by Eric Thomson

24 JAN 98 – A letter to Ms. Gill.

Dear Ms. Gill:

Many thanks for your response to my letter and enclosures. I found your publication and other materials very informative and I photocopied several items you sent to inform others. Under separate cover I am sending you more of my material, including an unpublished short story entitled RETURN TO SPRING ISLAND, an Odinist effort. I hope you enjoy it. You are welcome to use any of my writings, in whole or in part, as you wish, with my compliments. The copies from Dobratz et al. on The White Separatist Movement in the United States is surprising. Are such biographical works generally available?

Although I do have doubles, I have no twin brothers. I come from California, not New York. As the Chinese say, "All Caucasian look alike."

I am also sending you the most recent mailing I received from 14 Words Press. I hope you will pass it on to your colleagues. Such information deserves the widest possible circulation. In regard to Dr. Pierce, it is easy to brand anyone a traitor or ZOG-agent. I therefore take such accusations with the proverbial grain of salt. The blightwing really suffers from genuine defectives, for the most part, so no high-powered ZOG-agents are necessary. In Toronto, every blightwinger would fink on his comrades whenever there was a falling out, which occurred in cycles. Old comrades were shunned and denounced; new comrades were found, only to be shunned and denounced. Then the relationship with the old comrades was resumed. It was a blightwing equivalent of a square dance, in which one changed partners with a do-se-do, etc. The fact that everyone finked and lived to fink again was amazing to me, for my own experience was quite to the contrary, previous to the Toronto (Zündelhaus) kindergarten. The biggest joke in regard to the Toronto bunch was their inclusion of obvious non-Whites in such groups as The Western Guard Party, The Nationalist Party of Canada and The Heritage Front. It amazed me. White Power groups seem to be magnets for non-Whites who seek to become members, as I have seen. Sometimes the leaders themselves are non-Whites or race-mixers. I find such behavior inscrutable – like a tennis club member appearing in golf togs, with a set of clubs instead of a racket. If one attends a Baptist convention, does one expect to meet mainly Buddhists, Catholics and voodoo witch doctors?

In regard to Chinese jews, THE EMPIRE OF THE CITY (of London, where the "Bank of England" and the Mason's H.Q. are located) identifies the Sassoon family of India as jews, and they have done business with the Soong family of China, who are also into the bankster racket, the drug trade and politics. THE EMPIRE OF THE CITY mentions that Chiang Kai Shek was a bandit warlord who was on the make. His gang was winning control of more and more territory in the late 1920s or early 1930s, and they were about to lay siege to a town in which there was a Soong bank. The Soongs figured that Chiang was an up and coming political figure, so they took him under their financial wings and gave him one of their daughters as a wife in addition to, or in replacement of, his previous wife or wives. Polygamy is pretty common in China, as well as concubinage. Later, the Soongs shifted their support to Mao, after he'd shown his stuff as a leader. Mao was much too independent for the likes of Moscow, so the hebes planned a 2-front war against China: the Soviets in the north and the Americans in the south. That was the real reason behind the Vietnam conflict. The jews' fallback position, when the China war flopped (NATO refused to back it), was to make sure the North Vietnamese Soviet client state would get all the U.S. weapons, bases and military infrastructure intact. That is why the U.S. handed the war to its South Vietnamese client state and skedaddled. The Jew-Ess-Eh then pulled the same stunt on its South Vietnamese allies as it had done with Chiang Kai Shek: The U.S. Navy dumped the ammo in the ocean and the anti-communist forces could no longer fight. I've interviewed U.S. sailors who took part in the massive dumping in both conflicts. If you read old newspapers, you will note that China attacked the North Vietnamese shortly after their conquest and unification of Vietnam was achieved. That certainly disproved all the U.S. propaganda about the 'Soviet-Chinese communist monolith', as well as the 'domino theory'.

The Cold War was an Orwellian hoax perpetrated against the people of the USA and THE USSR. The USSR was founded, fed and funded by the USA from 1917 to the present. Judeo-communism was such a monster, however, that even the vast resources of America could not prop it up any longer. Anywhere the jews rule, the country is robbed and ruined. Even Israel is said to be suffering the effects of jew-internationalism, for the top-kick kikes are exporting jobs to the Arabs, who work cheaper than the Israel kikes. There are recent reports of increasing unemployment in Israel, in addition to racial discrimination between the Ashkenazim or Russian jews and the rest who are much darker. The lighter-skinned jews refer to their dark co-religionists as "kushim" or bogeymen. Jack Bernstein wrote about it in his little book, "An American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel." So much for Zionist propaganda that "We Are One"! Robert Frenz publishes my articles on the Internet, but if you missed my article on "Israel: The Jews' Misfortune and Ours", please let me know and I'll send you a copy.

The key to understanding the jewish question is in the fact that the Khazars (Ashkenazim) converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. They then equated Khazar with jew. Thus do they use a religious term as if it were a nationality. This explains why someone can be "1/2 jewish," but not "1/2 Catholic." Once we understand the true nature of the enemy, we can successfully combat him. Perhaps the best portrayal of the jew was done in the movie, "They Live", in which ghastly aliens conceal their features from the Earthlings, whom they stealthily manipulate and tyrannize in order to takeover Earth and make humans extinct. Their behavior is just like that of the jews. In the movie, the awful aliens control government and the media, which they use to beat up and bamboozle the humans. There are human traitors who serve the aliens and profit greatly by doing so. These scum wear tuxedos at their meetings and look and act like Freemasons! Remember: the Babylonian Talmud directs that "all things must be made manifest" in order to make an evil spell truly binding! If a murderer tells his victim that he has been slipping poison into his food, and the victim does nothing in his own defense or in retaliation, then the victim becomes the accomplice in his own murder and the murderer is absolved of guilt! When one sees The Great Seal of the United States on the back of the $1 bill, he is being shown exactly what his government intends to achieve. If he does nothing, then he is an accomplice in his own enslavement and extinction. I refer you to "The Magic of Obelisks" by Peter Tompkins, which praises the Freemasons and their practice of Egyptian phallic worship, the Washington Monument being the biggest penis symbol on Earth! It is of further symbolic interest that it appears to be crumbling at this moment. How fitting.

Your opinion of the "Northwest Imperative" matches mine exactly. There is no point in shifting a bunch of O.W.s (Ostensible Whites) from one area where they will not fight to another area where they will not fight. There can be no geographical solution for a problem which is really biological. As I wrote in 1976: We live in The Age of Biopolitics, not Geopolitics. That is why I also coined the slogan: OUR RACE IS OUR NATION.

As a White Nationalist I welcome anyone who would make use of my material. The ZOG concept was my idea, since it succinctly described our enemy: the jews and their Gentile stooges. One could also call them "jew-supremacists" and/or "Israel-firsters." No one to my knowledge has ever used those terms, either. Please do so. The blightwing abjured any idea emanating from me, and it appears that my name is feared and loathed throughout their bumbling, fumbling, self-betraying ranks. I use the term "rank" in a figurative sense only, for blightwingers are incapable of forming into ranks, let alone marching together.

In regard to ZOG, blightwingers will use the term as long as they think I did not originate it. When they realize its author, they cease to use it. What a terrible person I must be in their wee timorous minds! Ah yes, Thomson the terrible.

In nature, form follows function. The blightwing is dysfunctional and remains as a cantankerous debating society, with publishing houses disguised as 'political parties'. Its situation is hopeless, but not serious. When the time comes, real leaders will arise, with competent followers. In the meantime, those who claim to leadership are content to throw mud at their fellow self-styled 'leaders'. Obviously, no leaders will come forth from their sandbox. Leadership requires adults, not children.

One critter who spread a lot of malicious gossip about me was an Injun named John Ross Taylor. This creature was accepted throughout the blightwing as a White. When such is the case, we can see that the so-called racist movement is in dire need of racial education. Injun John used to say, "No, he couldn't be a jew. He bought me lunch." This appears to be the sole criterion of one's racial bona fides. As you say, many KKK groups accept membership fees from non-Whites. This only proves their true loyalty is to money, not race. More Servants of the Serpent.

If you look for major themes in history, you might consider a thread which runs throughout the last 2000 years: the struggle to be The True Jews. I have written about this theme in several papers. The pattern is always that some group believes they are the 'true jews' and that all other self-styled jews are fakes and creatures or dupes of Satan. Christianity claimed to be the 'true' successors to the Pharisees, who were the 'true' successors to the Sadducees and Essenes. Islam claimed to be the latest and greatest recipients of Yahweh's favor. The U.S.A. was colonized by swarms of religious fanatics who believed that they were The Chosen of Yahweh and were therefore the 'true jews'. The Mormons were likewise founded upon this myth, so they call everyone else "Gentiles", even orthodox rabbis! I accuse all White people who believe in any aspect of Judaism to be guilty of theft, since they attempt to steal the jews' religion. How demeaning and insane for a White person to do. A pox on all jews, 'real' or 'fake'. Jewish books are for the jews, and jew messiahs too, so if you're not of jewish blood, what good are they to you? The American madhouse is largely made up of those who believe they are the 'true jews', be they Israel Identity or Christian Zionists who believe that Israel must triumph under its Khazar rulers in order that Jesus ben Yahweh alias Christ or Jew King, will reappear for the last time. It is possible that jews will be killed in the name of Judaism in one or more of its twisted forms: Christianity, Islam or Israel Identity.

As the year 2000 approaches, we shall witness the usual congregations of crazy doomsday cultists, as history records at every millennium.

As historian George Santayana said: "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it." Judaism is like no other religion, for it opposes Man to Nature. Christianity, Capitalism, Communism, Islam et al. prate this insanity: "Man conquers Nature"! DNA research shows that we are akin to all living things on this planet, including trees, plants and the most primitive lifeforms. Mendel's Law applies to us, as well as to all members of the plant and animal kingdoms. Despite the evidence, jews and their creatures adamantly proclaim the contrary, preserving degeneracy at the expense of the fit and productive. "Save the Scrubs!" The thread which runs through the various aspects of Judaism is what I call The Rebellion of the Botched, which is the worst form of The Revolt of the Masses. Ha! Whitey has yet to learn that 'the more we feed, the more they breed.' Aryans have achieved their present technology by learning from Nature, not by 'conquering' Her. No man-made structure can stand if it does not take Natural Laws into account, but the Yadwehites like to believe that there is always a 'magical' solution which allows Man to rape Nature and get away with it. That is impossible, for Nature is Nazi. If we engage in filthy habits, Nature rewards us with diseases. Nature's response is usually massive and final. One writer said of Man that he never avoids disasters. He just survives them, that is, those of us who are left. Human behavior is so similar to that of lemmings, that we cannot claim to be any smarter, just more verbal: the beasts that talk. Christianity is a perfect religion for lemmings. Christians and Moslems disregard the importance of race and eugenics because they believe in their magical Big Sky Jew. They will sacrifice everything of real value in their crazy quest to become 'true jews'. Such people constitute a real bio-hazard for mankind in general and Our Race in particular.

Yakima is a Mexican colony surrounded by Indian reservations. In other words, it is about 80 percent populated by Anglo- and Hispanic mestizos (Eurasians). The remaining 20% are Ostensible Whites, Blacks, sambos, mulattos and Asians. Whites are rare, and I even find myself saying, in casual conversation, "I was speaking to a White man, recently..." There are so few Whites and so many Mexicans ('cheap labor') that random gunshots usually hit other Mexicans. The Mexicans have divided up into their versions of Crips and Bloods, and there are two competing hispanic chambers of commerce. That is why Yakima obtained its designation as an "All-American City." This is the Great White Hopeland or Homeland? Tell me another.

The Seattle area is infested with Asians. One engineer at Boeing told me that the change of shift looks like rush hour in Bombay, with all the turbanned heads in the parking lot. For me, Yakima is no different from living, say, in Nogales. I've lived in mestizo, Asian and African countries a good one-half of my life, so I do not suffer so-called 'culture-shock', as do many Americans. Their 'solution' to the problem of losing their country is to stay out of town, if at all possible, and to immerse themselves in the fantasy world of judahvision, nigger-ball and 'virtual reality'.

The jew masters had only the O.W.s and the Injuns to fetter, but now they are swamped by the spics and slopes. The Blacks are even friendly to Whites, because they are quite outnumbered and scared. They certainly should be! This maelstrom of demographic change allows me a good deal of latitude in self-expression. The usual suppressors of free speech, the hebes, the masons, et al. are so out-numbered and overrun that they have little time to squash a lone pro-White White man. I have survived by choosing to sail into the eye of a storm, and Yakima is just such a place, although I chose Yakima (the Bulawayo of central Washington) for immediate economic reasons. I have no ties to this place and will go wherever duty and/or opportunity dictate.

During a parade, the Shriners appeared on their silly scooters with fezzes and the other harem regalia. A Mexican with his five spiclettes commented, "¿De dónde vinieron tantos turcos viejos?" (Where did all these old Turks come from?) I smiled to myself. Whitey is so outnumbered that he is becoming a mere figure of fun or curiosity, in a word, irrelevant. As one recent president of Mexico declared: "Gobernar es poblar." (To govern is to populate.) He was obviously referring to New Spain, not already over-populated Mexico. New Spain includes all of the U.S.A. west of the Mississippi, as well as Florida. All Mexican children are taught that the Gringos stole this land from them. Fittingly, the recent Mexican party convention (La Raza Unida or United Race) was held in Chicago. "Cheap labor" indeed! The mestizos have virtually taken over the meat-packing industry. This likely accounts for the rising occurrence of E. coli contamination, for they do not believe in germs and they do not care. The incidence of hepatitis contamination in restaurants is also on the increase, largely because mestizos and Asians infected with the disease handle more and more of our food. TB is rife in every city, due to mestizo, Asian and HIV+ carriers. A local cannery was found to have many Mexican workers with active TB. One O.W. expressed horror at this news report. I said, far better that they work in canneries, where the TB germs are killed by the canning process, instead of walking around town spitting everywhere, as they do, almost ritually. Of course, spitting on public sidewalks is against the law, for it can spread TB, but the laws are not enforced, for that would be "racist." Whitey clearly has a deathwish.

Keep up the good work. OUR RACE IS OUR NATION! – O.R.I.O.N.