by Eric Thomson

The original definition of "nation" recognized the biological identity of a people, regardless of frontiers. Woodrow Wilson and others long recognized the socially destabilizing effect of multi-national states, and laid much of the blame for World War I on the existence of these unstable entities such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire. Wilson did not appear to recognize the fact that the U.S.A. was not, and never has been a nation, but likewise has always been a multi-national state ruled by an Anglo-jewish plutocracy. We have long been taught the old tyrant's tactic of "divide and rule", so it should be obvious to any political observer that this tactic is being applied speedily and ruthlessly by North America's Zionist rulers. Their intention seems to be (1) the total destruction of the White Race and (2) the enhancement of their power and wealth by means of the divide and rule tactic.

One example of how effective this policy of 'diversity' has been is the demise of special rights for Blacks and mestizos, which include "hispanics" and "American Indians". It wasn't Whitey who took away their special rights, but recent Asian arrivals who protested 'affirmative action' policies, particularly in university admissions. Whenever Asian interests are thwarted by racial quotas favoring Blacks and mestizos, we will see the abolition of such quota policies. The Whites could go on protesting through their able Black spokesman, but the ZOG doesn't listen to Whites. Affirmative action was resoundingly abolished in those states with large Asian populations: Washington and California. But using an Asian invasion to counter the power of Blacks and mestizos reminds one of the woman who swallowed the spider to catch the fly. Divide and rule seems to follow the rules of nuclear fission: once begun, the process must continue, until the resultant explosion. Divide and rule diversity does indeed exact a steep price, and that price is the loss of power and wealth which one can only enjoy within a community of people and purpose, to wit: a nation-state.

Greedy people within a community often betray the interests of their own people in various ways. They may impoverish their folk by depriving them of the means of enhancing their own living standards by dint of the people's productivity. They may damage the gene pool by war and/or the adoption of dysgenic breeding policies. They may allow aliens to invade the folk's living-space. They may allow the enemies of their people to rule through them, and share in profits made from the destruction of their folk. This has happened throughout recorded history.

Wise Aryans know that wealth, real wealth, is one's community, not the property one owns, nor the money one has. If I live in a community of shared values, with safe streets, attractive surroundings and mutual support, I am rich indeed. If I make money at the expense of my community, then I am a poor fool or a criminal, for I have betrayed the entire basis for my own enjoyment of life by opening the dikes so as to flood my community with misery and hostile aliens. From this time on, I must live in a perpetual state of siege. When community is lost, all is lost.


23 May 1999