20 June 97.

Dear Rick:

Many thanks for your letter and the article on Dennis Mahon. I appreciate your taking the time to write me in regard to the question of IndoEuropean languages and the Semitic language known as Hebrew. I do not know how any linguist worthy of the name, even a Mormon, could claim that German and Hebrew could be similar. Obviously, his level of competence could only be on par with that of the Mormon 'scientists' who claimed to have discovered "cold fusion", which in itself is an oxymoron, like 'hot cold'.

Wherever jews go, they bastardize the languages of their hosts. Much of the Bible is written in a coarse, ungrammatical form of Vulgate Greek. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, "How odd that the god of the jews would write in Greek, and in such bad Greek!" Sephardic or Ladino is a jewish form of Spanish, which is written in Hebrew letters, just as Yiddish, which is a jewish form or dialect of German, both of which I can understand to some extent when I hear them spoken, since I speak proper German and Spanish. There is a jew dialect in English, and that is Cockney, which has many jewish words, like "nosh" and "schnorrer". It is notable that the Jewish versions of German, Spanish and English are also the dialects of the criminal underworld. When Hebrew characters are used and read from right to left, they function as a simple code with which to conceal criminal activity from the host people.

Remember that the use of wishful-thinking in proving something which one desires at the outset is indeed jewish, rather than Aryan, behavior. If Aryans were indeed the "true-jews", then it is odd indeed that they would leave their religion to the mud-people and adopt other religions, such as Odinism, Hinduism and Christianity, as well as Islam. How do you explain that White people would abandon their alleged jew-faith and their jew-talk in favor of non-jew faiths and languages? Why would mud-people takeover an 'Aryan' language and an 'Aryan' religion? thus forsaking their own 'original' languages and religions. Israel Identity is a new-tru-jew-cult of the 19th century, and it was promoted as "British Israel" by propagandists who intended to alienate and demonize the Germans before and during World War I. I know, for I've read books proposing such malarkey from His Majesty's Printing Office!

The Sephardim, Falashim, Beni Israel of India, Chinese jews and the late-coming converts to Judaism, the Ashkenazim, were proponents of Judaism thousands of years before the British Israel/Israel Identity blokes thought of getting into the act. White people might as well pretend they are the "True Zulus" or the "True Mandarins" while they are at it. It is no more absurd than claiming to be "True Jews" or "True Israelites".

As Mark Twain wrote, ridicule and laughter are far more destructive than censorship. I am sorry to see you setting yourself up as a laughingstock on par with the cold-fusion cultists, but if you can take a joke at your expense, then go ahead and enjoy it, as the Chinese pour into our living space. It is as relevant for Aryan survival as the Bircher proclamation that the Jew-Ess-Eh is a "republic" and not a "democracy". With such priorities, the situation is indeed hopeless, but not serious.