An Aryan Overview of Terry Long's Claims Regarding Israel Identity

by Eric Thomson (2 Sep 97)

It is refreshing to discover at least one proponent of 'true-jewry' who can pull his nose out of the jew-book long enough to know that some White folks do not swallow this kosher heap. I refer to the amazing idea that so-called Israel Identity seeks to promote: that we of the White Race are really jews and that those who call themselves jews are not. Apparently, these 'fake' jews stole the land and the religion of the White 'true' jews. This is similar to the Black myth that the Whites invaded their living space and stole their high culture, which the Whites adopted as their own, leaving the Blacks with a few stones and mud huts. Of course, such ideas are absurd on the one hand: while it is usual for one people to take land from another, it is not so with languages and religions, for they are ideas, not things. If I invent the wheel, anyone can take that idea and make his own wheel. This does not mean that I no longer know how to make my wheel; even if the other person takes my wheel and my idea, I can still make another wheel. As an Aryan or White man, I do not know why any ostensibly White person would want to steal the jews' tribal myths, as recorded in the Old Testament. Obviously, some people need to be jewish so badly that they must resort to jewish 'science' in order to 'prove' that Whites are really jews and jews are really not. As you may already know, jewish 'science' reasons backwards from a desired conclusion, rejecting any uncomfortable facts which would tend to disprove it. In my Open Letter to Rick Cooper, I confined my overview in the main to language, pointing out that Hebrew is not an Indo-European language, any more than Judaism is an Indo-European religion. Terry Long makes the interesting claim that "many words in the Germanic and Celtic languages are undoubtedly of semitic origin." Well, I don't know if any real linguist would agree with him, but I can offer one example of what he may be attempting to prove: let us take that wonderful word, "taco". In my travels, I encountered that word around the world. In Mexico, the taco is similar to a sandwich, but made with a thin maize or wheat patty, instead of bread. In Spain, a taco is any obscene word, and in Japan, it is an octopus. This 'proves' that ancient Japs traveled to Mexico or that ancient Mexicans traveled to Japan, if you go by Israel Identity standards of 'proof'. Or maybe the Japs are the 'true' Spaniards.

Before discussing certain uncomfortable facts which serve to demolish the White jew thesis, I want to let Messrs. Long and Cooper know that I respect their many years of work and sacrifice in the struggle against our Zionist oppressors. It is not my intention of making fun of either man, but merely to point out the untenable nature of their religious views. Mr. Long paints a vivid scene of an America in which all Americans will be brown and praying in synagogues. Far better that they be brown synagogue-goers, rather than White! Judaism is not our religion and never was. Here's why: Mankind consists of 3 basic races: White, Yellow and Black. These races currently take their names from their supposed geographic origins: European, Asian and Whites are also called Caucasians, based on their supposed origins around the Caucasus Mountains. Judeo-centrists claim that White civilization originated in Mesopotamia, the so-called Cradle of Civilization. Supposedly, White people and their civilization went north westward, just as the paganized version of Judaism known as Christianity went from the Middle East, into the White living space of Europe in recent times. I say, "recent times", because we are learning that White civilizations existed in North Western Europe and in Western China, thousands of years before the writing of the Old Testament. Aryan science reveals, in the work of Colin Renfrew, that White civilization proceeded from North Western Europe, into the Middle East, and beyond. Please refer to his article in The National Geographic Magazine of November 1977, "Ancient Europe is Older than We Thought". Mr. Long compares Semites, a racial-linguistic term, with "Americans", a geographic term. Present day Semites are Arabs, a mixed race subgroup. Americans can be Amerasians, alias Injuns, Blacks, mestizos (White + Amerasian), sambos (Black + Amerasian), mulattos (White + Black), and anything in between. Some Whites also live in America, but our fate is likely to be that of Kennewick Man and the extinct White civilizations of Western Asia: outnumbered, outbred and slain by Asian copiers of our inventions. This has happened time after time throughout the ages, and it will continue until one or the other race is extinct.

The Aryan Religion is much older than any 2000 year old scriptures, and this raises the uncomfortable fact of historical chronology. The earliest known jews, the Habiru Sagaz, or Desert Cutthroats, mentioned in ancient Aryan Greek accounts, were not Aryans. Even the Old Testament refers to the jews' Philistine victims as tall and possibly blond, in distinction to themselves. Throughout the jew's 'holy' tribal mythology, we see nothing but deception and betrayal as well as lots of immorality on the part of Yahweh, Moses, David, Lot, Esther, Judith et al.

The conniving, treacherous, perverse and mean nature of "god's chosen" are not the values of an Aryan, and I do not see how any White person worthy of the name could accept such 'values'. No wonder judeo-christianity had to be imposed on White Europeans by force and by fraud: in the former instance we have "Charlemagne's" treacherous slaughter of the Saxons who came to him in peace, thinking he was as Aryan as themselves; in the latter, we have the imposition of the Jesus Myth on our Winter and Spring Solstice celebrations. As I recall from my own readings of the jew-book, Jesus was born around the Passover and crucified around the Passover. Did this mean that the jews celebrate Passover in winter, as well as spring? Not likely! What it shows is the fraudulent nature of the Jesus-pushers.

As I recall, Waddell writes in his "Makers of Civilization" that the ancient Sumerians were White, and, like typical Aryans, they allowed non-Aryans to occupy their living space and take over the country. The survivors of the Semitic invaders fled to India and conquered the entire sub-continent. Why they could do that and not wipe out the Semite invaders of Aryan Sumerid is indeed a mystery! According to Waddell, the ancient Aryans of Sumeria claimed to have come south from "Thule". This would agree with Colin Renfrew's findings, although the ancient Thule may have been in a different place from the present Thule in Greenland. The Aryan conquerors of India brought their religion with them, which became the foundation of present day Hinduism. The language they brought with them was not Hebrew, but Sanskrit, an Indo-European rather than Semitic language. Did this mean that the Aryan Sumerians exchanged their religion and their language with the Semitic invaders? Or did it mean that the Aryans abandoned their land, religion and language to alien conquerors and adopted the land, religion and language of the people of India whom they conquered ? Certainly, Hinduism can be stripped of its Dravidian encrustations to reveal the Aryan structure underlying it, as Savitri Devi noted, but this Aryan religion bears no resemblance to Old Testament Judaism and its recently adopted monotheism. People generally hang on to their ways and their beliefs when coming to new lands, as we have seen in the case of Europeans in North America and of the British in India. They adopt foreign ways slowly, if at all, even when race-mixing occurs, just as we see in India and in North America. Anglo-mestizos and Hispano-mestizos share the same racial admixture, but deem themselves different in regard to culture. So why did Aryans, in terms of Israel Identity, behave so differently from Aryans today? Would Messrs. Cooper and Long claim that Aryans also changed their race?

Aryan science shows us that White people lived in Europe before they lived in the Middle East. Jews lived in the Babylonian Empire, in India, Africa and Asia for millennia before the Romans sacked the temple in Jerusalem, and none of these jews were White or Aryan. I equate White with Aryan. It is redundant and nonsensical to describe someone as "a White Aryan", for that means that we can also have Black, Brown or Yellow 'Aryans'; an absurdity. This ancient existence of Falashim (Black jews), Sephardim (brown or Semitic jews) and the millions of Asian jews of India and China vastly predates the conversion of the Khazars or Ashkenazim of Russia to Judaism in 700 A.D. The burden of proof that jews were ever White rests firmly on the shoulders of the British Israelites. The Old Testament is of such recent origin that it could not have been written by White people, for by then, according to Mr. Long, the Semites were no longer White. Since "Semite" is a racial term, I wonder how one race or mixture thereof can takeover the name of a different race. Does this mean that we may look forward to "Black Aryans"? If I dump the peanuts out of a jar and fill the jar with pebbles, do I now have a different kind of peanuts? Israel Identity 'logic' is strange, indeed, but we can sort it out when we see that they tend to confuse place with race.

Alas, that is not the only confusion, for Mr. Long's complaint that 'the jews are our misfortune' resembles the Blacks' blaming of their own misfortunes on the "White devils." No, my fellow Aryans. We are indeed The Master Race, and the blame for our misfortunes rests entirely with us, for it is we who let jews into our living rooms via television and niggers into our bedrooms, via christianity. The jew just does his own thing, and it is our fault if we let him. If we go on attempting to become jews, then our racial epitaph may be: "Our Race We Slew for the Inner Jew." I hope we shall go on living, so that one day we all can say: OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!