by Eric Thomson

Dr. Goebbels taught that good propaganda is able to sum up a major concept in a few words. Red groups never seemed to learn this lesson, and they usually called their groups things like: 'Ad Hoc Committee for the Suppression of Rightwing Deviationism', etc. Then they'd call their enemies such names as "running-dog lackeys of Yankee paper-tiger imperialism", etc. In the blightwing we saw such memorable terms as "La Cesspool Grande", used in reference to The District of Corruption. The blightwing loves to use terms which can only be understood by the unconverted with difficulty. This is one more reason why the blightwing has failed to move the existing masses of White people, which stems from basic blightwing confusion and inability to communicate very well, if at all, to those whom we would like to see on the pro-White side. The blightwing slogan of "For God, Race and Nation" would have disgusted the good doctor, as it did me, for it split our loyalties 3 ways. Strong propaganda unites; it does not divide. Hence, I coined the slogan, OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!

To achieve any objective, one must concentrate one's forces and pursue the goal without dithering and deviating. Imagine the results if the Blitzkriegers had been confused about their routes and had paused along the way to pick posies. Rather than blow my own horn in regard to political correctness, I quote from an enemy publication, AMERICAN HERITAGE, of September 1995. In an article entitled "Home-Grown Terror", the author who writes under the pen-name, "Philip Jenkins", states: "The acronym ZOG has entered the vocabulary of the far right ... and has helped shape extremists' concepts of their enemy. Though the term ZOG was unknown to the Coughlinites, it exactly catches their world-view."

"JOG" is not only confusing. It is erroneous. Here's why: one blightwinger said that "Zionist" is a political term, not a racial term; therefore racists should not use it. He then defines "jew" as "a physical member of any race", so "jew" becomes a political term, also. So much for blightwing confusion. "Jew" is a racial term. Anyone who doubts this needs to do some research. I suggest "The Genetics of the Jews" by A.E. Mourant et al. This is a series of articles prepared by jew hematologists, which appeared in the official British medical magazine, The Lancet, and was published by Oxford University Press in 1978. Anyone can change his religion and his politics, but no one can change his race. "Jew" is not a political term, and we should not be sloppy in using it, just when we dislike someone.

Not all jews are Zionists. I have known anti-Zionist jews such as Josef Ginsburg, Rabbi Elmer Berger, Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein (author of "An American Jew in Racist-Marxist Israel) and a group of religious jews in New York City who publish newspaper ads comparing the tenets of Zionism with those of Judaism. I object to Zionism because it aims at the destruction of my race and the enslavement of all races. Any White person who supports Zionism is a race-traitor and therefore is my enemy. Any non-White who resists Zionism is a potential ally, but he is not and can never be my kinsman. Zionism is the political and the religious expression of jews who intend to destroy the White Race, using White frontmen, just as the evil aliens of THEY LIVE used sold-out Earth people to destroy humanity. Non-Whites can also serve the ZOG against the interests of their own people . In fact, anti-Zionist jews believe that Zionism is a satanic reincarnation of The Golden Calf, which captured the allegiance of Old Testament jews.

To act straight, one must think straight. Down with the ZOG!


I no longer capitalize the word, "jew", which merely means "mongrel" at the high end of the scale. On the low end of the scale of value, "jew" means mongrel-parasite.