7 February 1998

Politics, like comedy, depends for success largely upon timing. Now appears to be the time to keep one's powder dry and to duck when stuff starts to fly. Form will follow function. If Whitey sees the need for organization, then he will heed the organizer's message. We saw what happened on the Titanic when the lifeboats we launched 'prematurely', for most of the asses could not see the need for such. When they finally did see, the boats were gone, and it was much too late. I guess that's Nature's way of dealing with the stupid and slow-witted.

I've considered the concept of "leaderless resistance", and I note some major problems. The Whites survived the Matabele Rebellion in Southern Rhodesia only because some Black units attacked Whites prematurely, thus allowing them to spread the alarm and concentrate their forces. Had there been discipline, as well as leadership, the Whites would have been wiped out all at once, by the placement of superior forces. The principal drawback to leaderless resistance is that a real good punch may be telegraphed in advance to the enemy. Had The Order used its resources on strategic targets, they would have been much more effective, and they would have survived a lot longer. General Wolfe, who captured Quebec, would have been defeated if one of his soldier's muskets had been fired too soon. Everyone must do all he can do, but we'd all be more effective if we had an order of priorities, and we could co-ordinate our efforts, which is impossible for blight-wingers.