14 MAR 98.

Dear Robert:

re: "The Neutralizers", E. told me what happened when Messrs. Swift and Comparet introduced their version of 'true Judaism' into the ranks of the conservative blightwing. Everyone started Bible-banging at one another, when they weren't burying arms and ammo in the boondocks. Swift claimed that the Red Chinese Army was marching at that very moment through the states of Washington and Oregon! This was back in the 1950s or early 1960s. A few years ago, some Swiftian bunkers were discovered in the Mojave Desert. The ZOG naturally confiscated all the unused ammo and weaponry. According to some pamphlets found on site, the bunkers appear to be Swiftian in origin. Perhaps the blightwingers were planning to leaflet each other's bunkers while they awaited the imminent Chinese attack.

I understand how tempting it must be to use The Big Sky Jew as an excuse for avoiding the hard and unromantic work of recruiting people to any cause. By becoming a 'true-jew', one can indulge one's military fantasies in the bush. After all, political relevance is not required of one who believes in the Magical Sky Jew who will break all of Nature's rules, and solve every blightwinger's perceived problems, just as each and every one of them desires.

As the man-determined year 2000 approaches, we can expect more and more craziness from all sorts of jews, including the true ones, whoever they may be. It will be increasingly difficult to reason with featherless bipeds who are undergoing a 'fervor frenzy'. When the year 2002 A.D. (After Deception) arrives, with the niggers still niggerizing and the jews still jewing, the Japs japping, etc. lots of Armageddonists will have to sober up and resume waiting for Jesus ben Yahweh to achieve his Third Coming. Anyone who deems himself White and believes this messianic malarkey not only makes me nervous, it makes me feel like barfing. White people have no business aping the religions of Semites, Blacks or Asians. No wonder we are in our present dire straits as a race. To seek our remedies in Judaism is much like using gasoline to put out a fire.

The 'magical' year 1000 was likewise a time of Great Expectations for jew-huggers, who gave away their possessions, planted no crops and supposedly had no children, for The End Time was a-comin', Lawdy, Lawdy. So good is the Doomsday Racket, that some Christ-eaters can't resist predicting Armageddon in between millennia. Major kook-groups like the Jehovah's Witnesses and the 7th Day Adventurers have repeatedly predicted The End of the World, only to be tricked again and again by devious old Yahweh. To overcome these repeated disappointments, crazed Jesus Juice Junkies want to FORCE the matter, by having a war in the Middle East. Armageddonists, Zionists and doomsday cultists of every stripe have made an unholy alliance with the righteous fornicator of the White House, in the fond hope that Slick Willy will get Armageddon going, a.s.a.p. The real jews, i.e. those who say they are jews, look like jews and behave like jews, are in a position to command an all-out U.S. intervention on behalf of 'Greater Israel', but they will need to make up their minds before the 'magical' year arrives on the Christian calendar. It must be embarrassing for zionist jews to know that they must go by the Christian calendar, and not their own. Perhaps the jewish equivalent or year which corresponds to 2000 or 2001 A.D. also has some talmudic significance. Well, if it doesn't, the jews will think something up.

Kosher cowboys who favor broad-brims over dinky sheenie-beanies (the artificial foreskin which jews and popes place on their heads) also long for THEIR messiah's first-time appearance. To achieve this, however, certain magical requirements must be fulfilled, one of them being the 'reconstruction' of the legendary and perhaps mythical Temple of King Solomon, the ruins of which have not so far been located. The present Temple ruins, including the Wailing Wall, were built by the Romans for their Judean satraps, as were the ruins beneath them. The slaves of the 'true-jews', the so-called Freemasons, long for the 'rebuilding' of the Temple, as do the orthodox jews and the Christian Armageddonists. Naturally, the Moslem holy site, upon which stands the Al Aqsa Mosque, must be levelled for the intended 'reconstruction'. This demolition would be sufficient cause for a 'holy war' on the part of the entire Moslem world, as would the destruction of Mecca and/or Medina. Who knows? Perhaps Armageddon will bring to earth everyone's messiah, for the first, second or third times. Dr. Revilo P. Oliver was correct in inquiring if there was intelligent life on Planet Earth.

The blightwing shows a particular dearth of brain-power, as well as good character. I am amazed to hear that someone is too scared to receive a copy of The Awakening via P.O. Box. I believe the Vikings called such creatures "skraelings", beings unworthy of pity, but only of contempt. Commander Rockwell wisely said that our skins will be our uniforms in the ongoing race war. There is no place to hide, White Man, so stop kidding yourself!

You drew a good parallel between Covington and McCalden, both of whom could be characterized as effective snoops and gossips. I would not be surprised if Pierce were to throw in the towel and make a real estate deal with the equally soulless and uninspiring David Duke. With 'revolutionaries' such as these, the ZOG need not worry in the least.

In regard to the latest Zündelian 'hobby', I think it is obvious to all who can see, while keeping their brains in operation, that Ernst sees himself as THE CAUSE. His own personal existence is the be-all, end-all of the so-called movement. I'm reminded of the jewess, Rosanne or Roseanne, whose daily life was made into a disgusting and tedious sitcom. Ernst is the blightwing equivalent, for the only thing he has to market is himself. I marvel that anyone would continue to support him in exchange for pages of personal trivia and trials. He appears to have discovered a niche in the market, which seems comprised of nosy blightwing masochists; probably a crowd of old women who also watch TV 'wrassling' for thrills. How low he has fallen from his high-flung rhetoric: "There is a world to be conquered together, or to be lost alone." Now he indulges himself in the field of alchemy, alias 'health foods', as if such magic were a substitute for a political organization. Perhaps he is too obtuse to realize what he has betrayed and whom. I cannot feel as sorry for Ernst as I am for his financial supporters. One day, he may ask for donations with which to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. It reminds me of Mattress Koehl's "building fund" promotions. Come on and build up my bank account! I'd say that his case is now hopeless, but certainly not serious. There was a full- page ad in The Wall St. Journal which showed an executive type, who actually resembled EZ to some extent. He peers dolefully into the camera, with a large red clown attachment on his nose. The caption reads: "You may see yourself as a martyr, but this is not necessarily the way others see you." Sad, but true. One of Ernst's ex-supporters wondered what EZ actually did, other than oversee the production of 2 monthly newsletters, one in German, the other in English. Is the rest of his time spent 'entertaining' his "ladyfriends"? Or, is his spare time taken up with the purchase and preparation of 'health food'? Another mystery. Perhaps Covington can one day inform us.

"Leaderless Resistance" is another great excuse for doing nothing, like the belief in the magical Sky Jew. Historically, effective resistance movements do have leaders, objectives, priorities, organization and discipline. Ineffective or nonexistent movements have few or none of the above. Perhaps the blightwing is fooled by this cop-out concept, but the ZOG is not. The enemy of Our Race can rest easy with opponents such as these.

Dr. Oliver noted a tendency for people to foreshorten the time in which some likely event were to occur, such as an openly-declared and acknowledged race war. Many political prophets assume that major events will occur shortly, or within their own life-times, but such events are often latecoming or not at all. I cannot and should not predict a likely event, such as the collapse of the Jew-Ess-Eh as occurring at a specific time. As one writer said of the Roman Empire, whose decline was prolonged, it was hard to determine the exact date upon which the Empire officially fell, but fall, it did. History often lacks the definition which historians seek to impose upon it, much like the 'order' and categories which natural scientists seek to impose upon lifeforms. One pundit stated, if I recall correctly, that no one believed the Roman Empire could fall, but when it did, no one cared. If Our Race survives another millennium, I predict that the passing of the United States will not be mourned. You wonder what its slave-owning founders would have said, were they told of their banishment from public places, in favor of names like Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mendacious et al. Begone, you honkey crackers! It reminds me of a good cartoon which showed a 'noble' Injun savage standing on the edge of a cliff, contentedly enjoying the view. From behind comes Uncle Sam. He shoves the Injun over the cliff and takes his place, only to be shoved over the cliff by a grinning hebe. Now the jew stands on the spot, thinking that he is master of all he surveys. Maybe not! Do I see a sly chink sneaking up behind him?

The Asianization of North America is continuing apace. The Injuns or Amerasians are growing in numbers, as are the mestizos who are part Asian, regardless of their anglo or hispanic names. In addition to this domestic increase, we have the growing invasion of the real Yellow Peril, right out of Asia proper. As you say, they are not coming here for freedom, but for freebies, by living off the fatheads of the land: the White taxpayers.

The jewsmedia reported recently that the so-called Aryan Nations head has cancelled a forthcoming parade in his locality, perhaps on the advice of The Big Sky Jew. The new date will be in July. In Cicero, IL, the KKK rally which was to have occurred was also cancelled. Instead, and after the appropriate bribe money changed hands, KKK leaflets will be sent out or distributed by as yet unnamed junkmail handlers. Why not have a 'virtual' parade or rally via the Internet? Then all the Net-nerds can provide their virtual attendance, combined with their virtual courage. The ZOG will count their virtual numbers and will tremble (with suppressed laughter).

In regard to the term, ZOG, which was given to me by none other than Winston Churchill who declared himself a Zionist in 1945 and by Ontario Attorney General Roy McMurtry who announced to the press that he was a Christian Zionist, after donning a sheenie-beany, I quote the definitive enemy statement: "The acronym ZOG has entered the vocabulary of the far right... and has helped shape extremists' concepts of their enemy. Though the term ZOG was unknown to the Coughlinites, it exactly catches their world-view." This quote is from an article entitled Home-grown Terror by Philip Jenkins, which appeared in the September 1995 edition of AMERICAN HERITAGE magazine. Jenkins, who may be an undercover sheenie, erroneously attributes ZOG to The Turner Diaries. Had he done better research, he would have found that the term used by the author is not ZOG, but "The System". Dr. Goebbels said that a good propagandist can sum up a world-view in a slogan. When we consider the blightwingers' incessant lack of definition in regard to their real enemies, it is no wonder the blighters are mired in the present bog of 'go nowhere'. Inane blightwingers often use the enemy's terminology. They sometimes call themselves White Supremacists, a term which inflames non-Whites, and which does not describe most Whites' real objective: racial separation, not domination of one race over another. One can and should label our opponents, jew and Gentile, not only as Zionists, but as 'jew-supremacists'. As you noted, many of the jews' opponents hate jews, but wish to be known as 'true-jews' themselves. It resembles the absurdity of a Hitler who would lay claim to being 'a real communist', as opposed to that 'fake' Stalin and his assorted hebes. I note that the jewsmedia use the term "Christian Identity", rather than "Israel Identity" when they refer to 'true-jews'. Zionist propagandists recognize the confusion which would reign in the minds of the public, were they to envision a bunch of jews who would kill jews in the name of Judaism! The Life of Brian was pretty accurate in terms of jewish conflicts. The 'fake' jews wish to deny the 'true-jews" identity by blaming the Christians, as always. As I say, the jews are certainly "Christ-killers", just as the Christians are "Christ-eaters". Cromwell had his king put to death, so I guess the English can be called king-killers, as can also be said of the Celts, who apparently killed their kings in a routine ritual, when they got too old to 'cut the mustard'. As Orwell said, "Who defines controls." Imagine the wasted opportunities of blightwing propagandists who can use thousands of words, without properly describing the enemy. Sure, go ahead and use JOG instead of ZOG. I can guarantee that the enemy loves that! To limit the enemy to jews alone allows them to use Goy frontmen to carry on their nefarious anti-Aryan policies. Go right ahead and condemn the 'system', the 'federals', the 'insiders', the 'tri-lateralists', Bilderbergers et al. Our enemies love such lack of focus. Funny how I cannot distinguish those who do the enemy's work from the enemy himself. Of course, such counter-productivity is typical of a leaderless 'movement'. Meanwhile, the state of Our Race remains serious, but not hopeless, while the state of the blightwing remains, as always, hopeless, but not serious.

The basis of our racial problems can be traced to the nut Rousseau and Locke, the social 'atomist' or anarchist. These two men, the demented duo, were the instigators of this country's Founding Follies, which were best expressed in the preamble to The Declaration of Independence, which enshrined the pursuit of individual happiness as the highest goal of mankind, all men being "created equal", of course. Although most people did not heed such mischievous nonsense at the time, we can now see the practical results of this idiotic philosophy: society has been turned up-side down, as the British soldiers sang at Yorktown. Society, community, nation, race, family were to become subordinate to the individual. Still, there are some exceptions. Sports teams continue to recognize the facts of human inequality, and the individual player must subordinate his interests to that of his team, or face suspension or worse. Military people still have a form of hierarchy and a chain of command, but our most important social expressions such as community and family are now expressions of anarchy. As we are beginning to see, anarchy in practice is quite impractical in terms of individual and group survival. Like it or not, the individual does not live apart from the group. Anthropologists have searched the globe for any evidence of Rousseau's "Noble Savage". They have only encountered people living in groups with leaders and social institutions, regardless of them being stark naked. Rousseau's mythical above his society, the ideal of anarchy, is the stated goal of Judeo-American society and of Marxism.

To paraphrase Chairman Mao, the individual's relationship to society is like that of a fish in the sea. If the sea becomes polluted, the fish dies; if society is polluted, the individual dies. Our society, including our race, provides the individual with the means for his existence, his advancement and, thus, his happiness. Human existence is a two-way street or symbiosis; the community seeks the well-being of its members, and the members seek the well-being of their community. If we do not protect our community, then the community cannot protect us. The community has the duty, in its own interests, of selecting its members, and the members have the duty of governing their affairs in terms of community interests. To the extent that this relationship does not exist, we are all in big trouble, just as we see ourselves today, here in the Jew-Ess-Eh. One can imagine the achievements of a Beethoven, had he lived in a Black society. Yet, we see those who generally put their own interests above those of their race, their community and their family. We have a 'president' who would put us into a war, just to distract us from his personal problems. We have fatcat ricos who sell out their own people to make more zogbucks; who invite the invasion of our country by hordes of 'cheap laborers' and their families, just as previous fatcats brought in Black slaves. The whole of our society is seen, not as a home, but as a hunting-ground for predatory personal interest. Parasites breed at public expense, demonstrating their disdain and hatred for the community by breeding more of themselves. Honest, productive people are penalized by harsh taxation, so much so that they are becoming extinct. They are being terrorized by the dark-skinned hordes of thugs, and by their own government, which seeks to impose upon them more and more thugs and diseased parasites. Healthy children are aborted and the stunted, deformed and botched are favored with lavish public assistance. Our society is not protecting us, because we do not wish to protect our society. We seem to forget that society is made up of individuals: us! When, not if, the breakdown occurs, we will have to discard the anarchist-hedonist nonsense, as well as the suicidal concepts of Christianity and its secular twin, liberalism. Our community which will be forged anew will require of us that we consider its needs above our own, if we are to survive as individuals. For every privilege, there will be an obligation, for every right a duty. The membership of the community will be carefully selected. Membership will be earned as a reward, not given as an entitlement, and membership will be contingent upon one's behavior, throughout one's life. I define freedom as that set of obligations which one most enjoys. Obligations exist, with or without freedom. Truly, the pursuit of individual happiness lies in the pursuit of what's good for the community, i.e. that which enables it best to survive and prosper. To survive as a race and as a civilization, we must turn our world-view rightside up! OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!