The following is the text of a speech given by Eric Thomson
to a group of Canadian youth on 20 April 1991, in Toronto, Canada.

Naturally, we can only guess what he would say to us, although we have a pretty good idea based on his writings, speeches and actions from 1923 until 1945. Hitler was a kind man and he loved living things in the natural way, not the Walt Disney way. He obviously loved his Aryan Race, not perhaps for what it was, but for what he knew it could become if it only wanted to lift itself above the struggle for mere existence on this planet. Many people do not know that Hitler was a prophet as well as a political leader. He foretold many things in his writings and speeches and in his tabletalks amongst those who worked closest with him. How many of you know that Hitler wrote two books. Mein Kampf was his first book, as we all know, but he actually dictated a second book of no title around the late 1920's. He never published this book because he came to power in Germany in 1933. After the war, the Allies found the manuscript for his second book and they published it under the title, "Hitler's Secret Book!" When you read it, you will understand why he did not want to publish this book, for it reveals his plans to avoid war with Britain by seizing land from the Soviet Union. In other words, if Hitler had published this book, like Mein Kampf, he would have warned the Soviet Union of his intentions before he had even become Chancellor of Germany! Naturally, the Allies thought that they would damage Hitler's reputation by publishing a book he himself did not wish to publish, but that's where they were wrong! Thanks to those who hated and feared Hitler most, we are able to read Hitler's analysis of the causes of World War I which he felt were trade rivalries between Britain and Germany. This analysis coincides with that of Benjamin Freedman, a jew who worked closely with Hans Morgenthau Sr. in one of the Rothschild controlled banking offices in the United States. According to Benjamin Freedman, the Rothschild banking interests controlled the British Empire and they did not want to see Germany break into the worldwide British trade monopoly. That was why war came, not because some Austrian Archduke got shot in Serbia! Hitler reasoned that this time, Germany would avoid war with the British Empire by avoiding trade competition for scarce international markets. Germany could feed its people by taking land from the communist monster in the east and German industry could concentrate on supplying the local German economy. Britain would thus be free to rule the waves and keep the British Empire! We all know with 20-20 hindsight that Hitler had made two miscalculations. The first was that he did not appreciate the greed of the jews and their fellow banksters who wanted to control and rule over the entire world, not merely the British Empire! Neither did Hitler appreciate just how judaized the British ruling classes were and how little they cared for their White British people! He may have only guessed that the Soviet monster was itself a creation of the Zionist banksters and was just another agent of the jew world order which U.S. President Bush claims he is now ready to impose officially over the entire world. At any rate, Hitler did exactly as he outlined in his book. He tried by every means to avoid war with Britain, Western Europe and America, and, instead of invading Britain as Stalin expected him to do, he attacked the communist monster and very nearly defeated it, had it not been for the fantastic support that the monster received from Hitler's fellow Aryans of Britain and North America. The sad thing was that Hitler and his National Socialist Aryan Vanguard were defeated by fellow Aryans and by Aryan traitors in Germany itself. In his second book, Hitler warned about the multi-national corporations which, he said, would take Ayran inventions and give them to non-Aryans who would work cheaper and put Aryans out of work. Hitler warned about this in 1928 and he said, many would laugh at such a possibility then, but who is laughing now? How many Americans and Canadians are unemployed because industry is being exported, along with jobs, to so-called Third World countries? If you think unemployment is bad now, just wait a few more years!

If Hitler were speaking to us today, he might say how sorry he was that most Aryans did not heed his warnings and wanted no part of a program which would guarantee Aryan survival and prosperity. It is as if the vast majority of Aryans had voted to die out as a race. Why do you defile the races by mixing? He would ask us. Why did you adopt all the filthy practices which lead to infection by the AIDS Plague? Why are you allowing the land from which you live to be invaded by aliens? Why do you allow your government to be used against your interests? Why is it, now that communism has proved itself a total failure and a disaster, that you permit communists right here to dictate policy at every level of government? Why do you abort your beautiful, intelligent Aryan babies and make sure that malformed idiotic specimens survive at taxpayers' expense? Why are you poisoning the air you breathe, the water you drink and the land which produces your food? Why are you encouraging criminals to come into the country and to destroy the society? Why are you rewarding the parasites and punishing the productive members of your society? In other words, why have you gone crazy?

Hitler predicted that America either had to throw off the jewish yoke and the jewish mentality which enslaves most Americans, or America would become a colony of Asia. He predicted that Eastern Europeans would soon become so disgusted with communism that they would cast it off, no matter how bloody the struggle. Can you see these predictions coming true? I think so. Hitler's Secret Book is usually available in major bookstores. It is worth reading because you can get a good understanding about most important European and world issues which Hitler was attempting to solve before World War II. The surprising thing is that you will find how little things have changed. Productive people are still striving to produce and parasitic people are still swarming around them to take whatever they can beg, steal or extort with threats of force and/or phony guilt conspiracies. If any of you have read The Camp of The Saints, then you will see the world as it is today. The population plague is not a figment of the author's imagination. It is right here and now! The amazing thing, which I found unbelievable and disgusting as I read the book, was that no one had the guts and the will to live in order to defend his own living space, his country, his native land against takeover and destruction by hordes of aliens. I see to my further disgust that the author described the reality to come. It was not a fantasy. I suspect that Hitler would have been as amazed and disgusted by our response or non-response as I am. Our leaders have betrayed us, but by choosing them, it is we who have betrayed ourselves. By choosing a lifestyle which supports the jew we serve the jew and as long as we serve him, we shall be conquered. I do not mean that I expect everyone to be d hero and take on the Z.O.G. single-handed, but I would expect everyone to do that little bit each day which deprives the jew of his work and helps to diminish his hold over us. Passing along information is important, because the day may come, sooner than we expect, that information can be put to use. By information I can offer as examples the learning and teaching of survival skills, organization, the nature of the enemy. History is also important, for if you want to get any where you must first know where you are and how you got there! As George Orwell, the author of 1984 said: Who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past. That is why our enemy loves to bombard us with so-called docudramas and likes to have so-called Holocaust courses required in our schools. He is trying to get us to accept his version of the past so that we will agree on his goals for the future. It would be as if I wanted you to believe that you were all in New York City, instead of Toronto, and since Canadian money is no good there, you could all pass your wallets over to me and I, out of the generosity and goodness of my heart, might offer you ten cents on the dollar. If I could convince you, you might fall for it. Well, how do you think we fell for the State of Israel? We fell for it because we believed in the Holohoax and the lie that jews were Semites who originated in Palestine, so they all had a right to "go back" there, regardless of the Arab Semites who were really native to the area.

Adolf Hitler is a big topic. Mein Kampf is informative, provided it is not a kosher version, but this describes the events of Hitler's time and the places in which Hitler lived and struggled through Hitler's eyes. This is what Hitler saw, but how do we, who are not Hitler, see Hitler? I think the best historical view of Hitler was written by a woman who adopted the Indian name, Savitri Devi. She saw Hitler in a cosmic perspective and believed that he was representative of an eternal force of life which was and is always opposed to the dark force of disease and destruction. The title of her book, The Lightning & The Sun, reveals two principles which all humans represent to greater or lesser extent. The lightning is symbolic of that force which kills and the sun is symbolic of that force which gives light and life. Both forces can be used for good or evil. Savitri Devi believed that Hitler had too much sun in his nature, that he forgave his enemies far too easily and that he therefore expected fair treatment in return for his own fairness toward them. This explains Hitler's orders which allowed the British and other Allied forces to escape from encirclement at Dunkirk and Hitler's lack of suspicion of the many traitors in the German officer corps, for Hitler believed that trust would be rewarded by trustworthiness. Hitler usually took men at their word, for he was as good as his word. Was he naive or was he trying to make men better than they were by showing them his example? We may never know the answer. Hitler told the world press, "I am not the one, but I must serve until I find him." Who did he mean? The real leader of Germany? Savitri Devi says that his meaning was far bigger than a mere leader of a portion of Aryan Europe. Hitler represented or incarnated the life force whose final representative in this time cycle will cast down the incarnate representatives of the force of darkness after a great struggle. Ragnorak and Armageddon come to mind as symbols of this great battle between the representatives of these forces.

Savitri Devi writes that it was obvious to the representatives of the dark force who Hitler was, because they united against him: The churches, the capitalists and the communists suddenly forgot all their supposed differences and ganged up on Hitler's Germany. Over 52 countries fought against one country approximately the size of Texas. The fear and hatred they show even today of the possibility that some of Hitler's influence still remains is revealed by the paranoid and oppressive thought-crime laws which the occupation authorities and their lackeys enforce against pro-German Germans in the Germany of today. The hysteria which even the questioning of the kosher conflagration, alias "Holocaust" causes in France is incredible, but true. The latest victim of the Zionist agents of darkness is Professor Robert Faurisson, who may be imprisoned as long as Klaus Barbie for merely stating that there seem to have been no gas chambers in Germany's alleged death camps. The United States Government officially endorses the Holohoax which is the pretext for the encouragement of race-mixing and the abject enslavement of all peoples to Zionist interests. England, Australia and Canada are experiencing a kosher orgy of so-called war crimes trials, with the promise of more to come.

On the health issue, AIDS carriers are being guaranteed rights over the uninfected. We have no right to defend ourselves against being infected with this deadly disease, just as we have no right to defend ourselves with firearms against armed criminals who the police are utterly ineffective against. Clearly, the representatives of the dark force are increasing their efforts, but they will fail, despite the worst they can do. Life will go on. The representative of the Life Force will indeed return, if he is not already amongst us, and the representatives of the dark force will be overthrown and destroyed. As our Aryan ancestors have long foretold, there will be a rebirth and a new beginning, provided we are worthy to accept the duty which lies before us.

The question for us is this: Will we take charge of our revolution the way the Germans did (1933, 1989), or will we remain passive and disorganized, like the Russian people (1917) and let aliens impose their rule over us? Complaining about what we don't like is not enough; having the will to achieve it is what makes the difference.