Racial Comrades of Thule

Many thanks for your informative and thought-provoking publication! I was intrigued by POW David Tate's research on "The Mark of the Beast", with his analysis that Solomon may have been the man whose number was 666. As usual, he can come up with no mark, but surmises that "The Mark of the Beast" (a man whose number was 666) is not a specific sign, but a type of behavior. It is odd and incredible that the biblical reference to the Beast's number would be so specific and that the "mark" would be so nebulous. If POW Tate's research is correct, and I have no reason to doubt it, then The Mark of the Beast would be The Seal of Solomon or Star of David, which is the only symbol having 6 points, 6 triangles and 6 internal angles, representing 666. If Solomon was the biblical Beast, then his mark was and still is The Mogen David, the six-pointed star of Israel. In view of jew trade practices, of which Rudy Stanko is merely one victim, The Mark of the Beast is indeed necessary in large measure for those who would buy and sell. Thank you, POW Tate for your revelation in this matter!

Please do not take offense, for I offer the following advice by way of assistance, and not as criticism: I find the frequent misuse of apostrophes confusing, for I must pause over the word in order to figure out what it means. Apostrophes are used in English to show that a letter is missing (they're for they are) or to indicate possession (the boy's toy). There are possessive pronouns like his, hers, its, which never should have apostrophes. One example is your recurring use of "it's", meaning "it is", instead of the correct possessive form, "its". When the possessor is plural, as in boys, then the apostrophe comes after the s, as in boys' toys. When the word is plural, without an s, like men, then the plural possessive is men's.

Another thing to watch out for is malapropism, the wrong choice of words, even though they are spelled correctly. I remember one example in the now defunct publications of Liberty Bell: "...mankind will go down the road to degradation and DISTINCTION!" The correct word was "extinction", but the spell-checker could not tell the difference. If you use 'compliment' when you mean 'complement', the whole meaning changes and the reader will misunderstand. That's the plus and minus factor in the printed word, rather than the spoken word.

I congratulate you in your efforts and I hope you will have a long and successful publishing experience. I enclose some of my articles, which you may use as you see fit. I expect no payment, so please disregard any item which may state "copyright Eric Thomson". That is merely to show authorship, and I no longer use it. Everyone is welcome to use my writings in whole or in part, free of charge.

Keep up the great work!


Eric Thomson
7 February 1999