WHAT WE CAN DO?           12 Dec 97

by Eric Thomson

Alert Aryans know that the Zionist Occupation Government is using the old trick supposedly used to kill the frog in the pot of water: by raising the temperature gradually, the frog does not defend himself by leaping out of the pot, and thus expires from the heat. One example of this deadly gradualism is the Income Tax Act, which was passed in 1913 along with the so-called Federal Reserve Act. As I recall, the Income Tax was originally fixed at 1 percent of one's income, and it was supposed to be a temporary measure for meeting emergency expenses. Now we groan under its burden. What an outcry there would have been, had the ZOG's minions of Congress in The District of Corruption proposed the present rate of income tax back in 1913! The Gentile frogs would have jumped right out of the kosher-cooker.

I don't need to tell you how bad things are for Our Race. Those Ostensible Whites who don't see how desperate things are may never see, regardless how we exert ourselves to warn them and to spur them to action. What is our first objective, as activists? Survival, plain and simple; the survival of ourselves and our loved ones. As I mentioned in "Here Comes the Revolution, Ready or Not!", events have a way of occurring sooner than we expect.

Our first task is to make ourselves capable of survival. If we lack knowledge, skills and the will to survive, we can expect our loved ones and associates to be no better off. To survive, we must be able to raise or capture food and defend our means of living, as well as defend our own lives. Those Aryans who live in skyscraper condos are perhaps the most vulnerable to a social breakdown and consequent race war. Those Aryans who are now surrounded by liberals, Christians or race-mixing family members are no less vulnerable, for these are the foremost enemies of Our Race, and they will betray you with righteous fervor. It is absolutely urgent that we seek out like-minded members of Our Race, with whom we can collaborate. Ask yourself if you could trust your life with your present associates, be they 'friends', work mates or even family members? Long-time associates are not necessarily trustworthy, for there are few people whose loyalty has been tested through hardship or danger. Many are the lone, right-thinking Aryans I have known who are surrounded and neutralized by antagonistic family members. Many are the Aryan martyrs and victims of misplaced trust. Your first step on the road to survival is to analyze with cold objectivity your immediate personal relationships. We cannot afford the dubious luxury of associating with anti-White family members and fair weather 'friends'.

Perhaps you will find potential allies via correspondence, Internet communications or other means of long-distance contact. Once you have confirmed to your satisfaction that such people are reliable, you may co-ordinate activities with them. Long lines of communication are, of course, vulnerable to enemy interference. It is nice to have a comrade on the same continent, but it is much nicer to have him close enough to share sentry duties with you in defence of your position. Aryan activists are not only few, but they tend to be very far between.

Aryans who want to be active on behalf of Our Race often shop around for existing groups who can supposedly provide them with a ready-made organization and support of a psychological and material nature. Most such 'organizations' are really publishing outfits, rather than political organizations. They can provide us with vital information, but in the end, it is we who must provide the organization and the action. There are also pseudo-activist groups who call themselves 'militias'. Unfortunately, many of these well-advertised groups conform to the 'phoney combat cells' which the CIA organized in Latin America and which I warned about in 1976. Many of the 'true-jew' militia members are, in fact, mestizos, who give White people a bad name. No organization is stronger than its weakest member, so we must be very careful in choosing our comrades in this life or death struggle. As Francis Parker Yockey observed, a political organization is not a social club; it is earnest and deadly to its enemies. Politics is not a nice a game of baseball which ends so the players can all go home. Politics is people-power. Once you engage in this pursuit, you must devote your entire life to it. That is the only way you can win. Some self-styled 'leaders' have tired of what they thought was a game. To their distress, they discover that the Zionist enemy will not forgive nor forget their behavior, regardless of the childish motives which prompted it.

Thus, it is best that you initiate and organize your own recruiting program and such activities as come within your purview and capabilities. Your credo must be: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. Work on a 'need-to-know' basis. Don't waste your breath talking to the enemy. You will need every resource to reach out to potential Aryan comrades. To mobilize Our Race, we must first mobilize ourselves.