer of the colon. The study failed to mention that this particular tribe also had the HIGHEST rate of stomach cancer found in Africa.

The "fat" studies, which attempted to link fat consumption with heart and other problems were already done during the Third Reich. It is interesting to note that all of those evil Nazi doctors also established the connection between smoking and lung cancer way back in the middle 1930s. The connection was between assembly-line fats and heart faults, that is, hydrogenated whatchamacallit such as Crisco, margarine and other crap which only starving rats would consume. Warnings were all over but the government, in cohorts with certain lobbies, went along, and even promoted, the sales push for "just as good as butter" yellow axle grease. It has been doing it for decades. Junk food – and that means about 90 percent of everything in a super market – is big business and big business doesn't like milk fat (butter). It goes rancid in a short time. The next time you happen to be staring off into space, ask yourself where all of that missing milk fat is going.

Human milk, being perfect for humans, contains about 1.1 percent protein, 7.3 percent carbohydrate and 4.0 percent fat. This ratio is also perfect and ANY alteration in the ratio renders it less than perfect. This also goes for ANY and ALL substances we call food. Fat, carbohydrate and protein, as found in natural foods, are in balance and if one could eat an orange – where the vitamin C was extracted – one day and then ingest the extracted Vitamin C on the next, he would not be receiving the FULL nutritional benefit of that orange. (The polar expeditions of Scott and Amundsen demonstrated that a natural source of vitamin C – dog meat – could prevent scurvy whereas drug store potions could not.) The metabolism of protein requires carbohydrate and fat and if you take the fat out of milk then most of the protein is NOT utilized as such. Much of the protein is burned as fuel and the nitrogen component ends up as ammonia (urea) in the urine. Furthermore, even though the laboratory analysis indicates no change in calcium content, "low fat" milk does not supply the same level of calcium as does whole milk. Eating "Tums" (flavored chalk) is no way to introduce calcium into the body anymore than is rust as a source of iron. Carbohydrates are the LEAST valuable of the three and this is exactly what the "experts" recommend you stuff yourself with. It's your ticket – get fat, weak and sick. Vitamins are kissing cousins relative to legal drugs. Pushing them means means great profits. If you are vitamin depleted then a tablet is not the answer. Why not try using your God-given brains instead of blindly following the advice of those who need YOUR GULLIBILITY as an avenue for THEIR INCOME.

While I am on this tangent, let me remark that "veggies" just don't hack it in any department. They are pleasant to eat but very expensive, if that's an issue. If you take the water and unusable cellulose out of tomatoes, for example, you'll find that you are paying over $50 per pound for whatever 'nutrition' you think you've availed yourself of. Plants supply incomplete proteins relative to all carnivores and also humans. If you don't eat some animal products, then don't expect a healthy old age. Amino acids for animal protein not only repair and build muscle tissue, they are essential for the production of agents necessary for the elimination of most body toxins. Looking trim does not indicate health nor does it give any indication of muscle tone which runs parallel with strength. Often what we notice in older people are the symptoms of slow starvation – scrawny, weak and listless.

Now that it is nearly impossible to buy whole milk in a restaurant, and the public thoroughly indoctrinated, "the boys" are at it again. Now, the benefits of milk AS A WHOLE are being questioned. Perhaps it is not a very good source of anything worthwhile. (There's oodles more profit in selling health destroying Pepsi!) As kids, we noticed that the milk drinkers usually had skins which looked "like a baby's ass" – smooth, supple and free of blemish, and hair which was as silky as can be.

The milk consumption of a baby mammal dwindles until the time we say it is weaned. This does not indicate that milk no longer is a fit food, but that weaning is one of natural necessity. (Herbivores even start their lives living on animal protein!) No woman's breasts, even if they qualify as udders, can keep up with the demand a growing child makes upon them. Milk is a secretion and the nipples are not connected to some pipe leading to a bottomless reservoir. There comes the time when the nipples cannot supply milk fast enough. Thus we often observe the young calf, or deer, butting against its mother's teats.

We hear all sorts of baloney such as "lactose intolerance" used as an argument against the consumption of milk. Lactose intolerance is a MALFUNCTION of someone's body and you'll find such disposed people carrying about other disabilities as well. "Allergies" put the blame upon dog dander, pollen and what not, but allergies only indicate a physical DEFECT in the one so afflicted. Keep in mind that over 55 percent of our population has defective EYESIGHT. (The main cause of nearsightedness is the inheritance of narrow eye sockets. The eyeballs are forced to accommodate to that shape since the bone will not be moved easily. We also see people who inherited small jaws and large teeth – not a pretty nor functional arrangement. And you think all will be well in the copulation department as long as it feels good? Nature will not agree and the sins of the parents will be visited upon the child appearing as mental and physical abnormalities.) We are a very weak and sick society and the rate of increase of maladies and disease is about triple the birth rate and one must smoke hashish in order to believe that medical "science" will ultimately rescue us from our insane practice of destroying a time-proven, and stout, genetic make-up by race-mixing and/or eating profitable concoctions which would make any righteous god vomit.

An ounce of prevention has always been worth a ton of cure but prevention requires a backbone – something ZOG never wishes its subjects to acquire, or possess without duly registering with the BATF.

Profit will always subdue quality in any society, where greed is its primary drive, and that seems to be the American hang-up. People will buy anything, and eat it, if it is cheap and sports a label claiming it is nutritious. Those offering the claims are those who want to sell it to you. Such a deal. But crap is crap and adding vitamins to it changes nothing.

How many have noticed that since this "low fat" craze started, people have been getting fatter and weaker? To the man with a working brain, he could conclude that the advice was faulty without ever knowing anything about amino acids, glycerides or the number of hairy warts on Madelaine Albright's fanny. As for me, I will walk down the hall past the apartment door of "easy make" Beverly, who plays AIDS roulette on a regular basis, take the elevator down and then walk to nearest empty bench where I will drink a whole quart of whole milk with all of its whole life-threatening fat.