Dear Mr. Call:

Many thanks for your letter of 7-7-99! I would very much enjoy meeting with you when you come out this way. Unfortunately, I am a White coolie-worker with 3 part-time jobs and varying work schedules, so I cannot be sure when I would have time off in which to see you. My last meeting with like-minded people occurred at my booth in the parking lot where I worked and our conversation was frequently interrupted by floods of mud-parking customers. If you know when you will be arriving in Yakima (if you do come out this way), please let me know where I can contact you. Phoning from work is not permitted, so I would need to 'luck out' in regard to my time off. As I say, my work schedule changes from week to week and from day to day. Sorry, but these are the circumstances in which I find myself. I am lucky, compared to most denizens of working class America, for I am just able to pay my food and lodging expenses without borrowing money, but the hours are atrocious. Still, it's better than being unemployed.

I have long enjoyed National Alliance publications and I think their booklist is at least as good as is that of The Noontide Press (if that exists any longer). As editor of Liberty Bell and White Power Report for nearly 3 years in Reedy, WV, I was aware of the relocation of the NA H.Q. I have followed the activities of Dr. Pierce via his publications for several decades and I find it remarkable for anyone who claims to have leadership abilities to be so wrong for so long in regard to (1) who is White and (2) who is Jewish. His opinion that Russia became 'Jew-free' under Stalin (real name Djugashvili or Jew-son in the Georgian dialect) is inscrutable, for that bit of kosher baloney was first propounded by a Jew, "Fred Farrel", who encysted himself in the H.Q. of COMMON SENSE, after Condley McGinley died or thereabouts. (note: Old Robert visited Fred in Union, NJ, decades ago and can verify that he was a jew.) His bit of misinformation was entitled "Unwinding the Jewish Mystery", if I recall correctly. At any rate, such effete snobs as those who publish (ed) "Instauration" were quick to jump to this wishful-conclusion, as was Yockey. The Jewish nation can kill its own and still remain Jewish. Of course, here is another blind-spot in the thinking of Dr. Pierce et al., the definition of "Jew". According to such scientific studies as Mourant's "Genetics of the Jews", all Jews have Afro-Asiatic genes to a greater or lesser degree. This means that no Jew can be considered White. As I wrote from firsthand experience and from newspaper articles of the time of the handover to Black misrule in Africa, the Jews suddenly declared themselves to be non-Whites! So much for the Ashkenazim or "White Jews" who changed their national designation from Khazar to "Jew" around 700. A.D. The Khazars are an much the enemy of mankind as are other Jews, be they Falashim, Benai Israel, Sephardim or Chinese Jews.

Pierce is blind to the facts and distinctions of race. The ZOG-informer Martinez was first a National Alliance supporter, before he was practically drafted into The Order by Bob Mathews, according to a book on The Order, which several people connected thereto have said was basically accurate.

I have always wondered why Pierce chose all the irrelevant targets in "The Turner Diaries". Any revolutionary or strategic air commander knows that 'revolutionary' or strategic targets are not people or banks, but are the means of production and distribution of the necessities of living. Russia was twice brought to the point of revolution in this century by food shortages and not by the assassination of any number of civil servants or bank robberies. Mistakes like those of The Turner Diaries and The Order are for everyone to learn from, as I said in my speech entitled "Here Comes the Revolution – Ready or Not!" Certainly, I have had to learn from my mistakes: (1) That 'freedom' in the Jew-Ess-Eh is not for everyone; (2) That White-ruled Africa was a lost cause (3) That certain self-styled leaders in North America and elsewhere are not leaders and are unworthy of support, as I mentioned in my essay entitled "What We Can Do."

My lack of computer access is due to my lack of time, which is due to my lack of money. If you have a solution or suggestion in regard to solving this problem, please let me know.

All The Best!

Eric Thomson

9 July 1999