by Eric Thomson

In 1947, British author Douglas Reed predicted that the jews would make race the pretext for sowing world upheaval and discord. That's the year in which he wrote "Somewhere South of Suez", which was published by the Devin-Adair Company of New York City in 1951. In this book, he also predicts the demise of White South Africa at the hands of Zionist nationalism and Soviet Communism, both of which he identifies as jewish in origin and in make up. As an ex-Rhodesian resident, I knew the jews behind the Black-Reds. There was Leo Baron in Zambia, Syd Levy in Rhodesia, Joe Slovo in South Africa, and Harry Oppenheimer Uber Alles, since he was the head Rothschild agent for Southern Africa, including Mozambique and Angola. Obviously, the truth can free no one, if we refuse to act upon it, as we have seen in many cases, including Southern Africa and the United States. Reed further pointed out that nationalism and exclusivity are necessary for any group of people to survive and to develop, but ever since 1945, jews have denied everyone else their nationalism and their exclusivity. Only jews now exercise these important rights on behalf of their survival. No one else can do so in the present Jew World Order.

Of course, race is not the only matter upon which jews are two-faced, since they are professional liars and hypocrites, but race is becoming more and more important as the jews use racial discord and mongrelization as another means to achieve their ends: divide and rule. The jews' ambition is to create a monolithic Jew World State which will have only fragmented, mongrelized Babel states to contend with. Like their Soviet "workers' paradise", this is just another mad jewish scheme, but it is always the Gentiles who pay for the jews' madness, as we have paid with our lives to the tune of many millions. This is why we should take heed of jewish schemes. Then we might even decide to do something about them.

Let us consider two jew proponents of the racial issue: Raphael Lemkin who coined the word, "genocide", and who also drafted The Genocide Convention, and Israel Ehrenberg alias Ashley Montagu, who denies that race even exists. How can one be accused of "racial hatred" if race does not exist? Ehrenberg's books are required reading in many universities, so it appears that the ZOG's intellectual establishment takes his nonsense seriously. The ZOG also takes Lemkin's contradictory position seriously by ratifying the Genocide Convention and implementing it with new laws, aimed and directed at the White Race.

The term, "genocide", ostensibly relates to genetics and by logical extension, to race. In practice, the term has been applied selectively, for all lifeforms have genes, and the destruction of even one specimen kills its genes. In nature, this destruction goes on every second. Our bodies are composed of cells which contain genes. When these cells die of natural causes, they are disposed of, but even when dead, these cells contain the genes that gave them their characteristics. In other words, it is quite possible to kill anyone, and leave his genes intact! In practice, the so-called Genocide Convention has been applied in religious, but not political cases. The Germans were 'guilty' for rounding up some jews, but not all, within German jurisdiction, and so they were accused of "genocide". "Our gallant Soviet Allies", as our respective ZOGs dubbed the bloody Reds during World War II, slaughtered millions "for political reasons", so they were not 'guilty' of "genocide". However, in the recent case of Chilean anti-Communist General Pinochet, we now hear that killing Communists is "genocide". If the killing of one's political opponents is indeed "genocide", then everyone is guilty of this crime at one time or another. As Orwell said: "Who defines controls." Indeed, any jew who kills an Arab is only "exercising his right of self-defense", but any Arab who kills a jew may be charged with "genocide".

On the Israel Ehrenberg alias Ashley Montagu side, however, we now receive propaganda that DNA studies reveal more similarities amongst human races than they do differences. "We are all one!" as the jew-dazed dupes prate. What we are learning, if we wish to learn about reality, is that "little things mean a lot". There is "hardly" any difference between the DNA of a chimpanzee and what passes for human. Does that mean that a mother would mistake her baby for a chimpanzee? If not why not? There is supposedly even less difference between a Negro and a Chinese; yet, everyone can tell the difference without any hesitation. DNA differences do matter, of course, and the sheenie scientists are even now producing biological warfare agents (germs) which can, they hope, distinguish between Arabs and jews. Obviously, such germs would endanger all genuine Semites or Arabs, many of whom are Moslems, but some of whom are jews and Christians. As we know, the Ashkenazim or European jews deem themselves to be the "True Ones", since they converted to Judaism in 700 A.D. All other jews of the darker hues are deemed to be "fake" and are called "kushim" or bogeymen by the arrogant Ashkenazim. In regard to The Genocide Convention, which will be used against Whites only, as has been the practice in Canada and Britain, we must either demolish this law with the arguments of Israel Ehrenberg et al. or we must demand strict definitions of race for the purpose of meting out rewards or punishments. A mulatto who says "nigger" to a Black, would be half as guilty as a White; a White who calls another White a "damn' Honkey", would (I hope) be guilty of nothing, for I hope the ZOG will permit everyone to criticize their own race. Well, maybe the jews will do that job for everyone, as they now do with Whites. The mongrels, including jews, may be required to list their racial backgrounds so as to determine how much reward or punishment is to be accorded each one of them. A Colin Powell was given "Black" status, although he is not pure Black. This abuse of racial science must stop! Already, in Hawaii, there is a law which bases rewards of land and housing on one's degree of Polynesian or "native Hawaiian". With DNA science, we can now remove race from politics. An "Indian" who is 1/4 White, for example, could be required to demonstrate how "Indian" he really is, for purposes of public handouts and "treaty rights". Only pure Asians deserve to have full treaty privileges. In fact, the tribes distribute their FEDZOG handouts in proportions based on the degree of Asiatic ancestry: a mestizo or half "Indian" receives half the apportioned funds; a quarter-breed gets a quarter as much as a full-breed, down to one-sixteenth. With the increased mongrelization of the North American population it may be necessary to list a new biological class of racial quota specimens whom we may lump together as "Coloreds". Right now, FEDZOGUSA deems White-Asian mixtures to be "White", but White-Black mixtures are usually deemed "Black" for census, birth certificate and racial quota policies. If mongrels were separately classified, then Whites would be very much in the statistical minority in the U.S.A., as we are in reality, right now!

We cannot afford to be two-faced about race, like the jews, but we can use the jews' hypocrisy against them by challenging jewish laws with jewish 'science'. My old friend and colleague, Thies Christophersen, published a virulent polemic against the jews. Bundeszog, the Zionist Occupation Government of Germany, was going to prosecute him under their version of the Genocide Convention, but when they discovered the name of the anti-jew writer, they dropped all charges. The author was none other than Karl Mordecai, alias Karl Marx! Let's zap the ZOG with its own ammo.


P.S.: Jew sources claim that Hitler and his Nazi hierarchy were jews. (Goebbels was a jew; Hess was a jew; Heydrich was a jew; Himmler was a jew; Streicher was a jew; Eichmann was a jew; Seecht was a jew; Schreier was a jew; Bormann was a jew; Frank was a jew; Rosenberg was a jew; Schirach was a jew; Hierl was a jew; Mengele was a jew; and on and on and on. This 'party' line is also echoed by the Russian Yuriy Kirienko – a worshipper of the asiatic mongrel Josef Stalin – who further claims that 'Russian Aryans' are the only "true Aryans".) They also claim that Germany's National Socialist government was the most brutal dictatorship imaginable, so Germans had to obey or die. Does this mean that the Germans, rather than the jews, were guilty for perpetrating the so-called Holocaust? Kosher contradictions abound, if we just use our minds to find them and let others know about them.