by Eric Thomson

In the mid-1980s, as I recall, 'SLIME' and 'JEWSSWEEK' magazines reported the results of some surprise drug-tests which were given to U.S. factory workers. For the younger reader, I will explain: a 'factory' was a place where people received good wages for making things we now import. These factory drug-tests indicated that many of the Black employees showed high levels of THC, the active ingredient of cannabis, pot, marijuana, or in Thomsonese: NIGGER-WEED. The Blacks declared that they were not cannabis consumers, yet, the THC was always there in the test results. The plant managers were in a quandary, for if they fired the THC-positive Blacks, they would have the ZOG on their heads, but if they tolerated drugs on the assembly line, they would have the ZOG on their heads. Someone from a forensic lab stated a little-published fact: a high percentage of Blacks carry genes which produce THC naturally, just as other mammals can produce their own vitamin C.

The Big Drug Bust issue got tossed into the Orwellian Memory Hole, and I learned nothing more about the incident. Did the factory managers permit Black employees to read positive for THC, but not other employees? Were the THC-positive Blacks fired? The jewsmedia are silent in this regard.

For decades, musicians have known that non-Blacks have a hard time playing jazz if they do not smoke or otherwise consume pot. While pot-consumption may make a White man into a passable jazz-musician, there are a few side-effects one should ccnsider: pot-consumption depletes the male hormone testosterone and causes males to develop female-type breasts; one's sense of time and short-term memory are adversely affected at the outset of pot-consumption. In Mexico, where pot-consumption is endemic, people are much more knowledgeable about the drug than Anglos who deem pot to be just another 'high'. Mexicans despise "marijuanos" as being effeminate, lazy and lacking ambition! When a Mexican says someone is lazy, then you'd better believe it. In my years in Mexico, I saw nothing about marijuanos to contradict the Mexicans' opinion of pot-smoking. Nothing I have seen any place else, including the Jew-Ess-Eh, contradicts the Mexicans' evaluation of pot-consumers.

These are the observable effects pot-consumption has on non-Blacks. As The Law of the Contrary dictates, however, I have discovered no case of female breast enlargement due to cannabis, no matter how pronounced are the other adverse side-effects in females in addition to obesity from over-eating.

When we observe the regular pot-smoker's behavior, we note similarities in the behavior of Blacks: mood swings from one extreme of 'laid-back' lassitude to that of nervous irritability, with aggressive and destructive manifestations. I have observed this behavior in African and American Blacks, and never once saw them smoking pot, just as I have seen such 'Black' behavior in the case of Ostensible Whites who do smoke pot.

Many Ostensible Whites are leaping into negrification: they ape Black speech, adopt ridiculous and expensive Black fashions, listen to Black 'rap' crap at decibel levels guaranteed to induce permanent deafness; get expensive Afro-style hairdos and hang out with all the Blacks they can find. Nigger-weed notwithstanding, Blacks know that one's skin is one's uniform.

OUR RACE IS OUR NATION! (February 1999)