by Eric Thomson

Evil is that which harms Aryans. The Aryan definition of evil is free of the semitic fear-and-guilt syndrome so well described by David McCalden in EXILES FROM HISTORY. The essence of evil is error, which is, for Aryans, due to ignorance, false information and/or stupidity, stemming from downbreeding. When we adhere to error, evil persists. This is what we see all around us: greater evil and fewer Aryans.

In practice, one's definition of evil depends upon who one is, for races and individuals see things differently. When there is no agreement upon what 'is', there can be no agreement on what is 'good' or 'evil'. Non-Whites see their proliferation as 'good' while pro-White Whites see their invasion of our living-space as 'evil'.

Inferior races see evil as resulting in supernatural retribution. Unlike Aryans, they cannot comprehend the value of virtue, in and of itself. A man of courage, for example, is happy because he is free of fear. The man who is cowardly is plagued and beset by fear. It is not necessary to threaten the coward with supernatural punishment for his cowardice in some semitic 'afterlife', nor is it necessary to promise the brave man some celestial reward for his 'courage'. The concepts of fear and guilt are truly alien to the Aryan religion, which is the manifestation of truth, rather than the whim of some tyrannical deity. The Aryan, unlike the jew, does not believe the universe to be evil: an evil place ruled by a demonic god. That is why jewish cults like Christianity can be aped, but never understood by Aryan victims. When Aryans behave like apes, I am truly disgusted.

Because the Aryan, above all races, values truth, whether it pleases him or not, the Aryan has the power to defeat evil, by discarding error. That is reward in itself. Unfortunately, many Aryans cling to error until it destroys them. We must heed the ancient warning of the Aryan conquerors of India: "From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; from the confusion of races, the loss of memory; from the loss of memory, the loss of understanding, and from this: all evil."


A recent column in the local jewspaper caught my eye in regard to the ongoing dam versus salmon controversy. The writer opined that it was unrestricted use of gill nets by the so-called Indians which caused the rapid depletion of the salmon stocks. The Injuns blame the White man's dams and logging practices for the dearth of salmon in the northwestern rivers. Being a newcomer in the northwestern U.S.A., I asked some locals a few 'dumb' questions: (1) if the dams are so deadly to salmon, which, allegedly, cannot get past them, then why were the salmon not killed off by the dams when they were built, sixty and seventy years ago? (2) If logging is now so deadly to salmon, why were salmon still abundant during the height of the logging industry, sixty and seventy years ago? The locals said they'd never thought of that argument, and several knew of the 'Indians' gill-net practices and their massive depletion of salmon stocks in recent times. Meanwhile, the 'Indians' and their eco-freak allies campaign for the removal of the dams which provide electricity, irrigation, navigation, flood-control and recreation to an infinitely-growing population of mainly non-Whites, to whom we 'owe' our land. Indeed, whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.


25 January 1999