A few weeks ago, I posed a question and made a few flat statements to several White "racist" groups. I suggested that if one wanted to be a racist then the first thing he should get clear in his mind was what constituted a race in the first place. Additionally, I asked for guidelines as how to tell one race from the other and what means were available to spot those of mixed ancestry. This seemed to me to be a rather reasonable request. If one is to use terms such as Aryan, Jew, Mestizo, etc. then it appeared logical to me that one should be able to define that of which he conversed. Perhaps I was asking too much.

When nouns are substituted for nouns in any framework, the logical structure remains even though the factual nature might change. In what appeared to be the most coherent of the responses I received, I am repeating it here with a few substitutions. Beagle was substituted for Aryan; chihuahua for non-Aryan; mongrel for race-mixed, etc. The drift of the inquiry was shunted in the direction of determining the best dog for hunting rabbits among the variety: chihuahua, beagle and mongrel.

Keeping in mind that my inquiry concerned only how to tell a chihuahua from a beagle and those from a mongrel, I used the aforementioned liberty of substitution and received this reply of which I deemed the most lucid:

This is why we do not use kennel descriptions for breed.

Kennel borders mean very little in a modern air travel world.

When we speak in generalities we get trapped.

Beagles are all over the world.

Chihuahuas are also.

Chicago today has more mongrels than many cities in the area of Florida.

Los Angeles has more chihuahuas than many South Dakota cities.

So let's judge them the way we see individuals and their parents no matter where they come from.

Also, a beagle with 1/16 mix may be a better hunter of rabbits than a liberal dog from Ohio that is a perfect beagle specimen.

Another example could be Eric's main dogs.

Only one was a beagle and it turned out to be the weakest link in the pack.

If we degenerate into a capitalist kennel squabble we will be like the artificial chicken coops that continually war over eggism.

The right wing is prone to this trap.

We must rise above it into PAN BEAGLEISM.

* * * * * * * * * * *

OK, my friends, please point out to me where in the above response are there hints as how to tell a chihuahua from a beagle? Is there some sort of blight-wing code of which I am unfamiliar?

My point is well taken: There is not one blight-wing racist group in this country which has the foggiest notion of racial characteristics nor the ability to even recognize their own kind or those not of their kind. This is why two-thirds of all White racist menageries contain people who are not White. It is any wonder they are on the losing end of the stick?

I have my own rules for this determination and will grant that they might well be unfounded. However, this detracts in no way from my ability to answer my own question. I guess I'd be a very poor blight-wing racist.

Robert Frenz

3 April 1998