by Eric Thomson

20 December 1998

"There was a young skinhead named Leyden whose racism was not his strong item; 'This short hair on my head earns no shekels,' he said; so now with the yiddles he's ridin'!"

The above limerick sums up a recent interview which was broadcast on National (sic) Public (sic) Radio's kosher feature entitled "Fresh Air" (sic) starring hebess Teri Gross (very sick). Leyden, who is allegedly White, practiced his shabez goy routine for his new masters of The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Since he sniffled during most of his interview, I guess he must have had a cold, rather than overwrought emotions. With the usual prompting from Gross, Leyden related his alleged background and his 'dreadful' deeds as a "neo-Nazi, White Supremacist skinhead." According to his tale, he became psychologically destabilized by his parents' "vicious divorce", both of whom were ostensibly Christian and demonstrably dysfunctional. This distressing relationship drove his brother into football, and, supposedly drove Leyden into hanging out with a gang of Nazi skinheads. Oi veh! Apparently, these racist Whites had no non-Whites to attack, so they beat up on each other and attacked other Whites. Leyden claims that most 'racist' Whites, Blacks and mestizos beat up and shoot their own racial kin and not other racial groups. That statement contradicts reports of the "Zebra Killings" in California, in which Black gang members became initiated by killing Whites. I therefore take Leyden's 'racist expertise' with a grain of salt, but I can agree with his view in regard to Yakima WA, where there are so few non-Mexicans that Mexicans must form opposing gangs to have someone to shoot at.

In regard to gangs, I deem these to be the communities of the near future, here in a crumbling American society. As a middle-class White, back in California of the fifties, I attended schools which were becoming more and more gang-ridden by Blacks and Mexicans. 'Good little White boys' did not form gangs, so we were always vulnerable to the malice and predation of those who were organized as groups, against whom we, as isolated individuals, were pretty much defenseless. That was back in the early fifties! Our wimpy, White 'solution' was to move to a town which was White enough not to have colored gang problems, for the moment. That town was long ago swallowed up by the brown flood from Mexico, but by that time, I no longer lived in the U.S.A., so the demographic disaster was not a problem, for me. How I would have loved to join a gang of fellow Whites for mutual self-defense, when I attended junior high and high school! In this regard, the whining Leyden was much more fortunate than I was in my teens.

During the interview, the jewess kept insisting that jews were "White", but when I was in Africa, jews insisted they were not White! The Rand Daily Mail even carried an article reporting a South African rabbi's declaration that jews are not White and must object to being labelled as such! This was during the transition to Black misrule. Under White rule, the jews had insisted they were "White" and had enjoyed their official status as "Whites". Politics dictates whatever jews may choose to call themselves. In Russia, they killed so many Russians that they have arrogated Russian nationality to themselves. In Arabia, they kill Arabs and so usurp the title, "Semites". They are up to their same tricks here in America: Just look at all those kosher "Americans" fanning the fetid air of the White House with their substantial schnozzes! If their genocide program against Whites does succeed, then they will get away with calling themselves "Whites", too.

Politics aside, the jews themselves reveal that they are non-Whites in such publications as "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al., Oxford University Press, 1978. In the chapter on the Ashkenazim or Russian jews, the hematologists, themselves jews, report that "even the blondest jew has 5% to 10% Negro marker genes." Since most jews are not blond, the percentage of Black admixture must be much higher. My own observations of Russian jews, close up, confirm the high degree of Black ancestry they have. In one TV presentation, a member of the so-called Jewish Defense League was debating a couple of historical revisionists. That fellow made Louis Farrakhan look like a handsome White man in comparison! At first, I thought he was a member of the Black community. Maybe the Blacks kicked him out because he was so ugly! A face only a jew could love.

I cannot decide if jews are ugly because they are mean or mean because they are ugly. I do know that jews are as iniquitous as they are ubiquitous. "They Live, We Sleep."

Leyden joined the U.S. Marines and claims he found racism alive and well in the Corps. He got along with non-White racists, since all racists agree that racial separation is the best policy. But once out of the Marines and married, with two children, Leyden felt he was "going nowhere". One of his children told him that he "hated jews and niggers", and Leyden said he was shocked, because the child did not even know what he was saying. We wonder if Leyden knew what he was saying when he taught his children to say such things. Leyden felt that he was a failure and he did not want his children to repeat his experiences. In my experience I have encountered self-styled "Nazis" and "racists" who use their alleged beliefs as excuses for their own personal and economic failures. Most of these men really are failures, as they quickly discover when they abandon their overt expressions of sympathy for National Socialism and racism. The jew writer, John Toland, said to a jew interviewer on another radio program, years ago, that people were wrong to believe that Adolf Hitler and the leaders of the Third Reich were a bunch of misfits, failures and nobodies before they discovered National Socialism, without which they could have been successful on their own. "Even when Hitler was a 'nobody'," declared Toland, "he was a 'somebody'." I have met people whose ideas of National Socialism come from the hatemongers of Hollywood. By styling themselves as "Nazis", they gain a reputation for themselves and an instant identity, without the strain of thought or action. Many of them have learned from Hollywood that anyone who is sufficiently vicious, corrupt, degenerate and perverted has all the qualifications one needs to become "The Leader". At least that is what the jew Frankie Collin-Cohn, the disgraced leader of Chicago's "Nazi" party believed. Certainly, he was all of the above.

Too many so-called National Socialists and/or White Nationalists adopt the label without the substance, but we can achieve much more success in a hostile society by conveying the substance in our words and deeds, than by displaying the label, as did Leyden, who was basically a brawler and a punk-rocker with a Swastika tattoo to show how really 'bad' he was.

Our Nation under ZOG is dysfunctional for White survival and White values. Leyden was actually better off as a racist skinhead than are many non-racist, apolitical Whites whom I've met in what has become a White coolie work force. But White Nationalism or "White Supremacy", as Leyden's jewish interviewer 'corrected' him, did not feature much in the way of zogbucks, so Leyden broke up with his co-racialists with the excuse that an all White nation would start killing anyone deemed 'inferior' because he had the 'wrong' color of eyes, etc. Leyden equated eugenics with wholesale slaughter and claimed that Hitler's Nazis had done that to fellow Germans. Fact: an emergency euthanasia act was signed into law by Hitler which provided that, in case of a war, curable wounded would be given preference for medical treatment over incurables. The public outcry against the measure was so great that Hitler rescinded the order! The French have long practiced a similar, but slower and less merciful, policy which they elegantly call "triage".

Leyden was clearly under financial pressure in regard to his family, including his ailing mother, who allegedly urged him to 'make peace with the jews'. He duly contacted The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles and now earns his thirty pieces of silver in Federal Reserve zogbucks by telling jews and zoglings what they want to hear. Traitors are indeed useful, but nobody loves a traitor, not even the enemy. Leyden will serve out his miserable, mercenary life with the knowledge that he has diminished himself by deserting The Cause of Our Racial Nation. This self-knowledge will surely corrode his soul and will lead to his self-destruction, exactly as I have seen in the case of others who crossed the racial battleline to join the enemy. Leyden may long escape the revenge of the bumbling, befuddled blightwing, but he will never escape himself. Odin will see to that. OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!