by Eric Thomson

We are assailed from time to time by press reports announcing the capture of White or partially-White people who declare themselves to be "the True Jews", Israelites or Israel Identity adherents. These people have over-dosed themselves with readings and misinterpretations of the jew-book, which in itself is a relatively recent work of tribal legends which have been concocted, selected and edited over several centuries to proclaim (a) the cunning, treachery and savagery of jews, alias Hebrews, alias Israelites, alias Judeans, etc. and (b) the equally vicious and pernicious deity, Ja, alias Jaweh, alias Jehovah, etc. who has "chosen" those beings "in his image". As they say, it takes one to know one, so how can any White person recognize such a people and such a god as "his own". That quality alone is sufficient to disqualify anyone from membership in the White or Aryan Race, for there is nothing Aryan or White in regard to the jews and their "divine demon". Hitler was supposed to have said that the "jews were a race of the mind", while the Germans were "a race of the loins". If that is so, then the majority of those who are loosely classed as "humans" on Planet Earth are of "the jew-race", and, if one judges by their behavior, the vast majority of those who appear outwardly to be White are also members of that parasitic and criminal bunch.

Aryan thinkers have long pointed out that gods, goddesses and religions are emanations of race. If these deities and principles have an independent existence, with or without mankind to believe in them, as religionists suppose, then they transmit signals which would appeal only to certain types of beings or, conversely, humans radiate signals which would attract unto themselves certain types of deities. On a practical, historical level, we have seen that the tri-racial Khazars of the Black Sea region chose Judaism over the two current slave cults of Christianity and Mohammedanism (a) because the two watered down versions of Judaism were at war and the Khazars did not want to fight and (b) because Judaism is the "master cult" which rules over adherents to the other two cults. Why choose to be a slave when one could choose to be a master?

Why did the Puritans, the Calvinists, the Mormons, the Boers, the Amish, the Mennonites, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists and myriads of other groups, cults and sects choose to identify themselves as "the true jews" over centuries of recorded history? I confine my inquiry to those who have reverted to the so-called Old Testament, rather than to "Christians" and "Moslems" who claim to have made "legitimate" additions to the jew-cult, much as the jew "Lenin" did to jewish "Marxism". Breathes there an Aryan with soul so dead that he could embrace these foul idols and perverted principles as "his own? I do not think so. My own personal experience with so-called Christianity would be proof of this. It was as if I had been made to attend a Nigger rap concert every Sunday: the "Christian" church services beat upon my eardrums, but did not stir my soul in the slightest, unless I count the revulsion I felt at my first "holy communion" in which I was invited to "eat the body and drink the blood" of "my" deity. I had thought that I was growing up in a civilized society, but I was shocked to learn that millions of fellow citizens were engaging in symbolic cannibal rites every Sunday. To this day, that feeling of disgust remains as my foremost souvenir of the Christian slave-cult. Because I knew myself to be less-than-angelic as a boy, I wondered why an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good deity would choose to create everyone "in sin" before they were born, when he/she/it could just have as easily created us to be sinless. After reading David McCalden's excellent booklet, "Exiles from History", which deals with the jew-psychosis, I now see in "Christianity" all the earmarks of a typical jew guilt-racket.

To answer my question, why do so many dwellers in Western Civilization choose to be jews? I can postulate (1) that adherents to any branch of Judaism cannot be White, regardless of their physical appearance much like blond jews of Khazar ancestry (alias Azhkenazim) who are, according to "The Genetics of the Jews" from 5% to 10% Negro, or (2) that if Israel Identity adherents et al. are genetically White, then they are the products of dysgenics or racial down-breeding, as described by Prof. Pendell in "Sex vs. Civilization".

The inability to think logically on the part of "true-jew" adherents is very much an indicator of (1) or (2), for logic is as Aryan a trait as one can identify. To become a "true jew", one must disregard all absurdities and contradictions one finds in the jew-book at the very outset. The Bible cannot be read with clear-eyed sobriety for very long until the reader throws it down in a fit of laughter or disgust. So the prerequisite for reading the jew-book to completion is that one go into the sort of trance favored by visitors to the Auschwitz Museum of Frauds & Hoaxes, so that one believes that a potato cellar or mop closet could be a "death chamber" in which "millions were gassed". To read the Bible's tales of 'celestial swindlers', 'holy whores', 'messianic marauders', 'divine gangsters', etc. without triggering a mental immune system response is virtually impossible for an Aryan, but not so difficult for race-mixed non-Whites or Whites who are, for whatever reason, mentally-defective.

Once a person has proven his or her racial and/or mental deficiencies by identifying himself or herself as a "true jew", further absurdities may be expected at any moment. After all, the Red Queen could harbor several absurdities before breakfast, so self-styled "true jews" can be infested with multitudes of absurdities since they put in much more time acquiring them. One common absurdity is the "true jews" penchant for 'declaring war on the Zionist States of America' and denouncing its police, marshals, et al. as "minions of Satan". Then, after an armed confrontation, to meekly surrender themselves and their children to 'Satan's tender mercies and courts', when they had the means to "... roll over to (their rifles) and blow out (their brains) and go to (their) god like a soldier", to paraphrase Kipling. No Aryan, myself included, can understand such a failure of reason. It is not a failure of courage, for one would not hesitate to "save the last bullet for oneself" and use it if one REALLY KNEW the nature of the Zionist enemy and REALLY BELIEVED IT. As an Aryan, I can only conclude that these "true jews" do not believe that which they proclaim OR I must conclude that they fear to meet their god far more than they fear to be in the grasp of "Satan". Such pathetic creatures should be put out of their misery as swiftly as possible, for they are burdens to themselves and to all Aryans. 'Thanks be to Z.O.G.' that they are being removed from this earthly realm or are at least being removed from circulation. It saves the White Race from doing the job ourselves, for we already have our hands full and there are too few of us as it is.

For White people who are wondering what "Israel Identity" is all about, I offer the inherent wisdom of the Aryan children's rhyme: Jewish books are for the jew and jew messiahs too, so if you're not of jewish blood, what good are they to you?