7 FEB 1999

Dear Mr. Grimes:

Thank you for your recent mailing. I congratulate you on your timely analysis of current Holocaust Revisionism, which Richard A. Widmann seeks to contradict. The jews are quite flexible in their use of lies. If you won't believe that six million sacred sheenies were gassed by the nasty Nazis, would you now believe that the horrendous Holohoax figures were 'really' Nazi propaganda, and that jews are 'victims' of these Nazi lies? If you believe such kosher crap, there is a bridge in Brooklyn which I'd like to sell you, real cheap. Ha! Widmann's idea that there should be a 'reconciliation' between jews and Germans is grotesque. It is like asking the ancient Egyptians to 'reconcile' with the thieving hebes who gypped the Gypos out of their own country and then skedaddled with the shekels, according to jewish mythology in the Old Testament. What sort of reconciliation can there be between a criminal and his victim, while the one remains a criminal and the other remains a victim? The jews were given every advantage in German society. Kaiser Wilhelm II was himself a Freemason and was surrounded by jews. The jew, Bethmann-Hollweg was his minister of foreign affairs, and also his minister of war, if I remember correctly. After German reunification in 1870, the jews of Germany were powerful, far beyond their numbers, but, as always, they bit the hand that fed them, first betraying Germany to the Allies, then betraying Germany to the Reds. Weimar was the jews' paradise, and the Germans' purgatory. Jews insist on being 'victims'. If a jew criminal steals and murders, we 'should' feel sorry that the jew was 'driven' to commit such acts, rather than feel sorrow for the Gentile who lost his property and/or his life.

I know Bradley Smith personally. He is a race-mixer and an anarchist. He hates any form of religion, as well as government. Bradley told me that he wanted to "denazify" revisionism. I asked him how he would view National Socialism minus the Holohoax. He said nothing in reply. Nothing less than anarchy will 'satisfy' Bradley Smith. This puts him in an odd position, in respect to the Zionist Occupation Government, which uses Holohoax propaganda to advance its genocide program of race-mixing. Bradley also supports race-mixing, but he doesn't like using a hoax to promote it. Neither the ZOG nor the jews have such scruples, as we know.

I was amused by the ad you sent me quite some time ago, which referred to the Scots as being of "The House of David". According to the British Israel, Israel Identity, Christian Identity crowd, all White people are the "Adamic Race", and all are members of one of the 12 tribes of Israel. The ancient Romans and Greeks were White, so which jew tribe or tribes did they come from? Were the Etruscans also a tribe of Israel, for they were also White? Were the jews who were taken to Babylon White? Were the Babylonians White? If the Babylonians were White, then what tribe of Israel were they? Were the jews who returned from Babylon White? Were the jews who fought the Romans White? Was Jesus ben Yahweh a White man? Are so-called American Indians White? Are they to be considered as one of "the lost tribes of Israel", as Mormons have apparently claimed? Were other conquerors of Israel, such as the Medes,and Persians White? If so, which tribe of Israel did they comprise? If the ancient Egyptians were White, then which tribe of "the Israelite, Adamic Race" did they come from? If any of this be true, then all the world's a jew, to paraphrase Shakespeare.

I warned Mark Weber et al. of The Institute for Historical Review that one need not be a Nazi to incur the violence of the jews, nor did one have to use "strong language". One merely had to address some issue contrary to jew dictates in the politest terms to receive firebombs and lawsuits. The jew does not believe in proportional response or half-measures when it comes to attacking someone who displeases him, even on a minor matter. The jew is a consummate totalitarian in defending his 'party line', whatever it happens to be, for the perceived advancement of jewish interests. "Is it good for the jews?" As Yockey predicted, we are living in the Age of Total Politics.


Eric Thomson