Aryan Greetings!

Many thanks for sending me the Spring edition of HERITAGE FRONT REPORT.

I noted in your letter to supporters that you find foreign news articles of interest. I work at a place which receives several copies of local and out of state newspapers which I read for items of Aryan interest. One activist grumbled about receiving such clippings: "I get a newspaper!" In other words, he is convinced that 'if you read one newspaper, you've read them all'. Of course, his wife throws out his newspaper before he reads it, so he really does not want to read. Why know about it if you can't do anything about it? As a long-time journalist, I reply that information is like first aid: when a situation does arise, then such knowledge becomes essential. One old spook said that information is easy to get. In fact, the CIA, KGB, CSIS et al. obtain such a volume of information that it is an obstacle in the performance of actual intelligence operations. Someone must go through all the bits of information and then determine which item, if any, is important and relevant. Before the internet, where the job is the same: sorting the wheat from the chaff, worldwide information was practically monopolized by the wire services such as AP, UPI, Reuters et al. This news was already censored. Then outfits like CBC would further censor what was on the wire services, according to their political agenda. That is why it was called The Communist Brainwashing Corporation. Whenever their raggle-taggle staff went out on strike in Toronto, I'd cordially cheer them on: "Stay out as long as possible!" I'd encourage them. News coverage varies from city to city, state to state, country to country. There is a system of censorship boundaries which we have encountered: one corresponds with the U.S.-Canada border. U.S. news which is carried on international wire services is not reported in Canada and vice versa. This fact became most evident during the Zündel trials in Toronto.

As we know, Anglo-Saxon law uses precedents from cases in Britain, Canada, Australia and the U.S.A. The fact that a person in Canada could be charged with 'thought-crime' and subjected to judicial persecution for over a decade, incurring huge expenses for defendant and tax-payers was 'not news'? Another divides news coverage from east to west, censoring information between the European and North American press, radio and TV. I recall, when I was in Toronto, a CBC-TV broadcast on the Chinese language service. It was a German TV newsclip showing demonstrators blocking a railway line to stop a trainload of radioactive milk from being shipped to Holland as cattle feed. This I understood from the German narration before the Chinese newscaster voiced over the transmission. This news was NOT reported by CBC in its English and French broadcasts, to my knowledge. The New York Times reported the TB epidemic now raging in North America, along with the interesting fact that people with Asian genes do not respond to treatment by the current antibiotic against which the new, virulent strains of TB are quite immune. People with Asian genes include all mestizos and so-called Indians, as well as Chinese and recent arrivals from Asia. A mestizo is a Eurasian, technically 1/2 White and 1/2 Asiatic, along with varying degrees of admixture. A sambo is part Black and part Asian. This news did not reach Yakima, with its heavily Asiatic population, many of whom are TB carriers! Once again, we see that there are 3 races: Black, White and Yellow. The others are not races, but mongrels, despite mestizos' protests to the contrary. Since genders and races respond differently to environmental factors, including pollution and medication, public health will become a major problem here in North America. The carriers of TB, for instance, come from cultures which do not recognize the existence of germs. They do not care about washing their hands, coughing in others' faces and spitting incessantly, wherever and whenever.

Your article on cultural meltdown is sad and true. I witnessed it over the decades in the U.S.A. As a boy in California during the 2nd World War, I lived in a White country. The AM radio carried European classical music on every station. The war propaganda posters and films depicted brave White soldiers in U.S. or British uniforms. There was no way to distinguish the 'good' guys from the 'bad', except by their uniforms. Of course Hollywood movies' Nazi villains were usually played by jews like Otto Preminger, so they did not look like us! There is much more anti-German propaganda now than there was during World War II. The means of disseminating propaganda during WW II were surprisingly limited, but none the less effective: books, films, newspapers, magazines, lectures and posters in public places, with the additional medium of radio, which did not exist in WW I. The war-hysteria of World War I was far worse in America than that of World War II, as I gathered from persons living then. In Washington State, for instance, people who were vocal in their protests against American involvement in WW I were abducted by masked men at night and were found dead in the morning or not found at all. But during WW II, one could turn on the radio and hear music which Adolf Hitler was himself enjoying on the German radio. After 1945, it was plain who were the real defenders of Western Civilization: The Germans were the defenders and we, the Americans were the destroyers. European classical music vanished from AM radio, save for one station. We were then barraged by Afro-pop 'culture', such as "Cement Mixer, Putty-Putty" (1946) and "Open the Door, Richard" (1947). 'Popular' music was also known as cowboy and hill-billy, which became increasingly Afro-Asiatic over the succeeding decades. Sometime in the 1950s, cowboy and hill-billy songs became euphemised as "country and western", which then became an amalgamation of the two types, along with Afro rhythms and Asiatic 'Injun' style warbling and wailing. Now the singers are becoming darker: more mestizo and Black. Should we be surprised? You mentioned a 'singer' who was ostensibly White, but who had a Black woman's voice. Elvis Presley had a Black man's voice and presentation, so he was used by the anti-humans to blacken popular music. Now, most singers I hear sound like Blacks. If you do not look at them, you can't tell who they are. Of course, Robert Zimmerman, alias Bob Dylan, never could sing, but since he's jewish, he doesn't have to. Neither does Barbara "Strident" whose motto is: "If you can't please the listeners, you can at least deafen them."

I note that ZOG censorship prevents you, in typically Orwellian terms, from naming the enemy, whom you call "the elite". Of course, the Zionist criminals enjoy being called "elite", for that is complimentary. The SS were elite, which meant that they were the best who did their best to do good on behalf of those they served. Our criminal, Zionist rulers are not an elite, so I recommend that they be called something appropriate. If Zionist is forbidden, then generic terms like plutocrats, masters, enemies, anti-humans or rulers would strip the Zionists of their undeserved kudos. Certainly, we should not praise our enemy in our own propaganda! When I coined the term, "ZOG", it was still permissible to call someone a Zionist. In fact, it was Ontario's very own Attorney General, Roy McMurtry, who gave me the idea when he appeared on the steps of a synagogue, sporting a borrowed sheeny-beany or kosher crash helmet. "I am a Christian Zionist," he crowed. The Ottawa regime has now gone so far as to persecute the jew Herzog, when they banned him from using his license plate on which "THE ZOG" was inscribed. On several occasions, I noticed a car in the Toronto courthouse parking lot which had the license "KGB 666". I wonder whose car that was! In other words, it's 'kosher' to sport a plate declaring one's allegiance to a foreign, brutal espionage organization, as well as to Satan, but not to The ZOG!

I enclose my recent article, "Socialism and the Jew World Order", for your entertainment. Keep up the good work.


Eric Thomson

21 May 1999