27 MARCH 1999

Dear Comrades:

My work schedule has sabotaged my being at home to receive any daytime calls. A funny thing occurred recently in regard to my telephone: I received a telephone solicitation, purportedly from a US West rep, who wanted me to take advantage of services I already used. He offered to enhance my caller I.D. service for an additional monthly expenditure, of course. I refused, saying I was using my phone only to receive incoming messages while I was at home, which was very infrequent, etc. Funnily enough, as soon as I concluded the call, I noticed that my caller I.D. unit had gone dead. I picked up the receiver and got a normal dial tone, but since then, I have received no incoming calls. I had no problem with my outgoing calls, however. For over a week, my P.O. Box has been empty. If I were a jew, i.e. a paranoid person, I might think that The Great Conspiracy (whoever they might be) was involved, in view of my great importance in world affairs. Ho, ho and again, ho! No, I do not have Zündelitis in the form of megalomania, nor do I believe that the sun shines on my say so. The ZOG is, however, kosher. This means that the ZOG is likely paranoid, so it may have extreme delusions in my case. Well, if I don't receive mail or phone calls, they won't be able to keep up to date on my hate, so to speak. Since my phone bill has steadily increased, just as my use thereof has decreased, I studied my phone bill for possible savings. I eliminated my caller I.D., which was potentially useful during my job-hunt, for it allowed me to see if any potential employer called when I was out. In reality, I only found out the telephone numbers of some telephone solicitors and several wrong number dialers. Now that I am employed, I no longer have any use for the service. Since there is a good pay phone on the premises, I don't need their linebacker repair service, for which the fee has nearly doubled.

Every now and then, I have glimmers that someone is using THE CHOSEN ONE (available on this site) as a guide in target-selection. The oil refinery at Richmond, on S.F. Bay, recently suffered a major fire, which allegedly caused gasoline prices to rise on the west coast. That was the refinery which I used as such a target in my novel. As you can see, I do have free moments for idle speculation.

On the Contrary Front, a few obvious events have run through my mind, such as: the contradiction in U.S. policy in regard to the Soviets' invasion of Afghanistan and their brutal attempts to suppress Chechen independence, which Clinton likened to Lincoln's suppression of Confederate independence, and our policy toward Serbian nationalism in Bosnia and Serbian imperialism in Albanian Kosovo. Eric Margolis, my favorite Lithuanian jew, has long criticized U.S. policy in Iraq (which has no weapons of "mass-destruction") and U.S. policy in regard to North Korea, with its nuke missile capabilities and far more bellicose actions. Indeed, U.S. foreign and domestic policies appear to be consistent only in terms of their contradictions. What else can we expect from members of Congress who don't know whether their form of government is a republic or a democracy? What else can we expect from a government and newsmedia who are confused about a 'nation' being a piece of territory or a consanguineous people? Jewsmedia commentators continue to refer to "Yugoslavia" as a "nation" even as they admit that it comprises non-Serbian Montenegro and Albanian Kosovo. Well, they are stuck with their confusion and their errors, since they still insist on calling the USA "a nation".

The abuse of language not only precedes tyranny, it is the father of chaos. We are not entering The Age of Aquarius, but The Age of Babel.

Jack Kevorkian's recent fumbling of his "assisted suicide" business in favor of euthanasia appears to have placed him in difficulties. Had he offered his latest patient the means to do himself in, rather than having administered the poison himself, he likely would have got off, just as he has on previous occasions, but performing the requested procedures himself, rather than arranging it so the patient could do himself in is the big hang-up. To me, there is an apparent contradiction in allowing a woman to kill her fetus on request, but denying an adult's request to kill himself. The "ass", otherwise known as "the law", deems suicide and euthanasia as "the taking of life", but abortion is permissible because "no life is taken", to quote the words of our Supreme Court justices. "What, me worry?"

Meanwhile, back in Kosovo, we bomb and the Serbs advance, clearing out the Albanians who are said to comprise 90% of the Kosovo Province's population, reminding one of Deir Yassin, in which the jew minority with their superior weapons and viciousness, drove out the Arab majority. One hebe writer with a Brit accent was interviewed about the Serbian leader's agenda. He could not figure it out: did Milosevic want a Greater Serbia, populated only by Serbs, or did he want to maintain the territory of "Yugoslavia", under Serbian supremacy? From events on the ground, it appears that he wants a Greater Serbia for Serbs and no non-Serb inhabitants therein. It is indeed a "balkanic" situation.

One wag said of the USA that we were the only people who went from childhood into senility, with no intervening period of maturity. We see the evidence of our senility in our apparent amnesia in regard to relations between the sexes in the workplace and in the armed forces. Somehow, we expect young men and women, and some not so young, to become eunuchs. Not even the Catholic Church believed that mere 'orders' even with the threat of punishment, could deter Nature from taking its course; hence we see the absence of co-ed monasteries and nunneries. One savvy French writer, Anatole France, pointed out the peculiar phenomenon that there was usually an orphanage when a monastery was in the vicinity of a nunnery. Since the orphanage was run by nuns, the orphans would be subjected to church indoctrination so that many would also become monks and nuns, thus continuing the cycle. Of course, it is also true that blundering into the Balkans is prima facie evidence of insanity, just as meddling in the Middle East is a symptom of tertiary syphilis. Perhaps "USA" really stands for "The Untreatable Symptoms of Alzheimers". Perhaps we really have devolved from being a 'republic' into a demo-crazy. The lemmings don't care about their forthcoming fate, and neither do I, especially as I see the growing numbers of sullen, ugly non-White faces and the diminishing number of my own kind. I doubt that FEDZOGUSA will ever again be able to institute the draft, for the 'diversity' of identities and therefore of interests is just too great.

When we bomb Iraq, our major cities have Iraqi protest demonstrations, just as we see now, when "American" Serbs and Albanians have come out of the woodwork to make their protests.

Curiously, NPR, the commie radio station, recently aired a program about new "'U.S. citizens". The oath these people must swear is indeed interesting, for it appears to preclude such things a dual citizenship, dual loyalties, etc. If a Serb or Albanian has obtained U.S. citizenship, this oath would seem to preclude them from engaging in political actions on behalf of their causes back in the 'old country'. It would also preclude dual citizenship for jews et al. One wonders why people born in this country are not required to swear this oath of citizenship before they are permitted to register as voters. But what's in an oath? It is only as valid as the one who swears it. The hypocrisy in my opinion is in requiring this oath of citizenship, and then in ignoring it. Such hypocrisy makes the swearing of the oath a matter of farce, like one's swearing of allegiance to The Red Queen or The Great Pumpkin. In this regard, the swearing of the oath of citizenship is quite educational for the immigrant, for it teaches him that U.S. citizenship is not at all serious. What, me worry?

I note that the Chinese governor of this state is a racist: his wife and children are Chinese. If he were a White man, it would be expected that his wife were Afro-Asian and that he adopt a couple of niggerlettes from Rwanda or Burundi.

Some local Yakimorons say they like the poly-wog, Colin Powell. Certainly Powell is the reincarnation of Eisenhower, who was another non-White general, so what's not to like, already?

I do not envy our Zionist rulers with such an unruly population to govern as in the Jew-Ess-Eh.

The ongoing controversy about the mandatory anthrax vaccine has resulted in mutinies throughout the armed forces. I recommend that the jew Sec. of Defense Cohen have such a vaccination, if he really thinks it to be as "safe" as he claims. As far as I know, ALL those who now suffer from "Gulf War Syndrome" took that vaccine. With our growing, genetic diversity, it is obvious that a given vaccine will affect some people 'more equally' than it does others. What might be 'safe' or tolerable for one could be deadly to another. I am reminded of the Red movie "Armored Cruiser Potemkin", in which the ship's captain insisted that the sailors eat a shipment of rotten beef, and sparked mutinies in the Russian Navy, during the Russo-Japanese War. In some ways, our military involvement in far-flung areas does resemble Tsarist Russia's involvement in areas taken from China. Although our population is not starving, there is obviously distrust and disaffection in the US armed forces which could be amplified if we suffer a military setback, i.e., if we start losing some of our planes and/or ground forces to 'enemy' action or to our own blunders. FEDZOGUSA may be tempted to perpetrate some incident of domestic terrorism in order to 'unify' the denizens of this country, but even another Pearl Harbor might not do the trick, since the US population is quite different from that of 1941, both racially and psychologically. I still hear some morons prating "my country, right or wrong," but seeing them sign up to fight for this nebulous entity is quite another thing. Those who say such things are never young enough nor fit enough for military service, in my experience.

To hear Clinton telling U.S. troops to "do the right thing on the U.S. behalf" does ring quite hollow and hypocritical Again, it's "do as I say, not as I do."

Sometimes realization comes like a kaleidoscope when it stops turning. I had such a kaleidoscopic impression today, when I heard of the nigger riots in Michigan. Suddenly, the ingredients for the Bolshevik Revolution and the anti-White Revolution in Mexico which began in 1910, jelled in my mind as I realized how ripe this country is for a similar bloodbath. (1) In 1910 Mexico, the armed forces were quite small and 'high-tech' for that age. In Russia, the armed forces were fighting on the perimeters and few troops were available to suppress the Reds inside Russia. There was a great prison population which the Reds released and armed, so as to prevent anti-jew forces from organizing against the kosher perpetrators of the turmoil. The police were killed in short order. In the booklet, "Behind Communism", one sees the bodies of the dead cops piled on the sidewalk. That would be useful to show your police 'instructors', for it is obvious that THEY are the ones who need the instruction. (2) In Mexico and in Russia, the "Politics of Envy" was used to appeal to the masses of botched, and the subhumans, just as it was during the so-called French Revolution. The botched and their jew masters identified "the enemy" as being blond, fair and smooth-handed, just as they did in France. In Latin America, anyone who has a light complexion is deemed an "exploiter" and is a legitimate target for death and despoliation. In the "French" and "Russian" revolutions, the jews and their Freemasonic lackeys killed intellectuals and potential leaders, just as the Catholic priests killed off the intellectuals of the Incas and Aztecs, and as the jew-bolsheviks did to the intelligentsia of the Baltic states and Poland. The Serbs are following this successful formula in Albanian Kosovo. In the land known as "The Untreatable Symptoms of Alzheimers", only the jews know the names of the potential resistance leaders. The Gentiles who should support such leaders do not know who they are; they do not care. They continue to believe that their ignorance is just as valid as their potential leaders' knowledge. Their motto, consciously or unconsciously, is "What, me worry?" When they do worry, if they live so long, they may be too ignorant and too stupid even to know they need a leader.

I recently spoke to a minor Zogling who loves the Chinese, even though he is an Ostensible White who traces his ancestry back to the 1600s in Massachusetts. He is willing to give the Chinese what was once his country, because "race does not matter", in his opinion. "It matters to the Chinese," I said.

No, Virginia, it is not the Y2K bug we must fear, but the demographic time-bomb which may detonate at any moment. The jovial Zogling scoffed at the threat of Mexican nationalism: "a mere 2% of the population," he jibed. I do not know where he gets that statistic. It probably comes from Dr. William Pierce, but I said, "It looks like all 2% must reside in Yakima!"

He lauded capitalism and claimed communism to be dead. I said, it appears that capitalism led to communism in the first place, so there is bound to be a political reaction against the shortsighted opportunism of current cutthroat capitalism. I pointed out that the USA is practicing the Christo-Marxist credo of "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his need" on a scale never matched in the Soviet Union, which was communist in name only. The USA is communist in fact, although it pretends to be non-communist. What can we think of 'capitalists' who transfer wealth from the productive to the parasitic? Once again, the label belies the content, but the Goyim are deluded by the label.

The continent is swarming with rapidly-growing numbers of alien predators and parasites, as well as virulent diseases. Sounds pretty much as if we are indeed victims of terrorism: largely self-inflicted through our apathy and shortsighted self-indulgence. I asked the mother of a 'regalia-freak Nazi' why she and her class of rich folks did not arm themselves and organize to fight the bolshevik bandits who were about to take their lives and their property. (as in Tsarist Russia.) She said that they were fully occupied with their personal and family affairs. They had parties to attend, church ceremonies, weddings, funerals, debutante balls, etc. All their time was taken up, so they had no time to fight the Reds. It sounds familiar, doesn't it? Why fight the Reds when we can party? There are good reasons why things are as they are.

My minor Zogling discovered that I dislike Judaism in all its forms. He said, "What do you think of Christianity?" I said it was our misfortune. It was imposed on White Europeans by force and fraud by agents of jewry, and the jews are correct in refusing to consume the Christian opiate themselves. Christianity is merely a conglomeration of pagan beliefs with jewish labels, such as "Christmas" and "Easter". He asked me what my religious beliefs were. I said that my hours of endurance while in Jesus ben Yahweh's great fart-halls were an exercise in alienation for me. My real religious experiences came about in my contacts with Nature, so I was more an Odinist. Religion is a matter of blood, just as culture is based in biology. Adopting alien ways and cults is extremely unhealthy for those who insist on doing so. As I wrote: for Aryans, evil is error. The longer we cling to error, the more we are punished. Sometimes our error can destroy us before we even realize how unreasonable our actions have been.

Everet Hakes to the contrary, there is really no cure for race-mixing on the conscious level, for the creature has been changed. Mestizos are so mixed-up they cannot even identify the cause of their major malfunctions. Their "solution" for what bothers them is 'breed, breed, breed'. This leaves the unmixing job to Nature, who can be pretty lackadaisical, as archeological studies prove. She can wait for another Ice Age, but intelligent Whites (is this an oxymoron?) have to think in terms of their own brief life-spans in which to get things done.

I pointed out to my minor Zogling that the only consistency in U.S. policy is that it is anti-White. Every time we engage in a military conflict, from the Civil War onwards, we see fewer of us and more of the colored masses in our midst. Even the most primitive African tribesman can understand that, but we apparently cannot. This fellow represents the liberal anti-White-White element so well that he should be stuffed and put on exhibit in a genocide museum with his tape recorded prattle to tell the visiting mud-people why his kind died out. Like a Roman official, he finds the eventual collapse of the U.S.A. incomprehensible, yet, unlike the Roman official, he does not appear to care. He does not care about his race, nor the existence of the peculiar entity known as the USA. What he is enthusiastic about is "capitalism" and the idea of a world capitalist class comprising all races and mixtures thereof, which reminds me of the socialist concept of a united "working-class", which proved so illusory at the outbreak of WW I. In fact, there was more international capitalist class solidarity in that conflict than the workers ever achieved. It is correct to analyze imperialism as the current partner of international capitalism. We see it all around us. The agents of the Jew World Order dislike any coherent political entity. They require "interdependency", so as to control people. Their bogeyman is the self-sufficient nation-state, which Germany sought to achieve from 1933 to 1945. Once again, we see Nature's best biological specimens sacrificed for a nebulous and erroneous idea. As I concluded in a poem about the British: "OUR RACE WE SLEW FOR THE INNER JEW!" I forget the rest of it, which was basically a critique of British motives for their mass-murder of the German people, so as to destroy their commercial competition. "Something for less is always our quest, but something for nothing is what we like best" are other words of the poem I can recall. Unfortunately, I left the page I wrote it on when I left Hate H.Q. (Zündelhaus, Toronto.) Now that it is in my noggin, I will try to recall them all and I will let you know if I do.

The little poem was based upon an absolutely evil statement by British Prime Minister Palmerston who allegedly declared that Britain had no loyalty to any people nor any ally, for Britain's loyalty was only to its "interests", as if interests can remain constant when the human factor is altered and/or eliminated. Are present-day Egyptian interests the same as those of the pyramid-builders? Certainly not. It is indeed evil for one to serve a disembodied idea at the expense of his own people and his race. What a contrast such an idiotic idea is to that of our enemies who always ask, "Is it good for the jews?"

Our major defect as White people appears to be our lack of racial consciousness. We have not learned that continuity of purpose depends on the continued existence of people like us. It appears that the White Race has lost its way, which is logical when we lose or forget our identity. If you do not know who you are, you will not know where you want to be. In fact, most of us show signs of dysfunctional behavior which is usually linked to mongrelization: incoherence, discontinuity and lack of purpose. Why do we behave like mongrels if we are really White folk? I think it is because we are so jew-dazed and, hence, judaized. Like the monkeys who were taught to wear 18th century garb and powdered wigs for dancing the minuet on stage, we are much in need of some 'magic nuts'(*) to redeem our true instincts as Whites, for those of us who identify their interests with those of our enemies have truly ceased to exist as White people. They are White bodies with alien minds. (* Here Mr. Thompson refers to a group of chimpanzees who were performing 'human' exercises on stage – dancing, bicycle riding, smoking, etc. The mimicking abruptly ceased when some peanuts were tossed upon the stage thus demonstrating that trained behavior always falls victim to innate behavior. O.J. Simpson comes to mind.)

I enjoyed our recent telephone conversations. One thing which came to mind was derived from your advice, to the jew: that all they need to do is leave the blightwing alone and it will self-destruct. This is usually what the jews cannot do: leave something alone. There is always one kike-on-the-make like Sabina Citron or Meir Kahane who will keep goading the Goyim into organizing a reaction against the hebes. For the jews, the real danger is in their own people. There appears to be no danger for them from White people, least of all from the "anti-jew" blightwing.

As always, it is good to hear from you. Keep up the good work and avoid viruses.


Eric Thomson

P.S.: I just thought of a jew-screw tactic when listening to a Gershwin tune on the radio, which was played by the Moscow Philharmonic. The jew D.J. effused that he would play this tune in the interests of 'world peace', in view of the "Russian" conflict with the USA over Serbia. A "Russian" orchestra playing "American" music, he drooled. Well, that brought to mind what the jews largely accomplished in Russia and in the USA: they redefined those countries' cultures in terms of jew-culture (an oxymoron). The jews who "killed the best of the Goyim" not only redefined Russian culture, they became "Russians", as they tell the non-Russian Goyim. The jews have been doing much the same in the U.S.: they define U.S. culture in their terms and they displace the Goy population, so they can tell the world that they are "Americans". How these creatures enjoy wearing different disguises! What we see in Russia and in North America is jewish policy on behalf of jewish interests which the hebes have labelled "Russian" or "American" policy. And the Goyim go right along with the jewish schemers, like the good sheeple they are. I remember those words of FDR's good buddy, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, who'd returned from his visit to the USSR and declared to the press: "I don't call it Communism. I call it Judaism!" Well, this statement truly applies to the USA: I don't call it American. I call it jewish! The ironic thing is that so many non-kikes loudly identify their interests with those of the jews: "We won the war!" (WW II). "Israel is our best ally in the Middle East!" – ignoring the fact that Israel spoiled our relations with the Arabs and pushed them into the arms of the Soviet Jewnion. When one has an 'ally' like Israel, one never needs an enemy.

Ex-Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky, a righteous jew, has pointed this out in his two excellent books, "By Way of Deception" and "The Other Side of Deception". I read the former, but have not seen the latter. According to my sources, his second book reveals the role of the jew Freemasonic organization, B'nai B'rith, and its ADL branch as being the de facto Zionist police apparatus in such host countries as Canada and the USA. The anti-Islamic writer Rushdie, who looks like a kike and is always lauded by the jewsmedia gets as much protection as President Clinton for having displeased Moslems, but poor Victor Ostrovsky receives no protection from his Mossad murderers who burned down his home in Canada. As far as I know, Ostrovsky and his family are living on the run in North America, but the jewsmedia consider him an "unperson", so he receives no publicity which would reveal matters contrary to Zionist interests. It is likely that the jewsmedia will crow about it if the Mossad decides to murder, rather than terrorize him.

As I understand, from Freemasonic sources, only Jews can join B'nai B'rith, but before they do, they must 'serve' at least 3 years in a Gentile lodge. This is like a rookie cop who must do so many years as a patrolman before he can become a detective at the cop-shop. I asked one dumb Freemason why he could not join B'nai B'rith, when any hebe could join his lodge. I said that this is analogous to a beat cop who associates with citizens outside the Police station, being excluded from no place. Yet, the citizens cannot do the same in the police station, which allows them only into limited areas of the place. In short, B'nai B'rith polices the Gentile lodges. Only a jew-dazed dope would fail to see the obvious. As I told students entering college: "You will study your subjects and the jews will study you, who are deemed to be 'their' batch of Goyim." I saw it in my college experience, which led me to conclude that jews are both ubiquitous and iniquitous. Jews are natural-born spies. THEY LIVE. WE SLEEP.(**) But there is no need to envy these creatures, for they are race-mixed and are never quite sure of their own identities, as so many hebes have told me. Peter Sellers, a diluted jew, was asked by a reporter how he could play so many roles, changing his demeanor and behavior, as well as his accents, like a chameleon. Sellers replied that it was easy for him, for he really did not know who he was.

In the jew-book, people are warned about "gaining the world and losing one's soul". Bud Schulberg, author of "What Makes Sammy Run", a thinly-disguised biography of Samuel Goldwyn (the "G" in MGM), has 'Sammy Glick' reviewing his unhappy life, all alone in his Beverly Hills mansion. He concludes that his life is distasteful and worthless for him, but he thinks many people envy his status, so that gives him some satisfaction. Imagine, if you can, the concept of 'living' mainly in terms of others' reactions to your statements and actions. Without other people, such a person is an empty shell. For such a person, solitude is akin to death. (** This movie shows a sterile culture somewhat like Orwell's 1984. "THEY" appear as ordinary citizens, but are actually the rulers. "WE" can see them if we have 'special glasses' – something like being politically astute. Most Americans do not have these 'glasses'.)

Perhaps the vampire myth or legend provides some understanding of these jew-types. Remember, in Romania and parts of Eastern Europe, where the vampire legend originates, there were no natural vampires, but there were lots and lots of jews. At the time of The Iron Guard in the 1930s, at least a third of the Romanian population was jewish, as well as many Gypsies. What is the difference between a jew and a Gypsy? Both are mongrels and thieves. The difference is that Gypsies do not use the banking system to steal, as do jews! But back to the bat-cave: A vampire cannot see himself in a mirror. He can be seen only by other people or other vampires. A vampire 'lives' only through others, but not off his fellow vampires. Perhaps this is why the first vampire movie (***) had the evil count wearing a Star of David on his shirt collar! Vampires are portrayed as being allergic to crosses, but their supposed dislike of silver and garlic does not fit the image, for jews do like silver and garlic. So much for legend! (*** This refers to Bela Lugosi in Dracula.)