by Robert Frenz – 8 FEB 98

While at university, I approached a well-endowed young lady who happened to be checking people in and out of one of our swim meets. Her name was Laurie Altman and so I introduced myself as Bruce Friedman. Since I was not African or Asian, I thought this would suffice. Laurie immediately burst into laughter with, "Who do you think you are kidding?"

I reflected upon this some 40 years later while reading some blightwing "racist" material. To people who supposedly knew that jews were the cause of all their problems, I was amazed that none of them could tell you what a jew was and clearly none of them could point one out on the street. It wasn't that simple, I suppose. The question wouldn't leave my mind: "If the jews can recognize a non-jew on sight then why couldn't a White racist recognize a jew on sight?" It is obvious to me that jews really have an edge in this department. In other words, their general intelligence seems to be on a higher level than it does for the "supremacists." There seems to be something basic here and although blightwingers like to blame the jews, the fault really lies within themselves. It's easy to observe.

Over the years, in my teaching experience, I've had a liberal sprinkling of varied types of students. Since mathematics was the subject, I never saw a Black. My courses were not on the required list. Anyway, there existed a disturbing difference between my perceived views of the typical jewish students and the typical White student.

White fathers love to see their sons playing street hockey and White mothers love to tote their boys from one soccer game to the other. Their daughters train at Judo, or some other foolishness – dead-pan Chuck Norris and his 360-degree pirouettes comes to mind – and the goal seems to be popularity and "show biz" success. On the other hand, I have never seen one set of jewish parents encourage their offspring in anything other than pure academics. They place an astounding value upon education ("Hymie, you are going to be a doctor!") and this is reflected in the classroom. One section comes to mind.

Sidney was jewish and ranked, relative to that group, somewhere about the 85-percentile mark. The more intelligent boys were content to play "macho man" in front of the girls who, with the exception of the two jewish girls, were busy playing with their lipstick, fondling their hair and rubbing their thighs together. At the local sports get-togethers, the machos and their giggling-female worshippers swooned, gyrated, and generally behaved like a pack of African wild dogs returning home from a hunt. This one class had seven jews in it and I never saw one of them at any of these "whoopee" sports sessions. They were home studying.

Sidney (not his real name) came into my life again when he popped up as a Supreme Court jurist. He was effectively "running" much of the city. One other former student – Sarah – became a part of the top-level administration at a well-known Ohio university. My two brightest students never went on to control anything. They became salaried employees of a jewish-run engineering/electronic concern. This, I think, tells most of the story: Whitey, the f*ck-off, DESERVES to be working for the jew. Patronage, of course, has always existed but examine the school/work behavior of jews and Whites. Our problems sprout from an absolute bizarre attitude towards learning – learning anything – which is pandemic amongst White people. (Why do I have to learn this?) Is it any wonder that Asians are excelling in our universities? When Whitey looks for the easy way out, then he'll be replaced by people who are willing to work! Although some very hard-working Whites get the old "jew-screw" when it comes to employment opportunities, one must never forget that it was White people who allowed this condition to materialize in the first place.

Although not discovered until later, I noticed that my university "bull sessions" were moving in the direction of being jewish by population. I frankly got tired of conversations involving who played "bury the wiener" last night or who could do the fastest five-laps in the pool. As I sought out people who were interested in topics, and not personalities, I slowly discovered that I was in the middle of the Zuckermans, Wirzups, Goulinskys and Bergashes.

It is a sad thing when a people as gifted as the Whites are – especially the German element – appear not to have the requisites, nor desire, to run their own country. I prefer to have all of the jews shipped to Israel, or Madagascar, and live in a White-run society. From what I have seen, however, to replace the jews with our current batch of "good-time Charleys" and Internet nitwits, would be a disaster which would far exceed any imagined hurt engendered by the jews who now infest all levels of power in this land. Until the so-called Whites finally start acting like real Aryans, I shall continue to mutter, and complain, full-well knowing that the jews have only filled the massive void left by the vacating White people.