by Eric Thomson

A radio program featured an interview with the author of a recently-published biography of Merriwether Lewis and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lewis was one of Jefferson's secretaries, if I recall the relationship correctly, and the two collaborated in planning The Expedition to the northwest. Although Jefferson never practiced what he preached, he hoped to instigate his neo-Rousseauvian idiocy amongst others on a 'do as I say, not as I do' basis. In Jefferson's wacky Weltanschauung, which existed only in his imagination, all men were 'created equal', whatever that was supposed to mean; all would be yeomen farmers, living in de jure as well as de facto independence. In Jefferson's practical world, men were born slaves and he was a wealthy agri-businessman.

Another face of the mad Jeffersonian model for a pseudo-anarchist Utopia was the creation of a 'new race' of Anglo-mestizos by breeding Whites with America's aboriginal Asiatics, alias "Indians". A lot of demographic/political nonsense would be demolished if the European discoverers of North and South America had chosen to call the aborigines "Chinese", rather than "Indians", for the Amerasian population far better resembles the northern Asians, rather than the southern ones. Great damage has been done by mistaking America's Asiatics as "Indians" and then going into further error by believing that they were a distinct race. They are not. There are 3 races: White, Yellow and Black, or European, Asian and African. Anything in between is not a "new race", but mongrels which are inferior to their parent races.

Jefferson, being much a disciple of the insane French utopian, Rousseau, thought that the breeding of Whites with Amerasians would produce the "noble savage" of the sort depicted in James Fenimore Cooper's outrageous fiction: the rustic peasant-hunter who could spout professorial prose, then deftly bash his foe's brains out with a tomahawk. Mark Twain made hilarious fun out of Cooper-style characters, and he was further aware of the fact that the savages were far from noble in any sense of the word.

So it was that The Lewis and Clark Expedition did as Jefferson said.

The first winter was spent with 'friendly' "Indians", with whose squaws the band of White men was expected to mate. A large quantity of mercury in the expedition's supplies was supposed to 'cure' the syphilis which the White men were expected to contract from their cross-breeding exercises. According to the biographer, it was not the 'evil' White men who imposed themselves on the squaws, but the squaws who leapt upon the Whites in a genocidal sex orgy.

This disaster accomplished, the expedition made its way to the Pacific Ocean; syphilis and all. Perhaps one intention of the expedition was to discover the mythical Northwest Passage, which Europeans attempted to find as soon as America was discovered, for everyone 'knew' that the 'real wealth' was to be found in India! America was just in the way! Well, the expedition returned, but Merriwether Lewis was unable to write a report encompassing the information held recorded in the expedition diaries. His mind was not up to the task, thanks to the mercury-syphilis poisoning. Apparently, he committed suicide in his final madness.

Was The Lewis and Clark Expedition good for Whites? Not really. There is no profit in traversing a continent and destroying one's race in the process as history teaches us through White experience in Africa, Asia and South America. Once the race is lost, all is lost. The Anglo-mestizo is indeed a reality in North America, which also features Franco-mestizos and Hispano-mestizos. How many people do you know with British or German names who brag of their "Cherokee", their "Mohawk" et al. ancestry?

Mestizos are two-faced critters: one moment they refer to themselves as "White"; the next moment, they are viciously condemning "those evil White people" for everything amiss in the world, exempting themselves, of course!

The half-breed, William Tecumseh Sherman visited 'Indian' savagery upon the Whites of the South, just as the anti-White mongrel Eisenhower inflicted genocide upon the Whites of Germany and Russia. The mestizo thinks he can be what he wants to be, any time he chooses, but he is wrong just as the mulattos and sambos were wrong in Black Africa.

The predominance of any race on this continent will doom the mestizos, for they will no longer be able to hunt with the Asians and run with the Whites, just as the jews have been doing for centuries.

To the Asian mind, a century is only a brief time, for he will remain Asian in objectives and in outlook. The mestizo only lives for the moment, as anyone can see, for he lacks the internal statehood which the jew imbibes with his mother's milk. In one instant, the mestizo believes himself to be White, and in the next, he is anti-White, especially toward people who look Whiter than he does. In the end, one's skin will be one's uniform, as more and more people recognize the importance of biopolitics, rather than geopolitics.

Our Race Is Our Nation!