by Robert Frenz

"Inquisition" has come to mean some horrific tribunal action taken against citizens whose opinions might be at variance with established dogma, usually of a religious nature. Although this is usually tied to Catholic Popes, the protestants, with their Luthers and Calvin, were no less murderous, although quantity-wise their evil wasn't as extensive. Heresy was usually the nucleus of such episodes and witch-hunting was enjoyed by all as a sort of variant.

Witches were women who were supposed to have supernatural powers and obtained these powers by copulating with the devil. Skin blemishes were marks which so indicated. Thus, a woman accused, was stripped naked and examined for any skin imperfections which indicated her points of contact with the devil. This devil aspect was at the basis of the religious nature of the prosecution. Just to be sure, all bodily hair was removed – no area was exempt – and the inquisitors even minutely examined the folds of the victim's vulva. Even slight deviations of the strictly female parts were suspect. Once a blemish was found, it was stabbed with a device similar to an ice-pick to determine whether pain was present – the devil protects his own from pain. Thus was raised a whole guild of "witch-prickers," paid only when they discovered a witch. Necessity, being the mother of invention, demanded that there be an increased number of witches. A retractable prick was soon invented which may have been the fore-runner of today's device which is used to lance a finger painlessly so that the blood would flow in order to secure a sample for testing. The pricker, after painfully drawing blood from several spots on the woman's body, would then use the spring-loaded prick to painlessly plunge the needle into the victim thus ensuring the collection of his fee. ("Prick" is still used in England to denote such instruments and the American can readily ascertain its connection to the slang term. The religious, during those days, often used their protuberances as the "pricks" prior to using those made out of steel.)

The woman, after the discovery and probing of her "devil's marks," was then sentenced to another ordeal which was used as final proof. Naked, her thumbs and large toes were tied together and she was tossed into a body of water. If she floated, it was proof that she was a witch since it was obvious that the water "rejected" her as assuredly as she must have rejected the water of baptism. Thus proven guilty, she was burned alive, often following her sexual rape by the "holies" of the church. If the woman sank, and drowned, she was thus proven innocent of the charge and a Bishop would hold special services for her soul – not a trivial thing in those enlightened and civilized days.

My point is not the disgusting details of these horrible practices, which are described in many books, but to indicate the power of accusation which often moves mobs into bizarre realms. Just as Blacks are only a few generations removed from the jungle, the White folks are only a few generations removed from Salem. These thoughts occurred to me as I watched the short TV clip involving Matt Hale, a person denied admission to the Illinois Bar due to his beliefs. (If he weren't White, then not much would have been held against him, whether rape, animal sacrifice or sodomy.)

The scenario is thus: A finger is pointed, a shriek is heard and someone is accused of being a "racist," as in the case of Mr. Hale. Any person accused in this manner is required to act as if he were already indicted in some criminal matter. He must therefore "prove his innocence" – contrary to established American jurisprudence – or confess to being guilty. To Mr. Hale's credit, he plead guilty but the "jury" would have fried him anyway, as in any witch-hunt. Here again is a parallel to those European Inquisitions, where no defence is allowed simply because it would only be the devil speaking and we already know what he is about, don't we Adolf?

It is becoming a very dangerous time here in occupied America. One screech about sexual harassment or child-molesting can get a man dragged up before some hearing or the other, fired from his job, or at least, stoned by some mob of low-IQ harpies. However, I am beginning to get the feeling that these terms of abuse are somehow being taken as corollaries to "racist" with "Nazi," which often appears as a synonym. Do Nazis/racists abuse children? Oh, yeah. Do Nazis/racists abuse women? Oh, yeah. What the hell, Sarah, it's all evil ain't it? And if it's evil, they are probably doing it. If they ain't, then we should get rid of them before they do. Such is the mental state of contemporary America.

A racist is anyone who believes that heredity is a determining factor in character and ability, and furthermore, believes axiomatically that races can be ranked on some scale thus placing a particular race uppermost.

To the psychological misfortune of many, certain individuals do better in physics than others. A statistical analysis reveals that what we know as the White race has an higher proportion of those better types than do the other races. As a group, Whites are superior in this field. To point this out, is, of course, a "racist" remark as is the fact that "terriers yap more than dalmatians" is a "breedist" remark even though no dog ever uttered it.

We are in the beginning of a witch-hunt which very well may get more severe as time goes by. I don't think it will reach an extreme, simply because demographics are going to change things unexpectedly in manners yet un-imagined. Even as this is being written, the state of California has removed "Black History Month" from its calendar in response to hordes of Mexicans bellowing about unequal representation relative to recognition. Since we are living in a land governed by mobs, it behooves all White people to get up off their tails and follow the examples of our cherished, and catered to, special "minorities."

Suppose you are accused of being a racist. If you are not, then do not demean yourself by sniveling, and begging forgiveness for being responsible for someone thinking that. If you are one – and hopefully a White one – then admit it in confidence, smile and go your merry way, that is, if the great un-washed hordes don't pummel you to death first. Always keep in mind that the blood-thirsty savages want blood, as long as it is not theirs. You'll never earn their "love" but you sure as hell can make them respect you, as many young White men are doing today.

17 February 1999