11 June 99. Dear Erne:

Great to get your letter of 6-6-99! I'm rushing to get this reply in the mail before I must go to work, and the post office closes.

It takes a true Aryan to realize that he had made a mistake in important decisions. We can only act upon the information we obtain, but when we do receive better information, some of us insist on clinging to error. Many Ostensible Whites cling to the holohoax, for they have made some kind of inscrutable investment therein, and it has become part of their persons, like a bad nigger rap tune or a chemical addiction.

I wrote a postcard to Bruce Campbell, but so far I have received no reply. My advice to him is to go on saying what he has said. Dr. Goebbels knew the masses of asses when he said that the people learn very slowly and forget very fast. Thus he advised repeating the message as often as possible. I said to George Dietz that we were like people aboard The Titanic and that we should keep sending out "S.O.S." (although in those days the international Morse distress signal was "C.Q.", if I recall correctly) until our message reaches someone willing to become an activist. I hope Bruce makes available that which he has said on the Internet so that new people can learn from it.

We come to our respective racial awakenings in different ways and at different times in our lives. Ernst Zündel opined that National Socialists were born, not made. Surely, he should know, for he was not NS and is not to this day. Like Covington, he confuses National Socialism to be what ever he wants it to be, at any moment.

I don't think any meeting of pro-White Whites could be kept secret, nor should it be kept secret. The jewsmedia would do that for us.

Loyalty is hard to test. The Order used the methods of The Turner Diaries, which is ass-backwards in terms of target selection, for some inscrutable reason known only to Pierce. Anyway, The Order used a lie detector to determine the loyalty of prospective activists. As one member of The Order said, those who passed later betrayed their comrades. There was no question of their pro-White beliefs, but they would not "take the heat" when the ZOG threatened them with lengthy prison terms. Police find skinheads and other gang members very prone to squeal on their buddies in exchange for a lesser charge and/or more favorable treatment. The Gypsies DO NOT snitch on their fellows, however. Racists please take note!

"Leaderless Resistance" is very much an oxymoron. Historical examples abound with failures caused by inappropriate activism. The job of a leader is to know his own side and who the enemy is. He then must decide on appropriate action to score a victory for his side and a defeat for the enemy. The individual anarchists who espouse 'leaderless resistance' lack both Feindbild and Selbstbild. They are prime targets for the ZOG tactic known in Latin America as "phony combat cells", for they cannot distinguish whether an action is beneficial or not to the cause. The Matabele Rebellion of the 1890s failed precisely because some Black bucks decided to kill Whites, before the Black forces were properly arrayed. With this early warning, the Whites fled the bush and concentrated themselves in defensive positions, where they wiped out the attacking Black hordes with concentrated firepower.

The Order chose all the wrong targets when they followed The Turner Diaries. There are indeed textbooks on the strategy of target-selection. I have read them, but Pierce and his Order copycats did not. A strategic target is one which is involved in production and/or distribution of vital necessities to human life. Continued attacks against such targets will produce "objective conditions for revolution", for many people are affected at the same time in important aspects of their lives. Imagine a power outage of a week or more in any major population area, for instance.

When Germany was down, but not quite out, men rallied around a natural leader, a lumberjack/sailor named Noske. Under his leadership they captured food warehouses taken over by the Reds and prevented mass starvation in the already hungry civilian population. As the Chinese Communists recognized in Korea, fewer than one out of twenty Whites has any leadership potential, regardless of social or military rank.

Must rush! ALL THE BEST and 88!

P.S.: Sports are surrogates for war. Neither war nor sports contests can be won without teamwork and leadership. Anarchy can only lose for the side which is afflicted by it. Whites are being governed to extinction. In order to live, Whites must become self-governing.

* * * * *

16 June 99. Dear Barbara:

Many thanks for all the Margolis articles and the newsletter of Mike Hoffman! What he has revealed about the South before and during the War Between the States or the Civil War convinces me that there were only 2 appropriate things for a White man to do: (1) Go west and avoid the war, as Mark Twain did, or (2) Serve in one army or the other as a surgeon, as my American great grandfather did. It is appalling to me that people could be so easily inflamed against one another, so that they would literally kill their own brothers or fathers. To think that "The Red Badge of Courage" describes the psychological motives of the young, dumb recruit in the Union Army, although the author did not fight in the war. The martial mania is also well-described in "The Little War of Private Post", which details the motivation for a young man to volunteer, or The Spanish American War: "Hey, boys, it's your last chance to experience a real war!" Gee whiz, what a sound reason to go off and get killed, maimed or deathly ill of unknown diseases! Then there are the great war novels of WWI: "All Quiet on the Western Front" by Remarque, a perceptive jew, and "Verdun" by Romaine. Both describe the mania which possessed all the willing participants. One idiotic poet, possibly British or French, described the prospect of WWI as "a swimmer jumping into cleanness"! A. Conan Doyle had his Sherlock Holmes depict the imminent war as "God's own wind." I have seen silent movies taken of the German and French troops who gaily marched toward the impending carnage, smiling at the cameraman, as if they were indeed going for a swim and a picnic on those beautiful August days. I am not a pacifist, but I know that a decision to go to war is one which one should not make off the top of one's head.

Back to the Hoffman article on the Black contributions to the Confederacy: I view slavery, particularly Black slavery, as a cultural invasion from Africa. The fact that there were Black and White slaveowners does not detract from the argument that Black slavery was indeed the Africanization of Southern society. By keeping the Blacks in the U.S.A. after the Civil War, contrary to Lincoln's stated goal of repatriating them, the African influence remained and grew in this society. Now, with jewish promotion of Blacks, Black nationalism, Black religions and Black culture in the mass media, Americans are becoming more and more Africanized, even in their speech. "Mutha fucker" is heard as frequently from non-Blacks as is the slapping of palms in the "high-five" victory clap. Had the South remained a relatively benign slaveholding society, I would guess that it would have gone the way of Liberia, Rhodesia or South Africa. How long can we keep the lights on with 'ooga-booga' values? Time will tell, and it won't be long. What our ZOG promotes is not the best of Black behavior, but the worst, and because it is always easier to go downhill than up, this is the behavior which the masses of non-Black asses are aping, and this socially dysfunctional behavior is being reinforced amongst the worst of the Blacks.

The Black contribution to American society is brutality and chaos. In Nature, chaos in a social or individual organism is the prelude to death and to consumption by other creatures. An Africanized American society will be self-destructive and swiftly devoured by Asian invaders, who are already establishing large colonies in the U.S.A. and Canada. Hitler predicted that America would fall into the hands of the Chinese, if Americans could not shrug the jewish monkeys off their backs. Events prove that he foresaw correctly.

I find Hoffman's revelations on the jew religious mentality most informative, for he spotlights their own views, stated in their own words. The role of the 'secular jews' as the Messiah's Donkey clearly shows what the so-called orthodox jews think of their fellow nationals. I wonder how many non-orthodox jews will read those statements and finally kick those kosher cowboys where it hurts, just as they deserve.

Margolis keeps informing us that Israel sells whatever secrets it obtains from the U.S., so why worry about China, in particular? If the Chinese can not steal them, the jews will, and they will sell our technology to them. I marvel at his revelation that the U.S. tax payers funded Israel's ABM system, and now Israel wants us to pay for it again, by selling the dubious products to us. Well, what can we expect from a congress of crooks elected by dolts?


* * * * *

17 June 99. Aryan Greetings, George!

Many thanks for your letter of June 4th, and the enclosed samples from THE RESISTER. As you may know, I edited LIBERTY BELL and WHITE POWER REPORT from 1976 to 1978 with George Dietz in Reedy, West Virginia.

I strongly agree with Dr. Oliver who said that we have no need to give our opponents publicity in our limited forum, for their views are aired many hours per day by the jewsmedia. That is my reaction when I saw the large space allocated to the Zionist prattle of one letter writer, which appeared in the format of an article. As you know, it is customary to put letters to the editor in a different format. Well, at least the person or people of THE RESISTER are demonstrating their capacity to learn. My observation is that most Aryans quickly learn and believe the wrong things. Then, sometimes they begin to learn about reality, rather than judeo-fantasy. It is a slow, unsteady and painful process at best, and usually, the Aryan dies of old age before he learns more than one iota of the truth. I remember Col. Curtis B. Dall, the son-in-law of FDR, proclaiming in 1976, when he was about 80, that he'd discovered 'the truth at last'! What was this gem of wisdom for which he'd been searching for 70 odd years? Why, it was Eric Ludendorff's little book exposing the jews' organs of domination and distraction: the Christian churches, the Freemasons and the Communists. Dall had already expended his efforts working as a shabez goy for jewish interests, as well as his part jewish father-in-law, FDR. Ludendorff published his revelations in the 1920s, as I recall, and he was not exactly an unknown when it comes to the contemporary jewish problem. Yet, Dall was more successful than most at discovering what was going on, and still is plaguing us. I have spent some 40 years attempting to peer behind the jews' smoke and mirrors schemes and I have worked at least 20 years as an activist and a publicist in regard to my knowledge. Consequently, I have ideas and information to offer, but no money.

I wish the RESISTER lots of luck and a long life, but when LIBERTY BELL expired through lack of subscriptions, we may have seen the proverbial writing on the wall, in this case, on the Internet. Contemporary consumers do not want to pay for reading anyone's material. They expect to read it for nothing, since reading is almost as much 'work' for them as thinking. THE RESISTER is welcome, as always, to take any of my articles and republish them free of charge.

You may wonder how I am able to reply in such detail to your brief letter. The answer is easy: ever since my articles have appeared on the Internet, I have received some 5 enquiries over as many years, and 2 of them were bounced because the writer used a phony name and address. The response to my Internet articles has been much, much less than it was to my articles in the old print medium of LIBERTY BELL. We are spurning an excellent opportunity by NOT networking via the Internet. Instead, most Internet users hide behind their supposed anonymity and barrage one another with insults and bizarre vaporings. Obviously, the Aryans, if any, think this is play-time, so they use the Internet as a toy, rather than a means of communication and organization. I can imagine what would have been the result if such low-lifes had been in charge of the telegraph keys in the previous century: they would have traded insults, clogged the wires with nonsense and jabber about their pets. Such users would have ruined whatever potential the electric telegraph would have had. Serious communications would have gone by Pony Express.

An old German colleague of mine advised that intelligence can recognize a situation as serious, but not hopeless, while wisdom can recognize when a situation is hopeless, but not serious. I am glad you enjoy the F.A.E.M. site.


Eric Thomson