2 May 1999

Dear Robert:

In case you don't catch me between shifts, I will send these observations for your consideration.

When I studied International Relations in the university, a professor stated the primary problem in the field of intelligence: how does one evaluate the information which is gathered? As we see on the Internet, the volume of information and disinformation is not small, it is so great that almost an infinite number of jews is required to snoop through it all. The question is, what is valuable information and what is not? Something which the professor said is of great help: "There are no big secrets. The only reason that we do not see the woods, for example, is that our noses are too close to an individual tree." The big secrets are quite obvious to anyone who cares to look: (1) The ZOG is waging war on the White Race so as to make it extinct. Everything the ZOG does or does not do makes for more of THEM and fewer of US. Immigration is correctly defined as unresisted invasion. (2) The erstwhile Soviet Union and its successor state of kosher kleptocracy was founded, funded and fed by the U.S. tax payers and farmers from its beginning, officially, in 1917, despite all the phony cold war rhetoric. (3) The Pentagonian zoglings have stated their official intent in the Balkans is to stamp out every ethnic state in the world. In other words, our government has, as its official policy the creation of an empire, under which nations and all peoples would be subjects. Hence, all peoples must be divided from their own kind, living on their own territory, and mixed with other peoples: the old divide and rule formula. Some historians argue that this same policy under the Russian Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire led to World War I; their idea being that empires either expand or contract and collapse. Could be. What is obvious about FEDZOGUSA's imperialist policy? Assume that the ZOG succeeds in scrambling all ethnic states, including Iceland and Japan. There remains one racial-ethnic state on Earth: China! What the ZOG is doing, in effect, is to chop all the non-Chinese people, including those of the U.S.A., into bite-size morsels for China to devour and absorb. Whether the ZOG knows it or not, it is working for world domination by China, and the extinction of all non-Asiatic peoples.

One political observer of the recent past said that France was not an extension of Europe into Africa, but an extension of Africa into Europe. When one looks at 'events on the ground', the replacement of Whites by Blacks and Arabic Africans, one can see such colonial entities as bridgeheads for the colored invasion of Europe. In regard to China, FEDZOGUSA has transferred such items as miniaturized nuclear warheads and missile guidance systems to China, so as to bring Chinese military technology up-to-date in terms of "weapons of mass-destruction". North Korea, which remains an ally of China, tests its missiles and has some nuclear warheads which they may deliver, and the U.S.A. continues to fund it and feed it!

On a personal note, I have mentioned this handover of U.S. technology and territory to the Chinese in my few discussions with Ostensible Whites, and they approve! They want to give the entire continent to the Chinese, because "the Chinese are good businessmen and hard workers!" With such criteria, one could argue that termites should be allowed to infest one's house, because they are great engineers and hard workers! One Anglo-mestizo said in 'reply' to my warnings about The Yellow Peril that he had seen beautiful Chinese women in Hong Kong and had I ever been there? I said I visited Singapore and Hong Kong, which were 99.99% Chinese and I felt as if I were in a termite nest or anthill. The crowding, which Chinese thrive on, was oppressive and I had no wish to live that way. We Aryans have a certain need for livingspace, even if it be a room to ourselves. Chinese, like jews, love to rub up against one another. Mao Tse Tung wrote in his "Military Thoughts" of The Long March into the rural hinterland of China, during his retreat from Chiang Kai Shek's army, that they entered a region where "there were no people", save for a few primitive tribes of Asiatics. Some of the Maoists went mad from this 'oppressive isolation'. After all, there were only 10,000 Maoists taking part in The Long March! Imagine what an Asiatic feels when he goes hiking, all alone. Is that why we never seem to see Asians by themselves, even on hiking trails? I told the Anglo-mestizo: "So you'd give up your country, in exchange for a pretty Chinese woman. Amazing order of priorities for an ex-Marine!" The fellow said nothing and soon left the premises. I can appreciate 'beauty' in other races, in comparison to other members of the same race, but I do not find those women attractive. Colored women who are attractive look like members of my race, and if they were of my race with beautiful characteristics, then they would be very attractive! This Anglo-mestizo ex-Marine was a local attorney before he got caught with powdered 'speed' supplied to him by a client who was also a DEA informant. Now he works as a 'dorm-daddy' for a swank 'detox' and 'rehab' center in Selah, across the river from Yakima. He has a dysfunctional son, hatched by a Yakima Injun, who looks much more Asiatic than his mestizo father... and the band plays on.

Yes, it can be lonely here, as the only pro-White White man in the area. (The Great White Homeland, as the blightwing labeled it.) My casino job is similar to the 'quality' of life depicted in the movie, "Cabaret". I am surrounded by race-mixers, Sondernegers, would-be jews, whores, gamblers, alcoholics and dope fiends. Like you, I find that I have little in common with Blacks and mestizos, even when I speak the same language. The outlook is different, alien in fact, just as my outlook is to them. We speak the same language, but are not on the same wavelength.

My employers have lived in Yakima all their lives, so they are like the proverbial frogs in the kettle of water which is being heated gradually. My employers are Whites who come from a long line of hoteliers. Their sole interest is in making money by catering to the public, whoever they may be. They are of Basque peasant stock and see no further than their monthly bank statements, preferring to ignore the obviously deteriorating society around them. My employer did mention that Yakima used to be a lot nicer and safer when he was a kid. He could leave his bike anywhere and it would be there when he came back for it. Nowadays, one cannot expect to find his bike where he parked it, even if he chains and padlocks it. Cars are rapidly going the way of bikes. Once the mestizo population becomes 90 percent, then the cars will disappear, along with their batteries and stereos, which are the present targets of thieves. My employer said that his apartment was burglarized so frequently that he stopped buying the stuff which the thieves would steal, even though he could afford to do so. The chore of buying a new stereo, for instance, and toting it up to the apartment, setting it up, only to listen to it a few times before the thieves took it, was just too tedious for him. Since I cannot afford to buy a stereo, I don't have that problem. If I could afford a car, I would have a real problem: one cannot park a car on the street, nor in an outdoor parking lot, especially overnight. If one does, he will discover that the car has been stripped of any saleable items, the gas drained from the tank, the tires missing, etc. Or the car may be gone completely. Cars with no stealable items are routinely vandalized.

When I moved into my first apartment building in Yakima, on the outskirts of Zone D or District 6, the SE part of Yakima, I noted the similarities of the parking area with those of bombed out Sarajevo, during the Bosnian War: the area was gleaming with fragments of safety glass. Several vehicles lacked windows; some leaned at peculiar angles because of slashed tires, etc. These vehicles belonged to the denizens of the apartment building. Fortunately, I was able to sell my old VW Sirocco before the vandals had knocked out more than a taillight. Three days after the buyer had given me the last payment, all the windows were smashed. He lived just a block away from my place. In mestizo America, that which you cannot guard will be destroyed or stolen. That which you do not occupy will be invaded by squatters. It's the Turd World, here and now.

FEDZOGUSA has long recognized the fact that the plutocrats may enjoy more and more, while the majority enjoy less and less. Despite all the hypocrisy of 'equality', class based on wealth and political connections is as blatant here as in any banana republic. One FBI agent who was escorting me to the border and into exile said to another agent how odd it was that I, a son of a mere mechanic, could cause problems for the denizens of The District of Corruption. I replied that Lincoln was merely a rail-splitter and Truman was merely a haberdasher and FDR never did a lick of honest work in his whole life, so my father was much more productive than any of them! In this de jure constitutional republic, since when is any citizen considered inferior in status to another? I was grateful to the FBI for teaching me the difference between the phony rhetoric and the political reality. After all, who am I to disagree? I wonder, to this day, why I was not simply warned away from my course of study. I can take a hint. I do have banana republican experience, so if I receive word from someone I recognize as knowledgeable, that some course of action may be 'unhealthy' or 'counter-productive', I will behave accordingly. What I was doing was merely the acquisition of knowledge. That knowledge could be obtained by blundering into a war zone and getting shot at, or it could be obtained from an observer who could give me a timely word of caution. I gained my knowledge the hard and dangerous way. Too bad others cannot or will not heed what I have to say. It is their loss, not mine. Some people confuse their degree of comfort with their own knowledge and competence. Under the circumstances, their comfort depends on the mercy of the enemy and their 'knowledge' and 'competency' are worse than irrelevant in the maintenance thereof. Yes indeed, we all have our experience, but some experience is more equal than others, as Orwell might say.

You wisely point out that the denizens of America have nothing unique to offer in the way of values and political philosophy. What was unique about America was its vast livingspace and natural wealth, which are being rapidly devoured by an invasion of human cockroaches. But whatever we do, we must never, ever use the word 'nigger', and we must simply refuse to acknowledge that Ingrid Rimland is a jew and that Ernst The Zud is through.


Eric Thomson