by Eric Thomson

With the advent of the TV 'docu-drama', "Holocaust", jew-wise anti-ZOG activists knew that something big was in the offing. As I had pointed out, Judaism is fundamentally a holocaustic cult, with its recurrent theme of jews holocausting their hosts or being holocausted by their intended victims. As usual with jew efforts, the latest holohoax was multi-faceted. Amongst the manifold benefits for the Zionists would be:

(1) The legitimizing of the Ashkenazim as 'true-jews' who 'also' suffered for their adopted religion;

(2) Money derived from the sale of holohoax-related movies, books and other presentations;

(3) A cover for real and ongoing Israeli crimes against humanity; and

(4) The unquestioned moral assumption behind the jews, latest extortion racket, which has engulfed not only Germany, but France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States.

Anti-ZOG activists had learned of jewish intentions from jewish sources, as well as the simple application of logic based upon previous jew behavior. Thus began our campaign against the Holohoax, as a means of building an anti-ZOG movement. Then, for inscrutable reasons, the leading anti-ZOG activist betrayed his trust and himself by destroying his incipient organization (here Eric refers to Ernst Zündel – ed.). The kosher furies saw his weakness and descended upon him with endless legal suits. This took place in Soviet Canuckistan or Canzogland, which lies to the north of Uszogland, a territory being reclaimed by Mexico.

The result is, historical revisionism can no longer be promoted as a commodity in that territory. "Holocaust-denial" is a thought-crime, deemed to infringe upon jews' human rights. Revisionists whose ambition it is to make money off holohoax material, rather than form an anti-ZOG movement will eventually experience that which has befallen their northern and European counterparts. The lesson of recent history is clear: those who value money more than Truth, Freedom and Justice will surely lose their money to the ZOG's regime of lies, tyranny and injustice. This is entirely appropriate.

20 May 1999