28 July 99

Dear Mr. Zuckerman:

Your letter of July 21 raises further doubts in my mind that we have much of anything in common to discuss. My personal time is exceedingly limited and I really do not wish to lose any of it debating such basics as Pierce's dis-information campaign against the White Race; his color-blindness in regard to jews and mestizos; the alleged pro-jewish polices of Hitler, and so on.

In your opinion, Stalin was not going to attack Europe for months. That is not what Soviet GRU officer "Suvorov" concluded from his research of Soviet archives; nor is it what Stalin said to the German traitor in the Moscow embassy who informed him of Germany's invasion timetable. According to my sources, Stalin replied that there was nothing he could do to speed up his invasion timetable, and that his forces would not be ready for 2 weeks AFTER the date of the German attack! Yes, Hitler collaborated with jews in getting them out of Germany and into their chosen homeland in Palestine. That merely proves that the Germans had no desire to kill jews, which is congruent with the number of jews who lived throughout Germany during the war and it accounts for the millions of jewish 'survivors' after the war. Hitler was mislead by his generals who fell for the Soviet trick at Kursk. When the German military situation was desperate, Hitler did command his troops to hold their positions. At Stalingrad, the traitor von Seydlitz pulled his men out of their warm bunkers in order to "straighten" the battle lines. He actually wanted to retreat, once the men were out in the cold. It was the rotten Romanian troops who ran first and prevented the Germans from stopping the Red Army. That is not my opinion. It was observed from the air by air ace Hartmann and air ace Rudel. Von Manstein came within 20 miles of relieving the siege of the German 6th Army, but von Paulus refused to break out in order to join up with his forces. Yes, Hitler had his soldiers fight in extremely cold conditions. So did Stalin. So did Roosevelt et al. Hitler had planned for the German Army to enter Moscow before winter set in. The traitor Halder held up the German invasion for 2 weeks at Smolensk, for no good reason, thereby allowing Stalin to replace his shattered forces from his Siberian army, since he knew the Japs were not going to attack the Soviet Union via the German traitor Sorge who worked in the German embassy in Tokyo. Goering was the mentor of the jew, Milch, who did sabotage the production and deployment of needed German aircraft until it was too late. German air ace Adolf Gallant was my source on this. I do not really know what planet you come from, in terms of your strange views about history, which contradict both Allied and German sources. Hitler did not refuse to stop the war. In 1940 he made peace offers to the British, who rejected them. FDR then went on to declare his policy of "unconditional surrender". That, along with Theodore Kaufman's genocide plan ("Germany Must Perish") prolonged the war. Under the circumstances, Hitler did what he had to do, on behalf of his German people. His only real fault was that he lost the war. The miracle was how successful and how long little Germany was able to resist the ZOG-forces arrayed against Hitler, inside and outside Germany. It is also amazing that they came so close to defeating world-ZOG and its minions. It is this example which the jews and their ZIONIST stooges hate and fear. in regard to the events of June 30th 1934, the so-called Night of the Long Knives, Hitler did not have his supporters killed. Ernst Rohm, the "Brown Bolshevik", was no supporter of his, nor of National Socialism. My source on the Rohm Putsch attempt was Elmhurst who reported these machinations to Hitler and was later decorated by Dr. Goebbels for "services to the Reich". By nipping Rohm's treason in the bud, Hitler stopped Germany from bleeding in another civil war, as had been fought from 1918 to 1923. In The Triumph of the Will, made just after the attempted Rohm Putsch, one Party speaker says: "From time to time, a folk requires a revolution to live; but no folk lives from revolutions." The vast majority of Germans was Christian and very, very conservative, so it was amazing that Hitler could inspire them to go forward, rather to retreat into some sort of pre-World War I society, even had that retreat been possible. I agree that such American politicians served jew interests as you mention. They were not the first and they are certainly not the last. Hitler's relationship with capitalism was not nearly as critical to the survival of National Socialism as was Stalin's dependency on capitalist support. The Money Map in Moscow, which is depicted in "China, the Jews and WW III" shows the various routes from New York and London, the sources of Soviet funding before, during and after World War II. As an ex-soldier, I have always known that each one of us is expendable in the struggle for racial survival. No one on our side would ever spread "dis-information", for it can only work against our side, and not the enemy. Pierce's precious hide is not worth the damage he is doing in this regard. I believe there would be no profit in your coming out to this part of Northern Mexico and Eastern China, just to swap opinions with me.


Eric Thomson