by Eric Thomson

        In the following article, the thing to remember is that YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS when you resist the Zionist occupation forces. The legally-constituted enforcers of Jewish 'democracy' are swift to drop their masks of legality when it suits their purposes. Remember, their authority is not based on RIGHT, but on the ARMS they bear.

        The laws of jew-dominated societies are made purposely numerous and complicated so that they may be interpreted to result in the desired 'verdicts'. An act of omission or commission which can be construed as a misdemeanor or a felony is usually construed as the latter in a political case.

        A recent example is worthwhile relaying to the reader as a practical illustration of Zionist police methods:

        In mid-1976, a White Nationalist party in North America was harassed by the political police on the pretext of Israeli visitors to the Party's home city. The Party was no stranger to such harassment in the form of stool-pigeon surveillance by neighbors paid to snoop on Party members' comings and goings; searches and seizures of personal belongings; abductions by armed gangs of police and detainment without bona fide arrest; harassment at work, often resulting in the loss of employment; and worst of all, threats and abuse of Party members' wives and children by paid thugs and weirdos.

        The 'Heebie-Jeebie Raids' had been expected for several months, but Party members disbelieved their own rhetoric about the corruption and injustice of the admittedly kosher government. Hence, secrecy was nonexistent. Known police agents were permitted on the members' premises because Party members feared destruction of their homes and real estate investments by arson, a regular occurrence too frequent to be coincidental. New Party members were thus subjected to identification and subsequent harassment and most, if not all Party projects were known by the enemy in sufficient time for countermeasures to be affected. The only projects which somehow drifted through the otherwise tight net of surveillance were those done on the spur of the moment by a few Party activists, but due to the ubiquitous spies and blabbermouths, these activists were soon identified and closely followed. In no case were the Party activists prepared for their eventual confrontation with the Zionist law-enforcers. It became apparent that they never considered the possibility of their capture. In brief, the stage was set for disaster. The Party could have been saved only by a most outrageous stroke of good fortune: a meteorite falling upon Police Headquarters or perhaps a Nazi saucer landing from Antarctica.

        The raids occurred virtually on the day expected and Party members were 'collected' (not arrested) from their places of employment; their homes ransacked, their families frightened and insulted by Kosher plainclothes men. Several Party activists were held incommunicado for interrogation and it is this detail which has special relevance in respect to the following article, for the virtual destruction of the Party could have been avoided had the Party members been the least bit prepared mentally and physically for the acknowledged eventuality. That which followed was avoidable at this stage of the struggle, for the 'enforcers' still feel obliged to wear their 'velvet gloves' to a certain extent. For this fleeting respite we can be thankful, but most important of all, we should be forewarned.

         I. Mental preparation

         A. Required: 1. A general knowledge of Zionist stooge police procedures; specifically, a rudimentary knowledge of interrogation methods. 2. Accurate information regarding the Zionist enemy's degree of commitment to the struggle. What do the Jews expect out of their hired henchmen? 3. A knowledge of one's own degree of commitment to the struggle for White survival gained through proper political education; knowledge that political activity is not something one stops or starts as one chooses, like a game of softball. More than any other human activity, your politics is YOU because it draws upon so many aspects of your entire being. Politics is Power – the Power to determine WHO SHALL SURVIVE! Like it or not, we are all in politics up to our ears. The water may be cold, but we must learn to swim or we will surely go under. Ignorance is no excuse and no life-saver. 4. A willingness to sacrifice one's own immediate well-being and even one's life for the attainment of White racial victory. 5. Patience and a sense of humor. 6. The Will to Win.

         B. Not required: 1. A knowledge of one's 'legal rights'. 2. Arrogant foolhardiness or cringing fear – both of which are based on ignorance.

         II. Physical preparation

         A. Required: 1. Mobility – not a fast car, but a cut-down, streamlined life-style which allows one to go anywhere at a moment's notice. How long would it take you to get out of town? What items could you take with you? What items would you leave the enemy? How far could you go? 2. Pre-arranged escape routes and hiding-places; consequently, a knowledge of your surroundings superior to that found by looking at a map. 3. At least one disguise. Examples: Longer or shorter hair; a different mode of dress; creating a genuine limp by placing material in one shoe to make one leg 'longer' than the other; false beard or if furry-faced, a clean shave. A simple, sturdy inexpensive disguise can fool the 'enforcers' even when they have a recent photograph. One subject evaded capture by merely changing his overcoat! 4. One's residence and immediate surroundings to be 'clean' of even the most innocent items which could be construed as 'evidence' of INTENT to commit illegalities. 5. Safe and reasonably accessible hiding places for the above items. 6. A reliable early-warning system enabling you to see THEM before they see YOU. 7. Safe communications; for example, friends who can receive and forward letters, etc.

         B. Not required: 1. Unsympathetic and unreliable associates who know more about your business than they should. 2. Potential hostages, either human or material which the enemy can use against you. 3. Inconvenient access and egress to one's living quarters. Must the landlady always know you're in? 4. Inconvenient dispersion of important belongings, such as identity papers, travel documents, money, vehicles, etc.

        TACTICS ACTUALLY USED BY THE KOSHER INQUISITORS, as reported on this occasion by Party activists:

         1. Physical threats, either immediate or pending incarceration; for example: beatings and sodomy by nigger prisoners with official sanction.

        Defense: Refuse to be intimidated. If physical violence is profitable, it will be used and not threatened. Words and gestures, no matter how loud and violent do not bones break. If they persist in shouting, advise them to lower their voices or you will refuse to speak to them. If you see them working themselves up into an aggressive lather, tell them to try to calm down and relax. Do not be brow-beaten into making a statement.

        2. The 'soft' approach of pretended friendship.

        Defense: Do not be cajoled into making any useful admissions. The 'enforcers' are not paid to he friendly and they didn't haul you in because they were lonesome and needed company! Sometimes this approach is used in conjunction with the 'hard' or threatening approach. Usually, one interrogator plays 'hard' and the other 'soft'. The successful role-playing usually throws the prisoner off balance and makes him confused and fearful. He is relieved to talk with a 'friendly' interrogator. Don't fall for it!

         3. Insults and snide remarks regarding the activist's person, deeds or associates calculated to make him embarrassed, angry, defensive and off balance. The Zionist enforcers will engage in the very type of impolite behavior that your mother would have spanked you for doing when you were four or five years old.

        Defense: If you are nervous, don't mind admitting it. If you wish to explain why you're on edge, you can inform them that your present company is so corrupt and sold out that you are aware that they are incapable of behaving like proper White men and that they are therefore capable of the most cowardly acts in the defense of their Jewish pay checks. That will clear the air and you will feel much more relaxed. If they insult you and your comrades, just consider the source and forget it. You are playing for keeps, so play it cool!

         4. The threat of long incarceration.

        Defense: Like the threat of violence, this is used as a THREAT because there is as yet insufficient evidence to put you in prison for any length of time. Don't give them any statements they can use against you.

         5. False accusations designed to prompt confession to a 'lesser' offense or to prompt the betrayal of a comrade in one's own defense.

        Defense: Ignore false accusations, even if the enforcers claim to have 'witnesses' and 'evidence'. Compliment them for their imaginative abilities and agree to nothing. Do not betray a comrade, even in your own defense. If you do this, the Zionists will know what type of coward you are and so will your comrades. Once they know you will respond to their 'favors', you will be their slave and will be subject to blackmail the rest of your life.

         6. The threat of ruthlessness: "We will plant evidence to convict you, if necessary, so confess to the charges and go easy on yourself."

        Defense: They are testing you to see if you will respond to blackmail. If you do, you're through!

         7. Team interrogation calculated to trip you up with rapid-fire, often contradictory questions, which, if answered, will contradict your previous statements.

        Defense: Answer questions at your own pace. Consider your answers carefully. Don't let them rush you. Make them repeat their questions. To be slightly hard of hearing is no crime. Remember: you have all the time in the world. Don't let them rush you.

         8. The 'third degree', in which they will 'demand' that you repeat your story or 'alibi' as they will call it, to the point of exhaustion.

        Defense: After a few repetitions, 'lose' your voice. You can't be held responsible for the paralysis of your vocal cords. This is obviously a normal reaction to this type of stressful situation.

         9. Denial of cigarettes, food, water and/or toilet facilities.

        Defense: Lack of the first three may cause discomfort, but think how much healthier you'll be for not smoking and it probably won't hurt to lose a few pounds. As for denial of toilet facilities, that is ridiculous! Don't hesitate to ask to use the toilet. If they refuse, warn them that it's their office, not yours and that they must live with the consequences.

         10. The whipsaw treatment. 'Your buddy made a statement and you're it, unless..."

        Defense: Don't take their word on anything. Ask to see the statement. If your 'buddy' is a fink, he will be dealt with by other comrades. Don't betray your comrades or The Movement!

         11. The Judas handshake, a ploy in the Whipsaw treatment. Suddenly, you are told that you are free to leave. The enforcers break out in toothpaste ad smiles, explain they are sorry to have bothered you. You are in sight of your comrades, remember. The Zionist stooges offer to shake hands and thank you 'for your help' in voices loud enough to shatter the station windows.

        Defense: Don't shake hands or seem in cahoots with the kosher cops. If they say 'thanks' in a LOUD voice, you shout: "THANKS FOR WHAT!" If you succumb to your basic White man's habits of politeness, your comrades may believe you've betrayed them.

         12. The 'empty' room. You are 'left alone' for a moment with a comrade or comrades. There are peepholes, TV cameras and hidden microphones in such locations, otherwise the Jews wouldn't be paying these flunkies. Also, one must remember that EVERY move following your capture has been rehearsed, especially the ones which appear inadvertent.

        Defense: Whatever you tell your comrades, remember that you are speaking into the mike. Best of all – break out into lusty rendition of the Party song!

         13. The Long Wait. By taking one in, harassing him and then leaving him alone to 'stew in his own juice', the Judeo-stooges often reap a confession as their reward for having done nothing.

        Defense: Wait them out. Don't give them the pleasure of watching you fidget. Get some sleep, if possible. If not, try to enjoy the exotic atmosphere of your surroundings. If this study bores you, do some mental gymnastics: Try to remember where you were and what you were doing on a certain date one year ago, five years ago, etc. Daydream to your heart's content. DREAM OF WHITE VICTORY!

        All of the foregoing ploys were used upon the Party activists who were 'detained' but not arrested for interrogation. Detainment means that your presence at the cop shop is 'unofficial' and that if your friends call to determine your whereabouts, 'nobody knows where you are'.

        It should be emphasized that the aforementioned interrogation tactics have many variations, but these are generally of degree and not of type. The following article (referring to one by Dr. J. K. Warner) enumerates some of the tougher techniques which are to be expected as the White Nationalist struggle intensifies. At this present stage of White Racial Awakening, the following general methods can still be adopted and adapted as the situation warrants:

        You may simply refuse to say anything to the Zionist enforcers. That's right – YOU DON'T HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING! If this if your game-plan, let them know this at the very beginning of your tedious acquaintanceship. Otherwise, the enemy will attempt to steer you into an interrogation by engaging you in small talk. The 'nothing to say' approach is desirable if you have something to hide. If you are 'clean', take the opportunity to spread the good word among the hebe's hired hands – they will listen and learn, if they are White!

        If your attitude is to be 'cordial' (like a poisoned bonbon), let them get to know you. They do anyway. Your personal life can be as an open book. It is anyway. By all means, tell them about yourself! Soon, they will start fidgeting and trying to change the subject to what you DID. About this, you know nothing. Let them know that you go on periodic drinking bouts and that your memory is unreliable. Let them tell you what they know or think they know about your doings. Encourage them – compliment them on their story-telling abilities by commenting, "Very interesting!" or "Boy, will my friends get a laugh when they hear that one!" These comments may upset your kosher inquisitors, but you are likely to get more information from them than they get from you. This is as it should be.

        Show them you LIKE their company. Soon, they will be casting nervous glances at the clock and anxiously straightening their ties. Some of them will escape by remembering urgent reports they must write and suspects they must apprehend. Excellent! You can work on those that remain. If you do it right, the kosher cops will wish they were on vacation and will begin to wonder if their salaries are worth the effort.

        Beware of 'defense' attorneys. Remember that the System gives them a living and offers them their only hope of career advancement. Don't let them 'plea-bargain' you into prison or into the booby-hatch. Remember that you have certain advantages if you act as your own attorney. A basic grasp of the law is advisable in such cases. Innocence is not enough. A well-reasoned case is usually much better. Watch for slip-ups on the part of the prosecution and take advantage of these. If the Zionist flunkies think you are 'small-fry', they will be careless in their presentation of evidence. Demand a trial by jury, if possible and challenge jury members on their prejudice in the case. The commies have won many times in this manner and so can you. Take advantage of opportunities while they last, by 'doing your homework'.

        Unfortunately, none of the foregoing security measures were taken, although the Party had a 'Security Officer'! Result: Today, the Leader of the Party is 'free' pending 'jewdicial' proceedings in connection with information received from the last raids. He, as well as other activists, can remain out of nigger-infested jails in terms of their bail agreements ONLY if they sever all ties with the Party and its members. Hence, all those wishing to associate with the Leader had to resign from the Party. Thus do the hebes make us jump through their circus hoops, accompanied by talmudic titters of amusement.

        The Leader is now running for political office without his Party, whose name has had worldwide impact. Now, the Party's name must not even be mentioned by him or his supporters!

        On the positive side, much good was obtained from this adversity. The issues which brought the Party into existence are still alive and best of all, the people involved with the resolution of the issues in the White man's favor are themselves still alive to carry on the struggle – sadder, but wiser. The Party was, after all, the people in it.

        Now, the ex-members are striving for White Power without a party. They are guided, not by a Party Program, but by the principles of White Survival which reside not in their desk drawers, but in their hearts. No kosher confiscation can deprive them of these! They are organized without a formal organization. Thus, the Party which must be nameless may achieve its aims after all. It is no exaggeration to say that the world is watching and that we of THE WHITE POWER MOVEMENT wish these racial comrades our very best.

        BUT, we may be justified in asking: Was this expensive lesson in Realpolitik really necessary? We see how the kosher slaughter system took advantage of the opportunities which the Party provided them. The Zionist attack was mild in comparison to the pre-existing possibilities for viciousness. Must we always rely on the enemy's forbearance? The Zionist 'democracies' loathe the term 'political prisoner'. Thus, they contrive to make us look like criminals, petty ones at that. Must we always oblige them by our fumblings? NOT IF WE ARE TO SURVIVE AS A RACE! The time has come, White Man, to put away your childish things, your immature concepts based upon wishful-thinking. It is high time to GROW UP AND GO ALL-OUT – TO WIN!