Some Thoughts on

by Eric Thomson

        The American right wing is noted for its stupidity and wishful-thinking, neither of which has ever done it any good or brought it to power. The Zionists must wonder sometimes what these goyim have for brains and so do I. If ever the right wing, and that includes so-called racial nationalists, born again what-nots, kosher konservatives, bedsheet brigaders and the mistaken identity crowd who proclaim themselves to be the "true jews", had a formula for losing, it seems that no better one could be invented. Some of the ingredients of this losers' formula include: (l) Lack of human and material resources in both quantity and quality (2) Spreading these slim resources even thinner by refusing to look at political reality and thus avoiding the establishment of an order of priorities. Rockwell had a cogent cartoon in which a Black was mugging a White man who was asking what he could do to get the nigger off him. A KKK figure said, "Burn a cross". A NSRP supporter said, "Wave a Confederate flag". 'Anti-Communist' Billy Hargis (a child-molester and promoter of race-mixing) burps and says, "Send me money". A Bircher in peculiar 19th century clothes says, "Write your congressman". A Rockwell stormtrooper says: "White man, fight!" To these can be added the 'survivalist' who heads for the hills, abandoning his cities, schools, factories, and government to the enemy within.

        Just as we see no agreement on what to do, we likewise see no agreement on what is really happening that requires us to do something. The "Spotlight" crowd was at one time upset about the giveaway of the Panama Canal. They spent lots of scarce right-wing money trying to make this a political issue, but the powers-that-be were spending lots more money on other issues, like the Holocaust, so the Panama Canal 'giveaway' became scarcely more of an American issue than the Aswan Dam. That attempt should have taught us all something, but I doubt that it did. The right-wing loves its formula for failure and won't let anyone take it away. Another example was Rhodesia. People who had lived there and worked in the government of Ian Smith warned the Americans that Rhodesia was being sold out to the Reds and that Smith was Traitor #l. The right-wing refused to believe that Ian Smith would betray his race and condemn Rhodesia's Blacks to a living death under a Communist dictatorship, but Smith did exactly what Rhodesian observers said he would do: sell out to the commies. A pro-nationalist writer pointed out in a book over five years ago that Russia and America were dominated by Jews, but so-called Red China was not and possibly that we should use the Chinese (who are great racists) as an ally according to the time-proven dictum that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The book, although widely circulated, was ignored and right-wingers go on proclaiming "Communism" to be a monolithic, absolutely unified monster which is pushing inexorably forward. How they can explain the "Communist" Vietnamese fighting the "Communist" Chinese ever since the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam? I have not seen and probably the right-wing, being typically motivated by wishful thinking, does not wish to see any golden opportunities which might clash with their unbroken fabric of darkness and defeat.

        For what it is worth, I now point out to American Whites that they see before them a golden opportunity – to get the jew monkey off their backs using the jews' erstwhile ally, the Blacks. A Black man has given White people their golden opportunity and his name is Jesse Jackson. Let's look at the reasons why.

        (l) Jesse Jackson is Black and he is pro-Black. This is much more than we can say in terms of racial loyalty of any of the so-called White presidential candidates, none of whom are pro-White. Jesse Jackson is a Black racist. No other racists are going to run for U.S. President, only phonies and jew-stooges.

        (2) The jews don't like Jackson, because he might cool the Middle East situation and he is not pro-Israel. He even mentions the jews by name as using the Blacks for their own interests. The jews have been taking money and power in the name of the Blacks and Black people have received neither. The jews know this and Jackson knows it, but he says so and now millions of goyim, Black and White, know about jew-jitsu in government. Unlike the White candidates, Jackson proposes doing something about it.

        (3) Jackson threatens to destabilize the rotten U.S. political party system. Can any White candidate do this?

        (4) Jackson is honest. He wants it all and says so. If he is elected, Black people will become #1 in America's order of priority. No White coward or hypocrite can please Blacks more.

        (5) Jackson will racialize American politics for perhaps the first time. American Whites need to face reality. For too long they have elected White faces with Black or Jewish souls. Because they were so scared of confronting racial realities, 'patriotic American' Whites conned themselves into believing that race wasn't really the issue, that we were all 'Americans' (whatever that means) and that our interests were basically the same. Of course, we racists were saying for decades that this was nonsense and that the only racial group not out to get the most for itself on this continent were the Whites. American Whites need a good racist president, of whatever race, to teach them about reality. As everyone says, no alcoholic can be cured until he admits that he is an alcoholic and similarly, no White American can be saved until he admits that he is a White man, first, foremost and always. Whites are in the world minority and it's high time they knew this and did something about it. White people are not going to decide to take America back until it becomes obvious to the dumbest flag-waver that America has been taken away from us. The teacher of this lesson can be Jesse Jackson. The jews don't like that prospect either.

        (6) It is necessary for White men and women to decide once and for all their order of priorities. We lack the resources, as previously mentioned, to take on the Blacks, the jews and the other colored groups now dominating American politics. But who made the Blacks into the formidable voting bloc they have become? You guessed it: jewish minds and jewish money. The Black is the symptom of America's disease, not the cause. White people must realize this fact if we are to save ourselves. The Whites' performance in the Chicago Mayoral election was a reflection of pitiful ignorance and ineptitude. Racial nationalists actually sought to oppose the election of the Black candidate by supporting that sorry-looking jewish sad-sack! This is the nadir of ignorance, for the system cannot be changed until it gets a whole lot worse and Blacks will insure that it gets worse, fast. The Whites were impotent in this campaign. They had no racial policy and no racial candidate who stood a chance of winning. Thus, the intelligent White nationalist would have used this election as a tool for educating other Whites, not running off in all directions yelling "Stop the Nigger!" or words to that effect. Jesse Jackson can be our second chance on a federal level, for Jackson as president can teach every White about the benefits of racial solidarity and White people so desperately need teachers.

        (7) It is not necessary that Jesse Jackson win the presidential election, but a massive pro-Jackson White protest vote would certainly upset the jew-dominated shabez goy parties and would stimulate the jews to exercise their power (which they disclaim) in order to stop Jackson. Remember Presidential Candidate Connally? The jews were calling for his assassination before he even started his presidential campaign. Connally backed down without a peep, but I don't think Jackson would. Someone would have to assassinate him. The Whites were not squarely behind Connally, but the Blacks are squarely behind Jackson. Shoot Jackson and the excrement hits the air conditioner. The thing to watch for is that the jews will be able to pass the blame for such an assassination or attempted assassination onto White nationalists. But even in such a case, Whites will come out ahead since they will be forced to defend themselves against hordes of irate Blacks. It would not be the first time that correct tactics were imposed upon us by our enemies, rather than by our own leaders. Jackson promises to be the most important catalyst in the achievement of a White Awakening on this continent and I urge all White nationalists to vote for him if he becomes the Democratic or Independent presidential candidate. Jackson can do more to achieve White Power than an army of mental midgets who presently claim to speak on behalf of White people in America.

        (8) If elected, what would Jackson do for White people, based on his previous track record? Well, by sucking up all the federal funds in order to spew them out upon welfare recipients, he would stop a lot of jewish mischief-making. The Middle East would cool off very quickly and Israel would have to behave for a change. World War III would be thrown off schedule since the key instigator, the U.S.A., would be concerned with domestic problems instead of evading them through overseas adventures. The White people of Europe could breathe a little easier and work toward White Unity and White Power over there. But for most Whites, life will become tougher, faster. This is the only way they can be moved off their fat, selfish asses. So be it. American Whites will see the Black faces of their government and for the first time realize that it is theirs no longer, with not even White faces to provide the illusion they now cherish. When that happens, the tax revolt will intensify. Whites will of necessity begin to create their own alternative economy.

        (9) If elected, what would Jackson do for the jews? Right now, the U.S. is like a troika formed by two horses and a single rider. One horse is White, the other Black and the rider with a foot on each horse's back is the jew. So far, the rider has used the reins to keep both horses running parallel, but what happens when the Black horse decides to take off in its own direction? That will be the dilemma for the jews. Will they ride one or the other or worst of all, fall somewhere in between, with a double hernia? It is the job of every White nationalist to make sure they fall. Rockwell knew this and he was working with Black Muslim leaders and Malcolm X's Afro-Americans to bring about the fall of the Z.O.G. That is why both men were murdered. But now, should the "Black champion", to use the Black Muslim's own words, be shot down, Blacks would not be ignorant of the people who wanted Jackson removed from the political scene and they would not remain idle. Neither Malcolm X nor Rockwell had become such public figures as Jackson is now and Jackson has already pointed his finger at the jews as being his worst enemies.

        I repeat, this is a golden opportunity for White Nationalists. All activists should be working to put him through the Democratic presidential primaries so that he can run against the jews' shabez goy, Reagan. "The enemy of my enemy must be my ally."

        Editor's comment: The reader will notice that this article was written over 10 years ago. However, the message is still poignant and relevant. Since then, it is obvious that Mr. Thomson was in error about Jackson's character. It appears that Jesse may have been presented with an offer he couldn't refuse. He has been effectively neutralized by chaining him to a jew-run TV babble-show.