by Eric Thomson 970910

The jews' religion is encapsuled in their Babylonian Talmud, or Law, while their tribal mythology occupies the Torah or Old Testament. Befuddled Christians are taught that the jews worship the Torah. They do, much as U.S. citizens 'worship' their country's flag, when some are not burning it. The flag, however, is not the law, for that resides in The Constitution. Thus do jews honor the Torah, but they obey the Talmud. One excellent bit of wisdom therein is one which no jew follows, for a jew who ceases to lie is a jew who ceases to exist! Nevertheless, the Talmud warns liars that "a lie kills three persons: the one who is lied about, the one who believes the lie, and the liar himself." Jesus was quoted as saying that the Pharisees, hence the present practitioners of Judaism, are the children of the Father of lies, old Satan himself, so no one need be surprised at jewry's penchant' for deception.

The jews lie to us, to their god, Yahweh, and even to themselves in their 'holy' books. The lies of the Old Testament are gross and would be cause for embarrassment, were non-Jews not hypnotized when they read it. According to recent jewish archeological studies, The Exodus Legend is very much a myth, for Egyptian records show no such mass-migration occurring in that time or place. The Israeli archeologist on the site also pointed out that the Sinai Peninsula was governed by Egypt at the time of the mythological Exodus, "So why would the people of Israel want to escape from one part of Egypt, just to flee into another part?" A reporter asked him about "the parting of the Red Sea" and the jolly jew replied: "I work in the archeology department. For the answer to your question, you should consult with the department of miracles." Likewise do existing Persian and Babylonian records reveal "Esther" and "Judith" to be fictional females who exemplify the jewish ideal of womanhood: 'holy whores' who serve Israel by seducing Gentile rulers, whom the jewesses slay or enslave on behalf of perceived jewish interests.

Judaism is uniquely a religion of holocausts, massacres and genocide. It celebrates the real or fictional slaying of Gentiles, or the real or fictional 'escapes' from annihilation at the hands of Gentiles who pursued them in righteous wrath or who sought to defend their towns and homes from the jew invaders. Thus do jews celebrate Passover (they missed us!); Purim (we got 'em!); Hanukkah (we got back at 'em), and now, Ha Shoah (aarrg, they got us!).

The Talmud tearfully reports that the Romans slew "400 million or 4 billion" jews in the siege of a city during the Bar Koziba uprising. The blood of Yahweh's pets which was released by the Romans' swords and spears washed boulders onto the beaches and reddened the sea at least 4 miles from shore. This makes the six million stories of 1919 and 1947 look like small change, indeed. Once again, those awful archeologists report that the actual town which was besieged by those Nazi-like Romans may have contained as many as 10,000 of Yahweh's chosen, provided they all stood, crowded together and that they were all very thin! Researchers have noted that jews are infinitely compressible, for an enclosure which would hold a maximum of 10,000 ordinary mortals could contain from 400 million to 4 billion holy hebes. More recently, we have discovered that a standard 2-axle European boxcar designed to hold 40 men or 8 horses could contain up to 200 jews, along with their pianos and steamer trunks. This is on par with the miracles performed by the Nazis, who could cremate jews in ditches filled with water, etc.

Dr. Israel Shahak said, half in jest, we hope, that a traveler in Israel can ask any jew for simple directions and he will be told 5 or 6 lies before obtaining the truth, if any. The righteous jew Victor Ostrovsky, whose exposure of the Mossad and its agency, B'nai B'rith, has resulted in his fiendish persecution by Zionist Occupation Government forces in North America, wrote that all Mossadniks are trained to tell interrogators lie after lie, to stave off the eventual use of torture and drugs. After all, practice makes perfect! The jews reveal that they are not so much "the people of The Book" as they are "the people of The Lie." Hitler warned people of the jews' Big Lie tactic, and in typically talmudic fashion, the jews claimed that Hitler advocated the tactic of the Big Lie.

The foregoing paragraphs are presented by way of providing an Aryan overview of the lies leading to the establishment of the present jew-run concentration camp for Arabs which the Zionist media call "Israel" and which Zionist victims call "Occupied Palestine". Israel owes its existence to 3 Big Lies: (1) The Lie of the Diaspora; (2) The Lie of the Holocaust and (3) The Lie of Jewish Identity.

Judaism claims eternal connection or domicile in a land from whence hardly any jews have ever come, and where hardly any jew wishes to live. Yet, all religious jews proclaim "next year in Jerusalem" every year, wherever they are. History shows that the legend of jewish residence in Palestine or The Land of Canaan is very much a myth. The much more recent "Diaspora" Myth alleges that the jews were dispersed from Palestine and Jerusalem by the Romans, who banished them to the far corners of the 'known world'. Previously, they had been captured or invited to such places as Egypt and Babylon, leaving few, if any jews to loiter in the streets of Jerusalem, which the jews stole from their Gentile predecessors, anyway. Historically, jews have always lived amongst host peoples and never by themselves, in a jewish nation state. This is just another lie which jews tell each other, and any Gentile whom they wish to befuddle and victimize.

The foundation of present-day "Israel" was largely funded by Rothschild bankster money. At the time of the Dreyfus scandal in France, Zionist Theodore Herzl advocated separation, rather than 'assimilation', and toward this goal he wrote "The Jewish State", which led to the convening of the World Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland in 1897. Jews are by no means original, for Gentile nationalism was already well under way, and multinational states were feeling the strains of national, rather than imperial ambitions. Nation was correctly deemed biological, rather than geographical, so a Frenchman remained a Frenchman, wherever he happened to live, and a jew remained a jew, wherever he happened to be born. It is typical that jews use the correct biological meaning of nation when they refer to themselves: so and so was "born in Poland", "born in Hungary", etc. This is the jews' code for letting one another know that the person mentioned is a jew, rather than a Pole or Hungarian. Most Goyim do not have a clue in regard to this subtle, but important distinction. That's why we are called Goyim! As an aside, we can recognize such entities as the U.S.A. and the former U.S.S.R. as multinational entities. Neither was ever a nation, nor can such entities survive the prolonged tugging and pulling of the various nations and interests within their territories. The U.S.A. is the next 'domino' in the breakup of such Zionist pseudo-national entities, caught as it is in the jaws of resurgent nationalism and international capitalism.

Thus it was that jews in nationalist France aped the ideas of nationalist Frenchmen; of socialist Europeans with jewish communism, etc. In fascist Italy, there were jewish fascists who saw the fascist idea as one which could unify and organize modern jewish interests. This leads us to the jewish Nazis, whose first leader was Jabotinsky and whose successors founded the present state of Israel, in collaboration with their German National Socialist mentors.

As Josef Ginsburg reported, the German Nazis had planned for the "Zion-nazis" to establish a nation state of their own, thus achieving the German national goal of separation from jewish power within the Germans' own state: Germany for Germans and Israel for jews was the goal, as long as Hitler's government existed. The function of the Holocaust Lie was twofold: to cover up Nazi-Zionist collaboration with accusations of persecution and genocide, and to provide a Dreyfus-style pretext for the creation of a jewish state, on the assumption that jews are in danger everywhere, outside such a state. Of course, we know that the most dangerous place for any jew to be is in Israel! Why is this truth so apparent? Because the Zionist goal of establishing a jewish state by, for and of jews alone was never carried out. The last outspoken jewish Nazi, who used the name, Meyer Kahane, said exactly that: as long as jews depended upon Gentile labor in Israel, the Israeli jews would be in danger. He advocated the total separation of jewish living space from Arab living space. His jewish listeners were horrified: what kind of a good deal is this? We must do our own manual labor? It's a holocaust! Kahane was vilified in the press, ousted from the Knesset, and murdered at a Jewish Defense League meeting in Jew York City. The fact that he was right meant nothing to his opponents who are continuing to reap what they have sowed, with interest.

This leads us to confront the Lie of Jewish Identity. Jews depict themselves as being like everyone else, except that they have always been 'dispossessed' of their ancient native homeland and are always 'persecuted,' wherever they live, sooner or later. In reality, jews have never lived without a host people. As Commander Rockwell said: "Jews use people the way people use land." Gentiles are seen as real or potential income property, much like livestock which a prospective buyer evaluates for fur, meat and milk. As I noted at university, the Goyim study their lessons and the jews study 'their' Goyim. Benjamin Franklin allegedly told the U.S. Congress not to admit jews, whom he called "asiatics". He foretold that one could present Israel to the jews "in fee simple" (outright ownership), but they would think of 1001 excuses not to go there, "for vampires do not live off vampires." Were it not for the largesse of the gullible Goyim, the jews would likely decide to drop Israel by declaring 'victory' and selling the land back to the despoiled Arabs, who would use our money to buy it. Try as they might, the jews can never become real Nazis, any more than the Americans can become the real Romans of this era. Relative peace in the Middle East can only be achieved by terminating this judeo-American fantasy land called Israel. Most jews come here, anyway, for America is their new Babylon; and will likely suffer the fate accorded the old Babylon: betrayed by the jews.