by Eric Thomson    (Liberty Bell July 1977)
(a dated, but timely, article about Zimbabwe)

What has Rhodesia got to do with you? That's right – YOU, a flabby, junk-food munching, thoughtless, tax-paying American tube boob! Well, according to your order of priorities, Rhodesia will have no effect on that plate of packaged poison you are gobbling; nor will it interfere with your dubious sex life or drive up the price of beer; finally and most important of all, whatever is going to happen in Rhodesia and eventually in South Africa will not make your TV set go on the blink; so your little world is safe.

Of course, Rhodesia and the entire African continent could join Lost Atlantis down in David Jonestein's hockshop beneath the briny and your little Johnny would not regain the sight he lost in his right eye after the bashing he got from those bused niggers – but you and I already know that your kids were never very important to you anyway. That's why you let the kikes bus them in the first place, right? Come on now, there's only the two of us and the ADL bugging device listening in, so you don't need to play 'irate parent' with me .

Besides, we're getting off the subject: Rhodesia – remember – and how it relates to you. I mentioned earlier that you were, among other things, a tax-payer. You do seem to understand that your taxes are taking an increasing portion of your income and you seem to be getting more and more government-sponsored trouble as a result. I see that I have struck a responsive chord. Rhodesia, my featherless friend, is going to cost you – and you are not going to receive one single, commie cent out of the deal. So switch off the electronic cyclops, pass me a beer and I'll explain.

There is a rather mangy doggerel which I discovered lying in the shade of a baobab tree which goes:

Rhodesia is a fabled land about to blow its fuse

Therein one finds two basic kinds of Blacks and Whites and mongrels

But only one of Jews

who play a game entitled: Heads we win and tails you lose.

To begin at the beginning (whenever that would be) would take far too much of your TV-viewing time, so we'll begin with Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965, at which time economic sanctions (trade and financial embargoes) were imposed by the lackeys of the U.N. and just as quickly evaded by all concerned, especially Rhodesia's Black-ruled neighbors. Thus, in 1965 up to the present, Rhodesia's chief trading partners have been South Africa (Rhodesian beef and coal); Zambia (Rhodesian maize and manufactures, including uniforms for its armed forces); Mozambique (Rhodesian maize); the U.S.S.R. (Rhodesian chrome); and Red China (Rhodesian tobacco and cotton). In exchange for these products, Rhodesians received a trickle of necessary manufactured items like vehicles and machinery! And it has been a trickle all right, for the value of Rhodesia's exports is far greater than the value of her imports. It is this difference which goes into the kosher coffers of the Jew-middlemen. How did this come about?

In 1965 , all trade between Rhodesia and any other country was made illegal. Thus, the Rhodesian Government, ably assisted by the cunning Jewish middlemen and bankers, set up a series of "marketing boards" which would "guarantee" Rhodesian producers a buyer and a "fair price" for their products. Needless to say, there was a catch to this, in fact there were several, which we shall inspect later on. At any rate, these Government-sponsored "marketing boards" were known as "statutory bodies", like the U.S. Postal Service, TVA, and the Federal Reserve. Such entities are run for private profit and are supposedly regulated by the government. What they are in fact would make the pirates of old green with envy. Another thing which the Rhodesian Government and its jewish 'advisors and assistants' did was to support certain existing firms as the suppliers of imported goods. Such firms were given "foreign currency allocations" by the Jew-owned Reserve Bank of Rhodesia. Those that weren't simply faded out of the import business. Yes, you've sniffed some of the unpleasant truth: the rats were on the loose in Rhodesia.

Thus it happened that Rhodesian producers of agricultural, mineral and manufactured items suddenly found themselves dependent upon a single buyer for their products at a single price – as well as a single supplier for their production requirements – at a single price; take it or leave it; leave it and go out of business. Rhodesian farmers saw that their government had been as good as its word (just like making a bargain with Satan). Whether their crops were large or small, whether times were good or bad, they could always sell their entire crops of grain, cotton, tobacco, tea, etc. There were some catches, however. For one thing, the farmer or other producer could not sell his goods to any other buyer than the government marketing board and for another, the costs of the necessities he obtained from the government-supported supplier were always high, compared to the earnings realized from the sale of produce. In other words, the Rhodesian producers, in particular the farmers, got deep into debt.

Again, the Rhodesian Government came to the 'rescue'. The Rhodesian farmer could borrow as much as he needed to keep producing, because the government was there with another statutory body, The Land Bank, later known as the Agricultural Finance Corporation. "Credit" was the word and the sky was the limit!

The farmers appreciated their government's 'thoughtful' assistance, for they knew that Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith was a farmer himself and wouldn't let the country down. After all, the White farmers were the backbone of Rhodesia and the main support of Smith's government and U.D.I. Besides which, 'good old Smithy' had been in the R.A.F., and don't you know, fought the dreaded Hun and was Rhodesian born and bred – sterling fellow!

But the 'omely 'horacle' who abandoned his mangy doggerel on our doorstep said there were two types of Whites. Who are they? The poor and the prostituted, that's who! Rhodesia's yeoman farmer, once master of all he surveyed, was to become poor under the Smith government, while Smith and his cronies would prosper, according to their lights, via the politician's variant of the world's oldest profession.

So it came about that the sturdy White families depicted on the jewsmedia are not the real owners of the land they risk their lives upon to toil and till. Their farms are – according to Deeds Registry records – mortgaged to the A.F.C. for as much as five times their original values. These heroic White settlers own little more than the shirts on their backs. Yet, these are the hardy Rhodesians who "will lose their land" when Black rule is established. The truth is, the Rhodesian farmer has already lost his land – to the Jew moneylender. Come now, who did you think the A.E.C. was? Certainly not King Midas, but King Bulan and his hired band of forty thieves.

The burden of debt is unpayable – with or without sanctions – on such horrendous mortgage figures. Even one bad year of crop failure or market slump would put the hard-working farmer right back to square one. Thus, the best thing the White farmer can do is to pack his shirt and leave. Why, then, do the Jews shed crocodile tears and televise the plight of the White Rhodesians? For profit, of course! Let us see who really owns Rhodesia.

In anticipation of things to come, there has been a great influx of Jewish money into Rhodesia, just as there has been a contrary exodus of Jews fleeing military service against Black terrorists. One would think it strange that the Jews are not taking their favorite item with them, but are actually leaving it behind and pouring more in besides. It is anything but strange when one knows the facts of the case.

Rhodesian Deeds Registry records show the changing complexion of property ownership and investment in the country. What they show is this: Jew Harry Oppenheimer's gigantic, multi-national Anglo American Corporation, already the owner of a major portion of Rhodesian land, including industrial and mineral holdings, continues to purchase large tracts of White Rhodesia. In 1970, for instance, Anglo-American annexed two large holdings, Eastern Forest Highlands and Mazoe Citrus Estates, money being "no object", in the words of a company spokesman. Translation: The millions paid would be recovered many times over. Question: Recovered from whom? Black Rhodesians? No, not from Black Rhodesians nor from a Black government. Read on.

America's Jewish Union Carbide continues to hang onto vast resources of chrome and asbestos, while Liebig's, an international Jew meat-packing company, owns a large territory in central Rhodesia called Nuanetsi Ranch. Certainly, these monstrous Jew combines have seen and read the writing on the Rhodesian privy wall, but they have no desire to sell out and get out before Black misrule arrives. Accordingly, lesser Jews have flocked like vultures to buy up Rhodesian real estate, sight unseen. Such absentee owners will probably never sally forth from their kosher caverns of Johannesburg ("Jewburg" as White South Africans call it), New York, London and Tel Aviv. Yet, they now own large portions of Rhodesia, a land they will never come to know. Why?

Because the word is out, White Man: The Jews know that good old Uncle Sam(uelsohn) is going to reimburse them most profitably, all in the stated interest of "smoothing Rhodesia's transition to majority rule." We have already seen who owns the White farmers' land, so the White farmers and settlers will not receive one penny of the protected monetary settlement. The Jews will take all.

In terms of Rhodesia's White-inspired Land Tenure Act, approximately one-half of Rhodesia belongs inalienably to Blacks and cannot be sold or occupied by non-Blacks without very special permission on the part of the Rhodesian Government and the tribal chiefs. But when Black rule arrives, the Whites will not be around to protect the Blacks from themselves and the boozy 'independence celebrations' will yield to the rude awakening of the morning after.

As our licentious poet declared: there are two types of Blacks – the betrayers and the betrayed – and the former, be they Red Blacks or Green (capitalist) Blacks, work for the Jews, as we have already seen in the Congo, Angola and Mozambique (Oppenheimer supplied the MPLA with food and other goodies!). So these Black rulers will be the Jews' slave-drivers and overseers in the 20th century remaking of that brutal and avaricious extravaganza: King Solomon's mines, brought to you by the American tax-payer.

0.K., now you can switch on the boob tube and go back to lotus munching.