by Eric Thomson


I note the increasing number of Ostensible White (O.W.) girls who are going around with ugly mestizo (White + Amerasian {Indian} half-breeds) thugs who are generally much bigger and older than their female targets. There are also many O.W. girls who look nice enough, except for their mulatto offspring. First, one sees the O.W. girl with her nigger boyfriend. Later, we see her with her mud-brat, minus the boyfriend. Less frequently, we see nigger husbands with their O.W. wives and numerous niggerlettes. When an O.W. girl has her 1/4 Asian offspring, there is no doubt that the Asiatic genes are dominant, as well as the mestizo's ugliness and sullen features. Mixed breed brats often suffer a variety of mental defects including hyperactivity, retardation and attention deficiency syndrome. By comparison, relatively unmixed "black nigger" kids are stable! White children who experience learning difficulties in school are all too often the victim's of their White mother's race-mixing. Their nigger step-daddies don't seem to like them and their White mommies seem indifferent toward them. As we know, divorce and step-childhood are traumatic for any child, but multi-racial second marriages or 'shack-ups' can be absolutely devastating.

What would attract a pretty White girl to an ugly specimen of another race? Do her parents teach her to avoid attractive White boys? Does her church promote race-mixing as a new commandment from The Big Sky Jew? Do the jewsmedia promote mestizo and nigger values so as to make mestizos and niggers attractive to White boys and girls? Is it a combination of such influences, plus others we do not know about? As we see, over and over again, the jewsmedia have long promoted ugly as 'good' and colored as both 'good' and 'beautiful'. Simultaneously, 'our' media of education, entertainment and information have sought to smear White and beautiful as 'bad'. Many of us remember Aryan actors who were handsome heroes, such as Olympic swimming star, Buster Crabbe, who played Flash Gordon and Tarzan. The villain, merciless Ming of Mongo, was a sinister, oriental-looking fellow. Nowadays, the roles would be reversed. Buster would play the 'Nazi' villain and the Saturnian Ming would play the 'poisecuted' hero. The anti-White message is now quite obvious. We have seen horror-movie figures such as Dracula and Frankenstein's Monster converted into cuddly children's mascots, just as we see depictions of rotting corpses marketed to kids under the jew's "Goosebumps" label. Homosexuality is a Hollywood 'ho-hum', along with bisexuality of the "Viktor-Viktoria" variety. Coming up fast, we see incest and necrophilia themes for the general audience.

The jew master of Disney Company, Michael Eisner, promoted race-mixing big time with "Pocahontas", "The Beauty and the Beast" and "The Hunchback". Compared to a beast or a hunchback, O.J. Simpson doesn't look too bad! No more "Cinderella" or "Snowwhite", unless they are Black. Only Whites seem to have normal romantic relationships. Hence, we see Bill Cosby portrayed as America's 'favorite father-figure' and Whoopee Goldberg is 'the all-American woman', our new paragon of female 'beauty' and 'maturity'. How the hebes must laugh! Next, we'll see King Kong promoted as a sex-object. Imagine a gorilla playing James Bond.

When a kosher konservative asked me how I would define "Third World", I said that it was correctly pronounced "Turd World", based upon the observed color and behavior of the inhabitants. Functionally, it means that the people cannot feed themselves, regardless of the extent of their arable land and fisheries. All Turd World countries have industry, which used to be the criterion for non-Turd World status, but practical analysts understand that the feeding of a country's populace is of primary importance. Industry's primary purpose is the acquisition of food for non-food items. Cities arose at strategic points where food and non-food producers gathered to exchange their wares.

Race is, as always, the most important factor in any equation. Previously, the promoters of Turd World industrialization used White models for their projections of industry's likely effects on Turd World demography. Obviously, such projections did not compute in reality. It was assumed that industrialization would improve the general standard of living and, magically, slow down the Turd World population growth rate or 'population explosion', as demographers dub it, quite correctly. These puerile pundits overlooked the racial facts before their own eyes in North America, where industrialization and even mass-unemployment did not slow Black population growth. Further industrialization of Asia, Africa and Latin America will not raise the general standard of living at the present rate of population increase. If the rapid growth of industry was as beneficial as its proponents have thus claimed, then we must wonder why Turd World population 'exports' are increasing, while their imports of White capital and technology are also increasing, more than ever before. The simple answer is that the colored people are using North America, Europe and Australia, as their food sources. In our lands they will continue to multiply, very rapidly. A recent agricultural study forecast that the U.S.A. will have to import food within 60 years, in order to feed the increased population on the decreased output of remaining agricultural land. The glaring question which no one asked was, FROM WHOM DO WE IMPORT THIS FOOD?

My kosher konservative contact cited a report that the Chinese are producing approximately 9 males for every female. He thought that the Chinese would become 'swish'. I said that was most unlikely and that they would come over here, to North America, and take our women. As he shook his head in utter disbelief, I said that it was already happening. At the present rate of Chinese expansion into North America, the entire population of the Western Hemisphere will become Asianized around the end of the 21st century. Chinese numbers are such that they could easily miscegenate with all existing Whites and Blacks and still not affect their genetic base, which provides them with their identity and their unwavering goals. Racial purity confers continuity of purpose and consistency of behavior. Continuity and consistency will always triumph over those whose identities are sketchy, whose interests alter with any change of wind direction, as present North Americans demonstrate. The pure Chinese will easily push a semi-Asiatic, polyglot, degenerate population into its well-deserved grave, no matter how well they can hit a golf ball. Tiger Woods, take note! Only a nincompoop would believe that the Chinese would support a horde of Black welfare parasites.

Hitler prophesied that North America would be taken over by the Asians, if the Whites did not shake the jewish monkeys off their backs. How true. At least 1/2 the North American population is already part Asian. This includes the so-called "American Indians", plus the Anglo-, Franco- and Hispano-mestizos. Such mixed breeds are actually Eurasians. The purer the "Indian" the more Asiatic his appearance. It is easy to mistake many so-called Indians for Chinese, as I have discovered. Asian is Asian, regardless of birthplace, be it Hong Kong or Chicago.

Who opposes this Asian invasion from the West and the semi-Asian invasion from the South? Nobody! Whites seem to care nothing for the continuity of their race, the survival of their children nor the preservation of their civilization. "After me, the deluge!" is the rule. Obviously, many nasty chickens are coming home to roost in our lifetimes. There will be many 'golden geezers' and anti-White Whites who may wish they had died a lot sooner when the error of their ways catches up with them. I experienced this same feckless attitude amongst Rhodesian and South African Whites, and were they unpleasantly surprised!

It is truly amazing when one considers how ferociously North American Whites have fought their fellow Whites here and in Europe, supposedly in defence of their land, their freedom and their way of life. With 20-20 hindsight, we know that our internecine violence achieved the exact opposite of our intentions, just as our Zionist instigators knew all along. Now, we give up our land, our freedoms and our way of life without so much as a whimper, let alone a fight! How disgusting.


Many observers have lamented the death and dearth of community in Judeo-America, where people are isolated from neighbors and even from their own family members. The loss of community life was glaringly revealed in a recent radio feature on the demise of East Germany's famous Buna Works, the home of rubber and oil made from coal. The narrator said that the Nazis created Buna to make Germany self-sufficient in these two important products, so as to be independent from foreign suppliers. Yes, he opined, those nasty Nazis were preparing Germany for war! How criminal! After such mandatory kosher krapulations, the narrator said that the East German commies kept Buna going without letup. Even the war did not stop Buna production, although the oil plant was severely damaged in an Allied air raid. Evidently, the commies had no 'evil' desires for self-sufficiency, and as we know so well, they are also inherently 'peace-loving'.

Before East Germany (actually Central Germany) joined West Germany, Buna employed 20,000 workers who lived in nearby apartment buildings. They enjoyed a community of arts, sports and social life, much as they did during National Socialism. They were proud to be Buna workers, and discussed ways in which production could be improved and increased throughout the works. Buna was their home and their way of life. Their fellow workers and families were 'their people'. It was 'all for one and one for all'.

There was a 'down side' in the form of sulfur pollution in the air, but even that could have been eliminated by 'mining' sulfur at the smokestacks, as the Third Reich had done, using scrubber technology.

With German unification, Buna was turned over to Dow Chemical, and 'Americanization' set in. Buna was 'modernized' by converting it from coal to imported oil. Most of the plant was torn down and 9 out of 10 workers were dismissed. This also 'Americanized' (destroyed) the workers' community life and community values. Those workers who retained their jobs had to work harder, for longer periods, so they had no time for social life. Every employee fears that he may be dismissed, so there is a poisonous atmosphere of fearful competition and suspicion amongst those with jobs. Everyone knows that there are 9 jobless people hoping to be employed at what is left of Buna, and that is indeed frightening. Adios sports teams, clubs and social activities! Adios fellowship and community!

For the first time in their lives, people notice children living on the streets. There are no higher goals than individual materialism. As one German woman put it, "there is no one to show these children the way." That is because The Way has been destroyed. Not even the judeo-communists had done that. This wrecking job was done at last by our very own judeocapitalists. The Germans are wiser than they may know to dub their misfortune "Americanization", for they now know what American Whites have known for generations: individual isolation and community fragmentation. Few founders of the U.S.A. understood that this form of "individualism" was just another form of our enemy's 'divide and rule' strategy.

A righteous jew named Kaufmann related that he was born in Germany before World War II. His father, knowing a war was on the way, hustled him over to British-occupied Palestine, where the young Kaufmann spent the war years as a virtual slave on a kibbutz. He never was liked nor trusted by the Khazar or Russian jews who ran much of jewish society in that area, so he left Israel as soon as he could, coming to America. It did not take very long for him to be disgusted by American values. He concluded from observation that this society was upside down, subordinating all social values to the gratification of the individual's immediate "pursuit of happiness". Nowhere had he witnessed such diligent hedonism and self-righteous selfishness. His attitude toward American-style consumerism would be like ours toward the decadent Romans who gorged themselves upon myriad delicacies and repaired to the vomitorium to barf, thence to gorge themselves again. Kaufmann returned to postwar Germany, where he felt much more at home, and never went anywhere else, for this was his community. He knew what exile meant and rejected it. American Whites know only exile, for we have never really known community.


One correspondent opined that race-mixing is consensual, unless it is consummated by rape. Therefore, it cannot be deemed a crime. I replied that race-mixing is genocide, for it destroys any society, just as it destroyed the Aryan civilizations of India, Greece and Rome. The effects of race-mixing are well-described in the jews' Tower of Babel Fable. Many crimes deemed as such in our society are consensual: the acceptance of a bribe and the purchase of certain illegal services and substances are lawful offenses for which both parties to the illegal act of consent may be charged. The ongoing destruction of civilization by Turd World immigrants, drugs, degeneracy and bribery is consensual, just as is the hatching out of social burdens by welfare mothers. Treason on the part of government officials and other violations of the public trust are matters of mutual consent between the traitor or thief and his benefactor or paymaster. Since our society will no longer defend itself from its enemies, our society's destruction is also a matter of consent. This crime is called suicide.


The numerous sex scandals in the U.S. military are absurd and ridiculous. What sort of being would believe that any organization could abolish sex by any set of rules? For 2000 years, the Christians have sought to abolish sex, or at least to inhibit it. As Nietzsche observed, "Christianity gave Eros poison to drink. It did not kill him, but it made him degenerate into a vice."

National Socialist Germany recognized the sex instinct. Pornography was prohibited and hard to find, but prostitution was legal and readily available. Rape was punishable by death in the German Army and brothels were conveniently located for troops on garrison duty and/or returning from combat. As the U.S. Army did in World War I, German brothels were controlled for access and egress; VD inspections were required and infected persons were quarantined and treated. Although this was decades before the development of penicillin, the U.S. Army's World War I VD rate was less than its World War II rate. In addition to its health advantages, this policy of military brothels limited the intelligence-gathering activities of whore-spies. After World War I, brothels became avenues of infection as well as enemy intelligence. Why? Eleanor Roosevelt objected to the U.S. military's brothel administration policy. Since she disliked male-female sex, she saw no reason why U.S. servicemen should engage in a practice she loathed!

After World War II, another jewess whose name I forget, was instrumental in racial integration of the U.S. military. If racial and sexual integration of the armed forces were such a boon to combat-effectiveness, one wonders why the Judeo-American government did not require such integration in their two most important wars of the 20th century: World Wars I and II. Military writers have indicated a major decline in the combat-effectiveness of the U.S. infantry from World War I to the present. General Patton was asked by a French officer how he rated the U.S. infantry of World War II. Patton replied that "poor infantry need a lot of artillery support and the U.S. infantry need a lot of artillery support!"

Wars are often political and social revolutions in disguise, just as military establishments can be laboratories for social-engineering experiments. Sexual integration of the armed forces is the latest jewish social experiment. As far as I know, there is no sexual integration in the so-called Israeli Defence Forces. There are all-male or all-female units, just as every country had in World War II. It is absurd and bizarre that anyone would be "shocked" at the occurrence of sex between male and female soldiers! Just imagine what would happen were the Catholic Church to integrate its monasteries and convents in the same manner. Only some recently-arrived alien from outer space could envisage the abolition of human sexual behavior by a set of rules. Obviously, no one could be so naive. Thus the policy of racial and sexual integration of the military must be in accordance with a hidden agenda.

Apparently the Zionist Occupation Government wants the military to become a multi-racial brothel, in which homosexuality is also tolerated under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy set forth by the polywog general, Colin Powell, who is just a darker version of Eisenhower, and no less a hater of Whites. Imagine putting this military force or farce into a real war. Unfortunately, we are likely to see the results in our own lifetimes.

I can well imagine the U.S. becoming involved in a disastrous military conflict with the remorseless masses of China, whom we have armed with our latest weaponry. On one hand, we'd have a determined enemy who look upon the casual sacrifice of millions as 'small change'. On the other hand, we would have a Babel society with a tiny number of effective combatants, who become hysterical when losses are incurred, many of whom don't know whether to fight, to flee or to burst into tears at any moment! I do not overestimate the Chinese, but I do see that our only advantage is our advanced technology, which we are right now handing over to them. A U.S. Navy officer said during the latest China-Taiwan confrontation that the U.S. would no longer have such military superiority over China in another ten years. I wonder how many featherless bipeds in America appreciated those words.

I'm sure the ZOG also knows what is so evident to other knowledgeable observers: the U.S. is fragmenting into racial and economic entities. Only some sort of "Pearl Harbor" could provide any kind of 'unity', even of a temporary nature. As time passes such 'unity' derived from 'emergency' will become impossible to obtain. The competing interest groups in North America are becoming too diverse and too large to sweep under any judeo-masonic carpet.

U.S. military forces may be required to put down civil rebellion in the U.S.A., but would they be reliable? The Spanish Army, for the most part, joined the nationalist rebels in 1936. Would Black troops fire on Moslems? Could a largely mestizo unit fire on mestizos? The continent is up for grabs. At the very time the jews want Americans to fight an unholy war against Moslem countries, the fastest-growing religious group in the U.S.A. is the Moslems!

The most impressive landmark in Toledo, Ohio, is The Great Mosque. Moslem devotees fill stadiums in Seattle, Phoenix and other American cities during Moslem religious festivals. Added to the conventional Moslems are their voodoo cousins, the Black Muslims, under "King Louis I". His followers are organized, tough and well-disciplined, and they are also numerous. The "Million Man March" proved that. It is impressive that one man could motivate thousands of his fellows from all over the U.S.A. to gather for one day in The District of Corruption. That is political clout, jibber as the jews may. The last time Whites had such a demonstration was in the 1920s, as I recall.

The U.S.A. has never been a nation. It has always been an uneasy balance of competing national, regional and economic interests. This balance is becoming less stable with every passing year. For decades, Whites have been taught to love all non-Whites, and non-Whites have been taught to hate all Whites. The American atmosphere is becoming dangerously similar to that of British-ruled India before the Sepoy Mutiny in which the Whites were very nearly wiped out. The foolish Whites believed that the wogs would repay trust with trust and one way in which the Whites showed their trust was to provide the wogs with the best weapons! U.S. Whites appear to be no less foolish. The lull we now enjoy is that temporary cessation in battle in which one side retreats. Unfortunately, our side is the one retreating, here in our own land. We are giving up everything without a fight, and we have been doing so for decades.


Orwell warned us that tyranny begins with the abuse of language. Most of us can think of a few examples, such as the misuse of "gay" to mean any proponent of anal intercourse. A common word which is almost universally misused is "prejudice", which the ZOG defines as a politically incorrect dislike. I define "prejudice" as loving someone you've never met. If, after meeting that person, and being mugged, raped and robbed by him, you still 'love' him, then you are a bigot, for your mind will not be changed, regardless of facts. We see "diversity" as the ZOG's latest buzz-word. As usual, the ZOG's meaning is the opposite of the correct meaning, for by "diversity", the ZOG means race-mixing, which produces a mongrelized homogeneity. Diversity would require racial separation in order to maintain it. As a child, I first read "1984" and was soon struck by the absurdity of the slogans, "War is Peace", "Freedom is Slavery!" Then I read "Fahrenheit 451". In regard to both books, I felt that the authors were going out of their way to concoct bizarre caricatures of some fantastic future. Now I see that they were very truthful forecasts of today's reality, with current fact becoming more and more congruent with these frightening works of 'fiction'.