by Eric Thomson

Many Whites and not a few non-Whites are becoming appalled and disgusted by the increasing perpetration of willful genocide through race-mixing, sufficiently so, that a brief description of the psychopathology of this highly-visible crime, this deadly disease, is now in order. In many respects, race-mixers share similar problems as those people who suffer from alcoholism or drug-addiction, which themselves must be viewed inside a schizoid world dominated by self-indulgence and self-hate, escape from reality and self-destruction, denial of the future and flight from the present, etc. We often hear people justify race-mixing and other forms of degenerative self-indulgence as being "a person's own business" – as if to say that it is not our business what sort of society we live in, no matter how bad sociopaths wish to make it. Those who cling to the philosophy of the cult of the individual, that the final goal of the universe is the individual and that the individual owes nothing to the universe from whence he came, or what we call the "me cult" are basically conducting their lives in such a manner that they can repeat the phrase of the French king: "After me, the deluge."

People who think they have a god-given right to remove cookies from the jar of society, without putting anything in, in return, have no solutions to the social and racial problems because they are largely themselves the problem. The qualification "largely" is used here to indicate that the rationale for race-mixing, dope-taking, debt-slavery, sloppy work, dishonesty and irresponsibility is concocted by those with destructive and predatory motives who now dominate 'our' media of information, education and entertainment.

While there is a vast body of literature on the Jewish/Zionist captains of chaos, there seems to be little in the way of studies involving the actual perpetrators of genocide by race-mixing, who are themselves the victims of this degenerative propaganda which has become the basis of government legislation throughout the western world. Let us look at the motives for race-mixing on the part of the following subjects so that we may better understand the nature of this action which is not only a crime, the crime of genocide, but a psychological and social sickness.

The Colored Male

Indonesian dictator Sukarno said that he 'loved' White women because he could take out his vengeance upon his White masters through them. Black activist and 'guru', Eldridge Cleaver, spoke and wrote of the same motivation in his acts of rape against White women. By raping them, he was taking out revenge upon White people and upon White social values. There is this aspect in homosexual rape which is so rampant in 'our' prison system and as such, it perverts the sexual act of creation and love into a vilification of the other person and through that person, the vilification of his or her racial values. The other side of the coin is no less ugly, for the colored male who wishes to 'make love' to a White woman is showing hatred for himself and for his posterity. The desire he may have to 'better his race' or to 'pull down the White race' by taking a White woman is nothing more or less than a huge inferiority complex which he refuses to admit and hence, to solve. The attraction which the colored male feels toward a White female is really an admission that colored females and hence, colored males are ugly and sexually unattractive. To a certain extent, the jewish purveyors of sexual titillation are responsible for making White physical traits synonymous with 'beauty', 'social status' and other such generally desirable qualities, so much so that cosmetic surgery is being done in Japan to 'Europeanize' the facial features of women. The colored male is not, therefore, satisfied merely to give and to receive affection in his relationship with a White female; he feels compelled to produce children by her to show his virility and his dominance and thereby to 'take his revenge' upon the White Race. In the end, the revenge he takes will be upon himself.

The Colored Female

What is her motivation for desiring a White male? In some respects, it is similar to her own male counterpart, but there are differences. Whether it be due to today's 'unisex' propaganda or to some basic Aryan quality of gentleness, White males are looked upon as superior husbands by colored females because they are gentler and more attentive than their own male counterparts. In Africa, Asia and Latin America, it is customary for the colored female to do all the heavy work, the hewing of wood and the drawing of water, the tending of the house and the raising of the children, the earning and the saving of money, etc., while the colored male fulfills his traditional role of 'the hunter', which usually means that he spends his time hunting for additional females with whom he can enjoy sex and off of whom he can live. From time to time he 'proves' his 'love' for the female by beating her whenever he suspects that she is withholding her 'love', i.e. work and/or money from him. A naive European woman once asked a superannuated messenger 'boy' how it was that he, an African tribesman, could "support" so many wives. "Madam " he stammered, "it is not the wives I support. They support me!"

The White tradition that the male is or should be the provider in the family and not the woman or the children is one which dies hard and is reflected in the misgivings borne by many White 'house-husbands'. The colored male, however, feels that living off a woman is his traditional prerogative and experiences no discomfort because he is usually absent from his women and children, all of whom he visits in series, as is customary in polygamous societies. As for the children, if they have no work to do, they are welcome to play in the streets. The colored male is largely indifferent to the number and the fate of his progeny and 'teaches' his women to be submissive and subservient whenever they seem to forget their traditional role in colored society. One can understand the colored woman's motivation in finding a male who is subservient to her and who is 'good-looking' to boot. For the White reader of this article, it is relevant to point out that White is seen as 'beautiful', 'desirable' and 'high-status' throughout the colored world, regardless of all the more recent 'Black-is-beautiful' propaganda which has been most effective amongst Whites. In Brazil, for example, it is customary to say that "a fly has landed in the milk" ("uma mosca na leite") when a light-skinned woman has a dark-skinned offspring. As in colored societies anywhere, there is a generally recognized hierarchy of beauty and status, usually based upon what would be to White people a subtle or invisible variation of skin color, usually in favor of anyone bearing 'White' or 'Whiter' characteristics. The recent selection of an American 'beauty queen' with blue eyes and lighter-than-negro complexion is an example of the norm of beauty in any colored society, especially where foreign ideas and race-mixing predominate. In traditional Black African society, before White influence was felt, female beauty was largely related to the amount of body fat, especially in the region of the buttocks, which was somewhat comparable to the 'ideal' of female beauty depicted by Rubens whose White female models were criticized by 20th century viewers as being "fat and fortyish". In those days, of course, the Black male was too practical to seek style or status in anyone else than a Black female who could provide him with the sexual outlet, the work and the children who would look after him in his old age. The White female has become desirable relatively recently in Africa with the breakdown of tribal custom and the explosive trend toward urbanization, and the White male has become desirable to the colored female because of his own correlation with desirable urban and non-traditional lifestyles. Once with the White male of her choice, the colored female cements the relationship with as many half-caste children as she can bear, knowing that the White male feels obligated to aid in the rearing of 'his children'.

The White Male

How often does one hear the complaint that White women are too demanding and too difficult to live with? Many White males who feel this way, for whatever reason – justifiable or unjustifiable – usually seek out colored females whom they consider "more feminine", that is, more submissive and attentive to male needs than the White female. Some investigators feel that this genocidal behavior is rooted in the work of the jew media-dominators who have made massive propaganda to feminize White males and to masculinize White females over the decades. Others base this disease in the tradition of the colonial frontier communities in North America, where women were scarce and hence, men were most anxious to please. There is, however, another aspect to the White male's quest for colored womanhood and that can best be designated as 'the noble savage' concept. This idea became current around the time of Jean Jacques Rousseau, John Locke and later, Karl Marx. With the so-called Age of Reason, the moral monopoly of the Christian churches was brought into question, especially in certain philosophical circles whose spokesmen no longer needed to fear the fires of the Inquisition. For centuries, the Christians had not only preached, but had legislated an entire body of law and social thought which was premised upon the basic evil of man. Original sin had 'doomed' every person to hell, unless he were baptized by the 'holy men', for a fee, of course, and thus had his Original Sin symbolically 'washed away'. Not satisfied with the efficacy of this ritual, however, the Christians went right on behaving as if all men were basically evil and therefore, that they should be surrounded by all manner of social checks and controls which were provided by such institutions as the churches and government. Just as the Christians preached, for no good reason, that man was basically "evil", so did the philosophers of the "Age of Reason" postulate, for no good reason, that man was basically "good". The basic goodness of all mankind was 'thwarted' and made into evil because "human institutions made men bad". What were these institutions? Well, they were the governments on all levels, even the local municipality; they were the churches; and they were the farms, the shops, the schools, the factories and even the family! This type of willful wishful-thinking led such 'philosophers' or should we say, charlatans, to conclude that man had once lived 'in the state of Nature' as 100% good because he had 0% of these 'pernicious' institutions and their consequent social 'shackles' and strictures. If you have ever read the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you will see a legislative representation of such ideas and whenever you hear "that government governs best which governs least", then you will find a proponent of such. The Communist Manifesto was merely seen by its authors as a step toward the return to 'Ideal Man living in the State of Nature', similar to Adam and Eve before the 'Fall'. The Nihilists who blew up post offices and other outward manifestations of government were striving, along with the Anarchists, to bring about the "return to the State of Nature" in an 'over-institutionalized' Europe. Other Europeans, knowing little about non-European societies, institutions and customs, misconstrued the colored people's lack of modern technology, identifiable institutions and imagined freedom from social norms, i.e. White social norms, to mean that colored people were 'closer to Nature' and therefore 'better' than White people. Anthropologists have searched the planet for 'nobility' through savagery and all they have found is people living in communities with institutions, social obligations and sanctions, hierarchies and governments, certainly no better in terms of 'goodness' and often far worse because of the exigencies of primitive living conditions. But the myth of the 'noble savage' lives on, especially as portrayed by such writers of fiction as Karl May, Edgar Rice Burroughs et al. and has captured the imagination of many a young White man. By making love to a dark-skinned woman, he believes that he is partaking of Nature and hence, 'goodness'. The White male has no objection to half-caste children in this regard, because they, too, are 'closer to Nature', than his own White children would be, and hence, they are 'better.

A further aspect of motivation for genocide on the part of the White male is evident in those societies, such as present day South Africa, where White mothers are 'too busy' to mother their own children in their most formative years. The first woman that any man will ever know intimately is his own mother. Forests of trees have been felled to produce the paper on which this important relationship has been expounded, so to be brief, if the White male's first experience with a female is with a Black or colored female, it is her image which will influence that male's concept and desire for a female in his sexually active and mature years. For a Latin American account of this phenomenon one can read "A Casa Grande" by Gilberto Freyre or its English translation, "The Masters and the Slaves ".

The White Female

She exemplifies the difference between the sexes which jew propagandists, including jew women's-libbers, seek to deny. The female is endowed with psychological differences from the male, of whatever race, which are the outcome of her physiological, that is, biological differences. Women may cry more often than men, but they seem to possess a greater capacity to bear pain than men do; in fact, the biological process of child-bearing is traditionally viewed as painful, but is no less sought after by most women. The female also has a specialized instinct arising out of the human need to protect the young. This is called the 'mothering instinct', which is often exemplified by the tender, loving care which a woman, usually the White female, bestows upon the young, the frail, the weak, the sick and even the ugly of whatever species – animal or vegetable. Sometimes this instinct for bearing pain and sacrifice becomes distorted into masochism, especially since it is the woman's biological role to 'submit' to the male who must actively engage in the biological process of insemination. The fact that some White women, despite their masculine-style upbringing, actually enjoy male domination, is proven daily whenever we see an attractive White female in the company of her Black or colored male consort (whose appearance would frighten off an amorous gorilla) trailed, of course, by a gaggle of half-breed children.

Observers in the Caribbean region report the phenomenon of young, pretty White females seeking out the ugliest and most odoriferous of the islanders with which to have sex, and even to bring home as 'husbands', although they turn out frequently to be pimps. It is interesting to note that the lifestyle of the pimp in White society most nearly resembles the life of the colored male in his own society. It should not surprise us to find so many colored pimps in our White societies, any more than it should surprise Africans to see monkeys climb trees. White women are taught to feel 'guilty' because they are better off and better looking than their colored counterparts, just as Christians teach healthy and well off people to feel 'guilty' because they are not crippled, diseased and poor. Thus do we see an unwholesome combination of artificially-instilled do-goodism, guilt and noble-savage misinformation along with the White female's natural biological traits which serve to trap her in the vicious circle of genocide. It should be noted that White males and White females sometimes seek out colored mates in order to 'punish' their White counterparts by denying themselves to Whites and giving themselves to colored persons. This infantile motive often becomes part of the 'noble-savage' syndrome which the traveller observes in his foreign and domestic journeys and more and more frequently, right at home.

Now that the United States government has ratified the Genocide Treaty or "Convention", we must see to it that those who advocate race-mixing and those who practice it are punished to the fullest extent of the law. It should be remembered that all those who were accused and convicted of 'genocide' in the Allied show-trials at Nuremberg were hanged. Unlike the killing of members of one race by another race, a historic practice now deemed to be a crime, the mixing of races kills not one, but every race which engages in it. Race-mixing is therefore the worst example of genocide. Scoffers airily dismiss this statement as nonsense because the offspring of race-mixing are capable of breathing, eating, prattling, and reproducing. In other words, race-mixing produces 'live' victims instead of dead ones, but this ignores not only the quality of life, it denies man's place and his role in the universe, his responsibility to his fellow men and to his posterity. Modern-day liberals are very much concerned with the quality of life rather than the quantity of those who are technically alive because their bodily functions are intact. They advocate euthanasia and abortion because these practices 'make life better', regardless of their illogical inconsistency when it comes to capital punishment. When we examine the quality of life in such race-mixed territories as Latin America, India or the Middle East, we see little to recommend in the extension of this practice. Even the American patriot, Patrick Henry, preferred death to a life of slavery, and he said so. Thus it is that race-mixers and their offspring victims can be said to be 'alive', but only on the most rudimentary and chaotic of levels. In the writings of the ancient Aryan-conquerors of India we find the following wisdom: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races the loss of memory; from the loss of memory the loss of understanding; and from this – all evil."

In other words, the mixing of races which are the creation of God, and/or the product of millennia in terms of natural evolution, whichever you prefer, is the destruction of a precious heritage, without which there can be no future for mankind. The chaos which is described in the Tower of Babel Fable is exactly what race-mixing brings about, and chaos is the prelude to death and darkness. Like AIDS victims, the victims of race-mixing endanger the societies in which they live because they lack understanding. We have only to observe the jew, a typical product of race-mixing, to see this. We need only observe his impatience, his schizophrenic conflicts and contradictions, his eternal frustration, insecurity, discontent and unhappiness, his disharmony with the universe, to know what fate is in store for man on Planet Earth once he has lost his racial and personal identity. No one can find his way when he does not know who he is. Race-mixing is to our race as LSD-taking is to our own psyche, and it is also to be remembered that "whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad."