by Eric Thomson

My work schedule is chaotic because one of our full-timers may be dying of gangrene which antibiotics can no longer cure. At best, he may have his leg amputated. At worst, he will die. He is 6 years my junior in terms of chronology, but looks 10 years older in terms of physiology. Perhaps there is something to genetics, after all. Ha!

In my opinion, the only thing we need to know about history is this one, fundamental lesson: Whites do not put White interests first and foremost. If one claims to be a racist, then he must always think "Is this good for the White Race?" When we put Christianity above race, we killed our White folk in droves; we needlessly lost the best of our race on futile crusades into woglands, where we died out and were bred out. When we put greed above race, we wasted our best White blood conquering nigwoglands, only to return them to their native inhabitants. They got back their lands, but we can never recover our lost kinsmen. When politics was put above race, we killed our best in the Civil War, and in both World Wars. The one important thing that history can teach us is to think, "Is it good for Our Race?" With this simple understanding, one need not study history. One can make it!

To the extent that religion stands in the way of racial self-defense and survival, it is an instrument of our enemies. As I explained in "The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity", Whites have survived despite their Christian beliefs, not because of them. How can I make the truth plainer than that? Dr. Oliver likened Christianity to the HIV which destroys one's immune system. How true!

The BW is typical of contemporary society: it is anarchistic, hedonistic, arrogant, lazy and ignorant. It is also cowardly. It reminds me of the song about the kosher cowboy, Irving, "The 142nd Fastest Gun in the West." "He was mean and ornery clear through, but odd to say, he was yellow, too!"

Ron reports that some people he knows hope that the Y2K bug will break their boredom with life by causing social collapse. He wonders what they may have to say when the lights go out and they are left cold and hungry in the dark. This reminds me of the lemming-like war hysteria one heard of prior to the Civil War, The Spanish American War and both World Wars. One pre-WW I writer likened war to "a swimmer jumping into cleanness". Arthur Conan Doyle has Sherlock Holmes say of impending world war as "God's own wind".

It seems humanoids are afflicted with lemming genes which make them prone to go on some crazy, hysterical campaign of mutual annihilation every so often. War and other catastrophes are at first welcomed as panaceas for social ills, including boredom. After the lemmings' plunge over the precipice, the survivors write about the insanity and futility of war, including an expose of the base motives of those who go to war, as per "The Red Badge of Courage" and "All Quiet on the Western Front", "Johnny Got His Gun" et al. Before the bloodshed, we hear about "glorious war", &c. As Robert says, no one is serious about addressing the problems which threaten Our Race, because no one wants to change his hedonist, anarchist, consumerist lifestyle.

What has been given up so easily can never be regained without a titanic struggle. There is no magic, 'quick-fix'. Nor should there be.

With the ease of Internet communications, The Law of the Contrary is truly demonstrated: No useful networking is achieved. We are mired in a bog of irresponsible, anonymous prattle. What a wasted opportunity.

History also teaches us that people seek leaders only when they become desperate. In Weimar Germany, they only fought the jew-commies when they were beginning to starve to death, for the kikes and their Goy-commie stooges had taken over the food warehouses. The German population was smarter, I.Q.-wise than the semi-mud population of America, so the Americans' response to crisis is likely to be much more delayed and chaotic. The 'diversity' factor will guarantee that the population as a whole will behave stupidly in terms of over all survival. First, they will go after Whitey. Then they will wonder where their next meal will come from. One might hope that Whites will behave with more intelligence and foresight, but I really doubt that they have such capacities, from what I see and hear all around me. Right now, when Whites can still do things on their own behalf, we see them with their heads buried in kosher fantasy worlds of sitcoms and niggerball.

How down-bred we have become, compared to our White ancestors. When they knew winter was coming, they made warm clothes, warm shelter, obtained fuel and stocked up on food. When an O.W. (Ostensible White) hears that winter is coming, he will do nothing to prepare for hard times. He will merely attempt to enjoy the pleasures of summer as long as possible, preferring to avoid thinking of a period of darkness, cold and ice. He depends on a social system which is disintegrating, yet, he will do nothing to repair it or replace it. Like the Mexican, "mañana is good enough for him." And "the roof doesn't leak when it doesn't rain." The blightwing blabbers, but it is not serious, just hopeless.

All the Best!

6 March 1999