by Eric Thomson

        Several years ago the United States officially achieved Zero Population Growth or ZPG – a desirable goal, according to Jews, liberals and other anti-life zealots. It is important to note that such official census statistics refer to changes in the White American population only, because Negro welfare fathers and non-White illegal aliens are notably shy of census-takers and other demographic record-keepers. In short, ZPG was achieved by Whites only.

        Having advanced the proposition that human population growth was "bad" in absolute social, economic and environmental terms, we now witness the Jews and their stooges as they perform a smart about-face. It seems that America now needs the hordes of illegal aliens who are occupying steadily-increasing portions of our land, our dwellings, our jobs, our schools, our welfare case loads and our maternity wards. Of course, it would be unthinkable to deny these privileged persons their piece of America, now that we already have ours, and now that there won't be so many of us around.

        When we look north, into Canada, we see the situation is no different. A recent medical survey drew the following comment from one Canadian physician in regard to the abortion issue: "We must import people from other countries and we are unable to fill our job vacancies. We are committing White Race suicide."

        Since we "need" these swarms of privileged non-Whites so much, as our so-called representatives tell us, we must not expect them to do as we do – pay their taxes and restrict their numbers. That would be a horrible thing for us to insist upon. It would be racist; in a word – Nazi. We must give the Jews and their liberal lackeys credit for consistency on one topic at least: they have always deplored Nazis, whoever the 'Nazis' are at any given moment. In the fifties, General MacArthur was a 'Nazi', as well as Senator Joe McCarthy. Our 'unbiased' free press said so. The present holders of the world Nazi title are the Semites or Arabs. That'll teach them to dislike the kikes!

        But just because the Jews have been pumping our heads full of ZPG propaganda does not mean that we have lost our reproductive instincts. Such instincts would be frail indeed if the subtle and not so subtle media promotion of homosexuality and childlessness could undo Nature's handiwork in so short a time. It is even less likely that White Americans have stopped having so many children so that some flabby liberal does not call them "Nazis".

        There is another powerful instinct at work among the White parents or potential parents: the instinct of protecting the young. White parents are not having the number of healthy, intelligent children they could be having because they have good reason to believe that they cannot protect them.

        The urban crime rate is such that the parent may find it difficult enough to protect himself – far less can a child be expected to survive, for once he leaves the crime-infested streets, he is a target for racial violence in the crime-infested schools.

        There is, moreover, a bounty on White children. A White child may be sold in any major U.S. city today for a substantial sum. For what purposes? Dear, sheltered reader, it is better that you do not ask. It is enough for you to know that it is unwise to leave your White child alone. There is a growing evil in this land, which was once ours, and like an iceberg, we see only the tip.

        This is a country in which White children are bought and sold, a country which cannot bring itself to execute murderers, but kills unborn babies by the thousands because they have no voice to cry out. Nobody has to look into their eyes when they die.

        Many White Americans, and this includes our racial kinsmen in Canada, are no longer confident in their country's future. There are growing numbers who express reasonable doubts that the country has a future. They see their taxes increase while the country's ability to defend itself decreases. They see themselves paying to protect hostile, rapidly-growing alien minorities as they see their own government denying them the right to protect themselves. They see race war looming on the darkening horizon and they don't know what to do.

        Thus, a growing number of White Americans do not wish to inflict the America of today on their children. Because White Americans have learned that they cannot protect their children, those of us who would make the best parents are not reproducing. The same voluntary curtailment of reproduction is manifest in the Soviet Union – again, among the Whites, as Soviet Asians find even Soviet welfare handouts more than sufficient incentive to breed. Apparently, Soviet Whites have come to the same conclusion as American Whites: the children must not suffer such an existence.

        Popular propagandists of the jewsmedia, both here and in the Soviet Union, another Jew-ruled country, disclaim the relevance of this natural instinct to protect the young which exists among those of us who can justly call ourselves human beings and not domesticated animals. These promoters of fiction allege that childlessness is the result of higher living standards and not loss of hope for the future. Such may be the case in the Soviet Union, where so-called higher living standards approximate those which most Americans and Europeans would deem subsistence level. But the validity of this proposition depends on our forgetting completely the fact that Americans and Europeans have long enjoyed high living standards, which even in their decline are far out of reach of increasing numbers of the world population. It is therefore not the improvement in living standards in America which we must consider, but their very real decline.

         Zionist Freedom: The Illusion of Choice

        Eric Blair, alias George Orwell, wrote a chilling 'science fiction' book, "1984" which depicted a dictatorship presided over by a stern, Stalin-like figure called "Big Brother". What one could do or not do was rigidly prescribed and the figure of tyrannical authority was always visible and fearsomely close. This was the bogeyman version of tyranny. Most Americans reassure themselves that their television screens do not see into their living rooms as did those of Orwell. At least, we do not believe they do. The only surveillance TV we have is in our jails, airports, banks, public parks, bus stations and apartment and office buildings. Besides, none of our politicians – certainly not the President – look tough, intelligent and virile, like Orwell's Big Brother. So there!

        Our European brothers and sisters often accuse us of being vulgar and infantile, then go and do precisely what they have criticized us for doing. Certainly, some of their criticism is justified, for we White Americans do have some childish attitudes and habits of thought. One of these is to cling to the flimsy and tattered illusion that we are free because there is no uniformed commissar to tell us in stentorian tones what we shall or shall not do. There are no strutting Hollywood-type Nazis who inspect our genetic records and give us parade ground orders not to have children. Certainly, there are no laws against having children, otherwise the entire American nigger population would be under arrest! Thus we see that without a single order from Big Brother, White Americans are not even reproducing their own numbers. Why?

        The answer lies in money. There is a decreasing availability of money for raising children as any conscientious White parent would wish to raise them. There is a rising cost for obtaining living-space; a rising cost for education as well as a decline in quality. Nutritious food is becoming more difficult to find and more expensive.

        The money question is of foremost importance in a money economy – and we do live in a money economy. Money's availability or non-availability determines the availability of jobs, housing, education, transportation, clothing, food and the quality thereof. Money is therefore of primary importance in White Americans' plans for having or not having children.

        A doctor described the problem thusly: "We are losing a large percentage of babies of probable higher intelligence as the parents seem to request more abortions for financial reasons." Another doctor reported: "Too many are being done. The abortion rate exceeds the birth rate."

        These are clear and present danger signals in regard to the survival and well-being of White Civilization on this continent. Because responsible reproduction and money-production are so closely related, it is important for us to learn just who does create our money and why so much of it is being allocated to foster White destruction and non-White reproduction in our country. We must turn our attention to economic matters beyond those of our flat checking accounts and slim wallets, our sole defenses against the monthly onslaught of instalment payments.

        This is not to say that a complete course in economics will be included in the following paragraphs, but five indications will be given so that the responsible citizen can direct his enquiries and channel his patriotic activities most efficiently and most productively.

        (1) We must understand that economic productivity gives rise to the need for money as a means of exchange. The supply of goods and services available for exchange gives money its value, as money without goods and services is valueless. Gold and silver are goods in themselves and despite their historic monetary usage, have their own prices as commodities, like oil or coffee.

        (2) The money supply must depend on productivity if we are to avoid inflation, deflation and depressions. Unfortunately, our present economic organization is obviously the exact reverse of its correct order: productivity depends on the money supply. This is why we have inflation, deflation, depressions – and White ZPG.

        (3) The reason our monetary cart has been hitched before our productivity pony is twofold: It results from treason on the part of our elected representatives and the Jews' will to power – political power attained through money power and corruption.

        (4) The Federal Reserve, the sole creator and primary allocator of our country's money is the focal point of Zionist power in the United States. It is a private, Jewish bank, like its hated predecessor which was abolished by President Andrew Jackson.

        (5) The United States Congress and the President of the United States have violated and continue to violate Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution wherein it is stated that Congress alone shall have the power "To coin money, regulate the value thereof..." This latest violation of the U.S. Constitution occurred on December 23, 1913, with the passage of the Reserve Act, unbeknownst to the majority of Congress who had already gone home for Christmas. Clearly, mid-December is the time to watch what happens in Congress!

        Starting in 1912 with the election of Woodrow Wilson (real name Wohlson, alias Wolfson), the stage was set for one of the greatest money power grabs in history – destined to erode the power of our government to regulate the value and supply of money and place it under Jew control.

        The U.S. tax-payers' money squandered in unnecessary interest for the privilege of issuing our own money by the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank amounts to an annual expenditure well in excess of $30 billion. Remember, this began for the second time in 1913! Rothschild's Bank of England would have imposed such a system of debt-based currency upon us if we had not fought the American Revolution and the Jewish princes of international finance would have succeeded much sooner, had it not been for Andrew Jackson and a lucky shot by Aaron Burr who rid us of the Jew, Hamilton, the major promoter of the so-called U.S. Bank.

        Naturally, the Jews are not eager to give up their preferred position as the dominators of our national currency and hence, our national destiny. They are not going to release their filthy strangle-hold on White America without a fight. At the outset, the Jews and their Gentile puppets will claim that, should Congress issue our money debt-free, as our founding fathers provided in our Constitution, we would then have unlimited fiat money. Such arguments are merely smoke screens to protect the Jews' Bank from being deprived of its great profit and power at the expense of the American people. Failing in argument, as they failed in 1776, they will resort to armed force – as they did then – in order to maintain their domination of our nation. But in the meantime, they will inflict ZPG upon us. Race war – Jews versus Whites – is in full progress, though it has not been formally declared.

        How many Pearl Harbors does it take to wake up White Americans?

        In the words of Rabbi Rabinovich: "I can state with assurance that the last generation of White children is now being born... We will embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaica, and our race will rule undisputed over the earth. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples." (Mullins' New History of the Jews, pp. 148-149)

        Zero Population Growth, an interesting theory, but in fact, it means White Race suicide, manipulated into being by the Jews who control our money supply. Remember the words of the man who brought us Pearl Harbor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "Things don't just 'happen'. They are made to happen the way they do."

        (Ed's note: Although this article was written over 20 years ago, it is still relevant and timely.)