24 July 99

Dear Charles:

I am flattered that you thought my letter of April 14 was so good. If it's no trouble, I would like to have a copy, and if you'd like to put it on the Internet, you are always welcome.

In the minutes left to me before I take off for work, I'd like to make a few observations on matters raised in your letter of July 19: As far as there being an Aryan elite in North America, I believe there is. These Aryans of ability are co-opted by the ZOG, which makes full use of them. Such people are like 1st Class passengers on The Titanic. Right now, they are enjoying all their perquisites and comforts. None wants to consider the iceberg we struck, nor the torrent of mud-people pouring into our livingspace. As I saw amongst the same types in Rhodesia, they ignored our warnings until it was too late. On The Titanic, it was a sacrifice for one to leave the warm, imaginary security of one's cabin for the discomfort of the chilly night. So, too, is it a sacrifice for one to stand up for the White Race, even in words, let alone deeds. As you know, the first obstacles to pro-White activism are one's immediate family, then one's employer, and so on. Aryan elite do not care to give up their 'loved ones', their status, nor their comforts. Some of them even imagine that they 'own' their cabins on this Titanic style ship of state. Now I must go to work. I hope I can resume this letter soon.

It's 4:00 a.m. I'm back from work. I should go right to bed to begin my 2:00 p.m. shift, but I'll add a few words.

Now you know the extreme demands which my low-wage job makes on my time and energy. All right, most blighters (members of the blightwing) cannot seem to grasp my slogan "OUR RACE IS OUR NATION!" It is the key to the building of an Aryan state within the Zionist World Order. People have argued that we can take over our respective ZOGs, but let us look at reality: FEDZOGUSA, the federal government is much more tightly controlled than Weimar Germany ever was. David Duke's experience is a good recent example of the Z0G-filtration process of political candidates. When ex-Texas governor Connolly (who was wounded during the JFK assassination) began to run for presidential candidacy, a rabbi who wrote a column in, I believe, The Washington Post, declared that "Hitler (Connolly) should be killed before he entered the Reichstag." No one criticized that rabbi for his incitement to murder, and Connolly swiftly disappeared from politics shortly thereafter, claiming lack of money. The rabbi claimed that Connolly did have ample funds from the, gasp, Arabs.

We begin forming the Aryan state by first building an Aryan community of purpose, if not an area controlled by Aryans. As Yockey stated, a political organization is that which has authority over life and death. In this definition, we would include the Mafia or International Crime Syndicate, which is 99% kosher and stretches from China, through India, into Europe and Africa, thence to North and South America. The Aryan community which I described in "Return to Spring Island" is a possibility. Perhaps some farsighted Aryans already have such communities. Let us assume that such an Aryan community had existed in Rhodesia. Since Aryans stick out like the proverbial sore thumb in Black Africa, it would be impossible to camouflage such a community. Thus, the Aryan community would have had to depart Africa and locate elsewhere. As Aryans become fewer and fewer, it will be harder and harder to build Aryan communities. Every White person will become the target of suspicion and/or exploitation by the non-White majority. Attempts have been made from time to time to establish Aryan communities, say, in North America. Some of these have been religious, others political/economic. The only ones I know of have been failures because of incompetent leadership and sloppy recruiting. A community is not a drop-in center for dropouts and misfits. One writer, Mr. Coletti of CA, raises the concept of an "Aryan Mafia". As I understand, such a prison-based group may exist outside the ZOG-gulags. In a criminal society, crime is how one must live or die. Such a society within the ZOG society is not far-fetched, but we shouldn't expect it to advertise its existence! Needless to say, the penalty for betraying the community is death, just as the jews do to their own when one of them steps too far out of line, such as Bugsy Siegel, Joel Brandt, Meir Kahane and Prime Minister Rabin, to name a few. The jew Finkelstein, alias Litvinov, killed his own brother in Stockholm over a money matter. Djugashvili, alias Stalin, killed dozens of his fellow jews, including Bronstein, alias Trotsky, along with 30 million or so goyim. Yockey forgot about them, apparently, for he deemed Stalin "anti-jewish" because he killed some jews. Apparently Dr. Pierce and the editors of Instauration fell into this trap, for they could not understand that jews can kill jews and remain jews!

In Toronto, I was attempting to build an Aryan community. It was our last best chance, and one man and his jewish mistress destroyed it: Ernst Zündel! Politics is people power, not paper with words. Zündel betrayed the cause he claimed to espouse, thereby betraying Our Race. He remains a purveyor of words for profit, but he lacks both character and substance. By supporting such phonies, we do Our Race a disservice.

Zündel's present job for the ZOG is to distract us from the real lack of leadership he offers; (2) to soak up money better spent elsewhere; and (3) to live off the Aryan Cause, rather than living for it. I do not find such a man informative, entertaining, or amusing. He causes Aryans to waste their precious time and money. I saw similar tricks played on Aryans in Rhodesia, before Ian Smith betrayed his race, on schedule, as I warned. So, too, for his new jewish mistress, Rimland. As it says in The Protocols, the jews must lead all factions and promote every viewpoint, including those "we know to be wrong". This way, no matter where the goyim turn, they must follow one of us. You may remember the jew "Führer" of Chicago, Franky Collin-Cohn, who was finally arrested for his molestation of Aryan boys in his "Nazi" headquarters!

The real choice for Aryans to make is (1) to be or not to be. Most seem to have decided on a peaceful path to extinction, the non-Whites permitting, of course. They 'go along to get along', like peaceful sheep being led to slaughter or like lemmings who leap over the cliff because everyone else is doing it. For those Whites who choose to be, there are 2 courses of action: (1) conservatism or (2) revolution. Those who choose conservatism are attempting to bail out the Titanic, long after it has taken on too many jews and mud-people to remain afloat. Those who choose to be revolutionaries have 2 advantages: (1) they will organize to protect themselves, as will be necessary in any event. (2) They are investing in the future, rather than attempting to preserve a largely rotten past, along with the people and principles which made it so.

How do we distinguish revolutionaries from conservatives? By their deeds and their lifestyles. Revolutionaries target strategically. Conservatives rob banks and kill people who happen to tee them off. Conservatives invest in the ZOG, which is why they are not revolutionaries to begin with! A revolutionary who'd acquired lots of zogbucks would not invest them in property. He'd dump those cursed items from the Empire State Building or similar structure in Jew York or L.A. Question. Why would this be revolutionary? (1) It would create chaos and (2) it would tend to reduce the value of the zogbucks. The jew-yippie leader (Rubin) who dumped a garbage can full of zogbucks onto the New York Stock Exchange caused trading in billions of dollars to stop and had the brokers scurrying on their hands and knees like hungry rats, fighting over a few dollars, here and there. Rubin is now a stockbroker. Like most 'revolutionary' jews, he outgrew his youthful idiocy and finally found out who is running the show in America. That proves that jews are clever, but not really that smart, like those Trotskyite kikes who got blown away by the KKK Injuns in Greensboro, NC. The jew owners of the textile mills did not want unionized wage-slaves, so the ZOG apparently recruited the KKK to do their dirty work. Your friend should know something about that, for he was on the scene, according to a video presentation of "The Greensboro Massacre" which I saw. In short, Whites who have the means to resist the ZOG, usually invest in the ZOG. The fat sheep stay close to the slaughterhouse, because the feedtrough is nearby. We can call such sheep 'conservatives', or much worse. The Mafia is revolutionary in that it rots a society from within, but its goals are conservative, for it does not want its stolen money to become worthless, like Confederate dollars or Continentals. As you can deduce, The Order was conservative and not revolutionary, being guided by the false target-selection of The Turner Diaries. In fact, The Order resembled more of a "phoney combat cell" which I warned People about in my 1976 or 1977 essay on "Your Rights in a Police State", with my introduction on the strategy of target-selection.

After 13 hours, I return from work and am about to turn in for the morning.

Some blightwingers dub me a "theoretician". That is far off the mark. I do not theorize about the dynamics of revolution and social upheaval, nor do I theorize about the realities of race war. I have lived many years in countries undergoing the nastiest kinds of civil war. The dead and wounded were not abstract, theoretical entities. What I endeavor to communicate to my fellow Whites are practicalities, not theories. I am trying to confer on Our Race the knowledge I have gained at great risk and sacrifice to myself, without financial compensation. If I say that Colombians speak Spanish, this is no more theoretical than if I say that the ZOG uses counter-dissonance and phoney combat cells as tactics. If I speak of 'objective conditions' for revolution, I do not theorize. I base my advice on the bloody experience of those who misjudged those conditions. I am attacked by blightwing egotists with base motives. As a dedicated revolutionary, I do not care if my addled critics even spell my name correctly. At this stage in our struggle for racial survival, my death will likely escape notice, even amongst our racial enemies, but my work shall go on. I am merely an instrument of our Racial Nation, whose service is its own reward. My only regret is that I was not allowed to render much greater service to Our Race than I've done so far.


Eric Thomson

P.S. Your statement that we have defined and described our society and our predicament thoroughly enough is, from my observations over 30 years, optimistic, to say the least. First of all, people who consider themselves in "the movement" cannot agree on who we are, nor can they agree on who the enemy is, nor can they distinguish between a pro-Aryan ideology or an anti-Aryan ideology, such as Christianity. As for those who never even heard of the so-called movement, they cannot distinguish between what is good or bad for themselves. Usually, they cling to the bad and reject the good. As Bismarck knew, history has its own timetable. Like Nature, we have little influence on history. We can merely exert our influence on others by seizing the opportunities history offers us. History does not begin nor end in one's lifetime, as many seem to think, judging by their writings.

Savitri Devi analyzed the present Zeitgeist as the nadir of the Kali Yuga or Dark Age, at which time, the return of Kalki, the Bringer of Justice, will signal the beginning of a new Golden Age. Well, I do not see any such formula of 'historical inevitability' in operation, but as the extinct Aryan Greeks noted: "Virtue is its own reward."

As our society wallows deeper into degeneracy via the Jeffersonian insanity of "Ich über Alles", the individual above his community, we shall indeed experience a darkening age. History is hindsight. It does not dictate that we become alcoholics, but if we do become such, then the destruction of our livers and our lives is a logical outcome of our behavior. What is done in the present is what makes History, the record of the past. This means that we all have some responsibility in making history, but, of course, some are 'more equal' than others, as Orwell noted.

In regard to Zündel, who will always pose something of an enigma, as to his motives, I am reminded by Dr. Goebbels' description of the Party Headquarters he inherited in Berlin. It was a large old building full of old newspapers and pamphlets which had grown moldy with the passage of time. The 'leader' whom he replaced would putter about amongst the piles of undistributed, stale propaganda, interrupted in this inactivity by people who dropped in, now and then, to voice opinions or just pass the time of day. Soon, under Goebbels' dynamic leadership, the Berlin H.Q. became empty of paper and full of Party activists who worked to bring the Party to power with publications, demonstrations and fistfights with enemy agitators and disrupters of meetings. If you just run the Goebbels story in reverse, you would describe Zündel's progress: from large street demonstrations to a building full of musty paper, with fewer and fewer drop-ins and visitors to pass the time of day. Now his 'labor' consists of putting out his or Rimland's opinions on the Internet. So much for his 'virtual' world. In his real world, he goes from one ZOG tribunal hearing to the next, with the jews leading him around by the nose.

In the course of my decades of work with Zündel, his job was to fill the place with paper and alienate the people, whereas my job was to distribute the paper and attempt to attract activists who would learn and build an organization. Zündel's need to be surrounded by piles of paper and stacks of books is a classic example of "compulsive hoarding syndrome", which is often the neurosis of one who has experienced want in one's formative years.

I think he saw that his group of supporters was becoming an entity that was larger than he could lead, and might even exist independently of his control, so he got rid of the activists by alienating them. One of his tricks was to give people 'waste-work' projects. Robert Frenz and I were not his only victims in this regard. One good supporter was told that we urgently needed to send a 35 mm. movie projector to Germany. The fellow took time off work to construct a very sturdy and well-designed packing crate to protect the device from damage in shipping. The projector was to be sent to Germany a.s.a.p. Well, the ex-Zündel supporter would come in over the next 6 months and would see his crate right where he left it, with the projector snugly packed therein.

I have witnesses who heard him declare that he had to think up things for people to do, "to give their empty lives a purpose". He told several supporters that he knew how "to use people", and that "I am the Cause!" When 2 faithful supporters were stopped at the USZOG-CANZOG border by customs zoglings and their car was confiscated, Zündel shrugged it off, for "they were JUST volunteers!" Yes, they had volunteered to do an errand, free of charge, and at some risk to themselves, for Zündel. This egregious behavior became much more noticeable after his second Holohoax Trial. Dr. Lindsey, who testified at his trials as an expert on fumigation with hydrogen cyanide willed Zündel computer disks of his findings with instructions to make them public, either with downloads or on the Internet. Zündel not only violated Dr. Lindsey's death-bed instructions but made sure none of Lindsey's work will ever see the light of day.

Ernst Zündel acquired a large library from donors which he would not allow anyone to borrow or read on the premises. Those books went up in smoke, unread, in the arson attack on his building. He sits on an immense video archives but will not advertise nor make it available to anyone. His current video list is just about him. Zündel has only 2 themes: Me, me, me and gimme, gimme.